Tiffany Gabbay



Tiffany Gabbay is a journalist and communications specialist whose work has lent value to organizations like TruthRevolt, TheBlaze, The Republican Jewish Coalition, The Center for Security Policy, and others.

As someone of Iraqi-Jewish descent whose family fled persecution in Baghdad, and whose father fought bravely in Israel's War of Independence in 1948, Tiffany possesses a unique insight concerning issues related to the Middle East and the persecution of minorities in Muslim countries. Leveraging this knowledge, Tiffany served as Font Page Editor and Foreign Affairs Contributor for Glenn Beck’s, TheBlaze, and currently serves as a contributor for TruthRevolt. She has appeared as a guest on various televised and radio news broadcasts and is active on the public speaking circuit, often appearing on panels and symposia focused on a range of issues related to politics in the media, the Middle East and Israel.

Tiffany formerly worked as a reporter on Capitol Hill where she interviewed some of the Beltway’s most prominent movers and lawmakers.

Prior to her time in the Beltway, Tiffany spent a number of years in the U.K. where she began her career in London’s insurance and risk management industry as an associate publisher for a popular trade publication, and later as global communications manager for an international insurance trade body.

Tiffany is a graduate of the National Journalism Center in Washington, D.C. and studied communications at the London Institute – University of the Arts, London.

Tiffany serves as a fellow for the TriBECA Film Institute’s Disruptor Foundation, an organization dedicated to identifying and awarding innovators across a range of industries.