May 17, 2016

Christians are the MOST persecuted people on earth: These stories will SHOCK you

Tiffany GabbayRebel Staff

You won't you won't see much mainstream media coverage or liberal celebrities raising awareness of this tragedy like they did with Darfur. We're talking about Christians, the most persecuted group in the world.

The Middle East is the cradle of Christianity, yet ancient Christian communities spanning from Iraq, Syria Libya and beyond have been decimated by genocide and displacement.

Secretary of State John Kerry finally got around to acknowledging that what's going on is, in fact, genocide, but Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has yet to do so. Canada is way behind the EU and UN on this one.

Tonight we will look at the scale and scope of this heartbreaking tragedy, find out why so few of the incoming Syrian refugees are Christians, and learn which countries in the world are most hostile to Christians.

We will be joined by Dr. Ashraf Ramaleh, founder of Voice of the Copts, an organization that aids persecuted Christians in the Middle East, and author and Islam expert Raymond Ibrahim.

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commented 2016-07-11 03:54:26 -0400
The fact that you need to refer to me as a lost soul only goes to show your own delusion of superiority. This is very typical of Christians. After all, the cross attracts people that like to tell others to be like them in their world view.

When you die, that is it. There is no heaven, hell, purgatory, reincarnation, nirvana, or any kind of an after life. Being religious and buying into the bible will do you no good. You will just spend your money on tithe, and your time dichotomizing those that refuse to be just like you.

Let me know when you have reached the gates of heaven. Oh wait, that will never happen because you need to be dead first.
commented 2016-07-08 09:38:24 -0400
Anonymous, you are a lost soul. The reason why Christians attempt to speak with you about Christ is because without salvation you will not enter the eternal kingdom of heaven when you die. A Christian’s motive is to lead you to a life in Christ so you do not continue to be a branch that is cut off and scripture is clear about this. The good news of the bible is that it redeems a person through the cross. You do have a free will, however, so you are able to rebel in that free will your entire life if you so desire.
commented 2016-07-01 03:00:58 -0400
You really think that it is the Christians that go around fixing the rest of the world? While I am sure there are some Christians that believe this, I am less willing to paint all of you with an altruistic brush. The end result of Christians colonizing, is the pushing off the Bible onto everybody else. The constant evangelizing has done a shit load of harm, which is why there is a backlash against Christianity today.

Now I can’t speak for the Muslims, but I do see a lot of anti Islam propaganda here. I can, however, say that the Muslims I know have never tried to convert me the way Christians have.
commented 2016-06-30 07:39:51 -0400
Anonymous. The world is a bunch of Savages going around torturing and killing one another. Its not that it would be, it is.
The Christian white man, or Chinese Christian or African Christian has made a difference in the world. And Yes, Islam is making a bad difference in the world with its slavery of people forcing religion rather than encouraging religion.
People mention the crusades, and sure days were brutal back then, but lets not forget the Muslim side was also very brutal like today. And do you blame the “white man” or other nations for stepping up to squash the Muslim bent on world domination. Blowing up Air ports of Gay clubs or coffee shops or trade towers, or malls, or sports activities deserve a response and its not to blame the white man or the Christian. If what Iran and Syria or Turkey or Saudi Arabia or Egypt represent Islam, I don’t want it.
commented 2016-06-27 02:35:36 -0400
You are the kind of bigot that wants to believe that the world would be a hole if it were not for the white man going around colonizing everybody. Because if it were not for the white man, all those savages would still be torturing and killing each other. So your message is that those that got invaded by the white man should be grateful for the white man taking over? Any feuds that have gone on between natives is their own business and does not have anything to do with colonizing, and I really do not see your logic here. The natives did not bring the white man onto themselves.

Don’t ask me to explain the Jews. The only thing I know, is that Tiffany is a revisionist nutjob, that believes that Hitler was persuaded by some Muslim to favor the Holocaust over the deportation of Jews.

