March 27, 2015

Time to throw away your goggles? Say hello to night vision eyedrops

Rebel Staff

Scientists in California have created new eyedrops that allow you to see in the dark.

According to The Independent, Science for the Masses theorised that a natural molecule that can be created from algae and other green plants could enhance eyesight.

That molecule is Chlorin e6 and it has been found in some deep sea fish.

“There are a fair amount of papers talking about having injected it in models like rats and it’s been used intravenously since the 60s as treatments for different cancers. After doing the research, you have to take the next step,” medical officer Jeff Tibbets said.

Gabriel Licina was willing to test out Ce6 and found his vision in the dark had improved. After an hour he could identify shapes up to 10 meters away.

“We had people go stand in the woods. At 50 metres, I could figure who they were, even if they were standing up against a tree,” he said.

Without Ce6, a control group could only identify objects 1/3 of the time. Meanwhile, Licina was perfect.

The organization said that more research will need to be conducted to measure the actual amount of electrical stimulation increase in the eye. Long-term effects will require further investigation.

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commented 2015-03-28 14:28:02 -0400
I read somewhere that in WWII red/green colour blind men were all sent to navigators school to work the bomb sites on bombers because red/green colour blind people have better night vision than most.
I wonder how this Chlorin e6 molecule would work on a red/green colour blind person?
It would never work for me, I can’t even self administer eye drops…
commented 2015-03-28 10:00:58 -0400
It will be a long time coming to market if it comes at all. It takes years to study a product and its safe use for consumers plus as Mark says, long term side effects. I for one would be skeptical especially where eyesight is concerned but I too will await the testing and outcome results.
commented 2015-03-27 22:12:36 -0400
What a great way to cut down on electric consumption here in the smoking ruin of Ontario. It will help us here with our ever increasing Wynne energy costs by allowing us to live without electric light.
commented 2015-03-27 18:52:42 -0400
And the long-term side-effects are…?
commented 2015-03-27 17:23:41 -0400
Very interesting news; looking forward to results as tests are conducted