And I am not progressive. Last year I voted for Harper, and earlier this year I voted for the Progressive Conservative party of Manitoba. You people here at the rebel only think I am a leftist because just about all of you are super right wing extremists.
commented 2016-06-26 16:58:50 -0400
The case being made by Anonymous that the white man is getting his justice for injustices against the aboriginal peoples may be true. Who am I to say what current events have worked themselves out as an effect from the past. Then again, who does have the ability to discern the complexities of history to say that a race of people or a religious group is now being served justice for past wrongs. If it is the case that Anonymous has these discernment skills I would be interested to know what European Jews did to deserve their fate at the hands of Nazi Germany.
Moving on to the point that I want to make in direct response to the injustices of aboriginal peoples at the hands of white people I want to first acknowledge that fact. Europeans and white people as we are identified by Anonymous did mistreat aboriginals. I will not trivialize that. Personally, it is a particular point of human history that stands out for me and bothers me. Yet, I can’t help but recognize that Anonymous and people who play this card over and over again neglect to acknowledge the problems and downright barbourism of the indigenous peoples long before the arrival of the white man. Tribes and First Nations people were killing and torturing each other in the most heinous ways. There beliefs and animistic religious practices added cruelty onto what was often times a horrific existence of struggling just to survive. Why is this glossed over or ignored? If there is a cause and effect of justice directed by human history and prehistory than maybe what happened to Aboriginal people was a taste of their own medicine according to Anonymous. Personally, I do not like to think in these terms. If we decide to think like this when would we ever have peace. In the example of the Jewish people and the philosophy of Anonymous I would expect the German people to have a dark day of death coming their way. Yet, I do not hear the nation of Israel asking for this kind of retribution.
I have read all of the posts by Anonymous and every time his (I am assuming he) arguments are rife with non-sequiturs, fallacies, contradictions, and immature reasoning. I don’t say this to be provocative or unkind. This type of discourse is all too common and it is commonly passed off as sophisticated, avantgarde, and progressive. This wearies me. I see it in the news and political commentary. I find it in normal conversations and business meetings. Irrational thinking is rampant and it is most commonly found among the so called educated. It must be challenged no matter what the issue.
commented 2016-06-25 03:39:50 -0400
My name not appearing is the result of a registration glitch.

And no, you did not have to provide me with a history of Canada and colonization. You did, however, since you missed my point. It is what I have been saying all along. Immigration of too many people from an incompatible culture is a bad thing. It is what the white man did to the aboriginals, and it severely damaged the aboriginals. But I find the modern white man to be very hypocritical when they bitch of immigration, since they did the same damn thing to the aboriginals.

The Muslims emigrating is basically giving the white man a taste of his own medicine.
commented 2016-06-24 04:49:09 -0400
People who post under a pseudonym or as “anonymous” are intellectual cowards, and more often than not, they spout off ignorant or disgracefully unintelligent remarks; this is why they wish to hide their identity.

It’s a historical fact that there was no “Canada” before the Europeans, it is a settler society. There were a smattering of Amerindian tribes and confederations, who were independent, who traded with, and fought against, and alongside the Europeans, depending upon what was in their best interest.

Unfortunately for them they were few, and had no technology or industry which could compete with the colonizers. It turned out bad for them, no bones about it; but don’t pretend that Canada existed before the colonists, whom completely replaced the Amerindians demographically, culturally, and politically. It’s tantamount to saying that England is a Celtic nation; no, the Saxons replaced them, this is why we speak of Anglo-Saxons as being the English: England simply did not exist before them.

Also I’m at a loss as to what your point is: you clearly think that European migration turned out bad for the native populations. Therefore, if we are now the native populations, would we not be right to fear mass migration and population replacement? We have the benefit of learning from history, we should use it.

Use your damn brain.
commented 2016-06-24 02:05:41 -0400
Unless you are native, Canadians do not have the right to complain about immigrants taking over the country.

And Satan does not exist.
commented 2016-06-22 22:25:11 -0400
Islam is killing everything in their path and these internet trolls speak like satan himself. It’s just so evil.
commented 2016-06-22 22:18:57 -0400
Our country is in trouble. What can we do? They’re taking over. I have never seen Canada take such a rapid downward spiral in such a short period of time. It’s frightening
commented 2016-06-18 02:51:49 -0400
You people are crazy. Your last line of defense is always pointing out that Canada was built on Christian principles. Do I need to remind you that Canada was taken over by the Europeans? The natives were doing just fine before the europeans and their bible showed up. And what did the Europeans do? They put the native kids into residential schools, and crammed the bible down their throats. It is this kind of aggressive pushing of the Bible, which got Christians the modern backlash they have today.
commented 2016-06-15 10:05:43 -0400
happening here in Canada as well as Mohammed Trudeau hates Christianity! He denies the fact Canada was built by Christians and on Christian beliefs (along with the religions/beliefs/traditions of our First Nations/Aboriginals as well) and is quickly trying to erase our history and identity while he imports Islam and re-writes Canadas’ history to include Islam. A true TRAITOR IF EVER THERE WAS ONE!!
commented 2016-06-13 02:18:32 -0400
I don’t twist anything. You’re the bigot. Not me.
commented 2016-06-12 01:58:00 -0400
I forgot who we were dealing with. Sheldon, we should both take your previous advice and desist. Clearly no one else will post here having seen how Anonymous 0 twists comments. This thread is dead.
commented 2016-06-12 01:42:59 -0400
The fact that you can even think in terms of who should and should not post here based on religion, says a lot about you. As far as I am concerned, anybody that is not some kind of an advertising spam bot can post here. But I should be asking you the question you posed. You seem to be offended at the very idea that somebody is not a Christian, and is posting their opinion here. Because god forbid, somebody does not believe in Jesus, or has not bought into the delusion of Christian superiority.

Your insistence of Christian superiority is very concerning. It is this very belief, that leads to justifying colonization, ostracizing people of other faiths, and enforces your own values onto society. By making your claim, you are declaring yourself as a bigot.
commented 2016-06-11 12:17:49 -0400
Good question to Anonymous, from Sheldon Berg. “I guess you are saying it is okay for people to post comments unless you are a Christian? Is that your opinion?” Anonymous, it is a yes or no question. We have already heard why you hate and vilify Christians.
I am going to tag this Anonymous,( because there are two on this site) as Anonymous 0. You can easily tell the two apart because Anonymous 0’s views are the antithesis of the original Anonymous.

I would like to see Tiffany’s contribution more often. Once a month is not enough.
commented 2016-06-11 11:37:47 -0400
Christianity is superior for the simple fact that they don’t gut people who don’t agree with them. That actually does make them superior to Islam. It also makes western civilisation superior. There are many countries that feel as you do Anonymous, and still live in the dark ages. They will welcome you.
commented 2016-06-07 03:08:02 -0400
Christians have brought the backlash on Christianity on themselves.

Just look at the themes of Tiffany’s videos. In her previous video, she was making a case for mandatory western civilization courses in university. Tiffany believes in cramming her beliefs down the throats of others. She is no better than the leftists that want mandatory aboriginal courses in university. So when I come across an opinion such as Tiffany’s, you better believe I am going to speak up.
commented 2016-06-07 00:37:51 -0400
We all get it. You don’t like Christianity. Thanks for making that clear.
You say you don’t want some Bible thumpers cramming the gospel down people’s throats. Let’s respect that. I don’t want atheism crammed down my throat. But I don’t have any problem listening to an atheist make his case for his/her beliefs and I don’t suggest they shut up because I disagree. I do hope that we can have a difference of opinion and still listen to each other and respect one another as human beings. Isn’t that a mature attitude? Is that not what a civil society requires? Why are there so many intolerant people in a so called tolerant society? Isn’t this intolerance a deep rooted condition of all human beings that needs to be identified and curtailed by each individual?
I’m not sure if you still remember but the posts under this topic have to do with Christians being killed, raped, forced from their homes, beaten etc. So, as it turns out there are some Christians who decided to post some comments on the topic. Are you really surprised by this? If the issue was about Budhists I might expect Budhists to make comments. If it was an issue involving Hindus I would expect to hear from Hindus. The same goes for Atheists. If this article had something to do with auto workers I would suspect there would be auto workers posting comments. Why do I have the feeling that this would not bother you? Yet, a topic about Christians being persecuted comes up where Christians post comments and suddenly Christians are cramming the gospel down your throat. Really? Guess what, Christians are people, they have opinions and views, sometimes they post comments on websites. I guess you are saying it is okay for people to post comments unless you are a Christian? Is that your opinion?
commented 2016-06-05 17:30:04 -0400
Christians can believe in their religion all they want. But I do not want to hear some Bible Thumper say that it is their duty as a Christian to go around and cram the gospel down people’s throats. Or in the case of the rebel comments here, I am sick of hearing some of the nut jobs on their usual tirades. You know, the one that treats Christianity as superior, because of its values and its role in creating better societies? And because of that, god must be kept in the constitution.
commented 2016-06-05 17:04:31 -0400

I support everyone’s rights. I hope you will too.

No one has special rights. Any right is a right for all. Any responsibility is a responsibility for all.
commented 2016-06-02 18:21:30 -0400
I support gay rights. Too bad Christians need to resort to the bible to justify their bigotry against homosexuals.

Perhaps a rainbow flag needs to be planted atop a few churches. Or for that matter, mosques as well.
commented 2016-06-02 11:28:56 -0400
Liberals Hate Christians and what they stand for. So, we cannot expect this Gov’t to rescue any Christian in the middle east from Isis. You might as well kiss them goodbye. The Liberals are the opposite of the good Samaritan they are religiousaphobes

Don’t forget it was Bill Clinton that was getting Oral sex by his staff, breaking any sort of moral code and his marriage vows while the world was burning, people where getting slaughtered and he was abusing his roll and women. Don’t count on a Liberal for anything.
commented 2016-06-02 11:28:55 -0400
Liberals Hate Christians and what they stand for. So, we cannot expect this Gov’t to rescue any Christian in the middle east from Isis. You might as well kiss them goodbye. The Liberals are the opposite of the good Samaritan they are religiousaphobes

Don’t forget it was Bill Clinton that was getting Oral sex by his staff, breaking any sort of moral code and his marriage vows while the world was burning, people where getting slaughtered and he was abusing his roll and women. Don’t count on a Liberal for anything.
commented 2016-06-02 11:28:55 -0400
Liberals Hate Christians and what they stand for. So, we cannot expect this Gov’t to rescue any Christian in the middle east from Isis. You might as well kiss them goodbye. The Liberals are the opposite of the good Samaritan they are religiousaphobes

Don’t forget it was Bill Clinton that was getting Oral sex by his staff, breaking any sort of moral code and his marriage vows while the world was burning, people where getting slaughtered and he was abusing his roll and women. Don’t count on a Liberal for anything.
commented 2016-06-02 11:24:33 -0400
Thanks for mentioning Christians. Here is Bigoted Canada the Liberals spit at Christians, ban them, and root that they disappear.
Canada needs to get rid of Justin, he is a huge problem to our freedom. He planted the gay flag on Parliament hill while papers are banning Christians from speaking out against Homosexuality. They have no problem calling Christians names, They do drive by smears on the Wild rose calling them homophobic.

Apparently unless you rub yourself the way Liberals do, then you are a phobic and should be banned.
We need to organize to oppose every degrading thing the Liberals support. And when we are all jailed for not holding their views, we can demand to have free internet and cable, and weekend visits.
commented 2016-05-31 03:18:30 -0400
The Salvation Army will make the people that LIVE in its residence to attend their church services. So if you live in their facility because you are homeless, an addict, mentally ill, or are doing weekend jail, then you will be forced to attend

Spare me the whole Christians have done great things. When was the last time you or any modern day Christian did anything to improve society, other than go on to this web site and extol the virtues of Jesus? Just because you identify as Christian, does not mean you get to take credit for the works of others. How much of societal progress is owed to the teachings of the bible? It turns out you don’t need to have a bible to do good things for society.

So if a gay bakery turned down a cake with the words, “jesus loves you” on it, is it discrimination? Your analogy falls apart, because you are putting in something that is deliberately offensive and antagonistic towards somebody else.

A bakery should not be allowed to discriminate against a gay couple. A farm should not be allowed to tell a gay couple not to get married on it. I support any form of human rights commission standing up for the gays in these contexts.
commented 2016-05-30 15:48:46 -0400
Ron Christianson it is entirely unsurprising that you quote an assassin.
commented 2016-05-30 15:43:11 -0400
Anonymous: Not only are your comments simplistic. They are uninformed and bigoted. Firstly if gay people want to pay for their own hospitals and hang a rainbow over it by all means go for it. As far as the Salvation Army forcing their members or clients to go to church, thank you for the much needed comic relief. My parents attended the salvation army in Canada for a number of years and you brought laughter and derision. You do realize they are an army in name only and do not use weapons so I am not sure how they “force” anyone to go to church. Would they invite or make you aware of services? Probably but force you? Again thanks for the over due chuckles. I have never denied that some Christians have done bad things throughout history. That is my point. No group is free from committing evil acts including gays. There is no more reason that a gay person should try to force a Christian baker to make a gay wedding cake any more than a Christian should try to force a gay baker to make a cake with the inscription homosexuality is an abomination written on it. I would also suggest that as much as Christians have done “bad things” they have also done allot of good things which tend to get ignored in these anti-Christian tirades. In the words of Lord Hailsham, First Lord of the Admiralty, Minister of Education, Minister for science and technology who serves as Queen’s Council and two periods of Lord High Chancellor, "How much of what we have taken for granted in what is good in society owes in it’s original inspiration to a consciously Christian motivation…Our whole system of education, public and private, our network of hospitals, our social security system itself, have a clear origin in Christian foundations…The Christians have been pioneers of good works throughout their history. They have been the originators and secular society has largely caught up with their efforts, made good their deficiencies of scale and corrected their faults. From the book leading lawyers look at the resurrection by Ross Clifford. p 72 Sure there is some lunatics on all sides of the political and religious/non-religious debate but that doesn’t give us a free pass to use those extreme cases to pass judgement and disqualify everyone in any group as tempting and easy a way out it might be.