September 04, 2018

Tired of being called “Nazis”: Citizens of Chemnitz push back at politicians, media

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

On Thursday, about 600 local residents attended a town hall with Chemnitz Mayor Barbara Ludwig and Saxony Minister, Michael Kretschmer, to express their displeasure at the way the politicians, the press, the police and prosecutors, have handled days of protest that began after a German man was killed by migrants.

While the politicians and press continue to only focus on whether or not one or two or three people were captured in a photograph making a Nazi salute, it is clear the people of Chemnitz have lost all patience with this distraction from the issue.

Watch as regular people push back at the politicians who they feel are ignoring their legitimate concerns and underplaying the threat of migrant crime all while indirectly calling them “Nazis.”

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commented 2018-09-05 19:35:33 -0400
Ron Joseph, peaceful protests have been ongoing for some years, particularly in eastern Germany. However, as my German friend explained shortly after Germany / Europe was invaded in 2015, Germans ‘have to be careful what they say due to our past’. I had asked her why the people were silent about the illegal migrants and skyrocketing crime. Many people are unhappy but are afraid to speak out, and then there are the groups of ‘do-gooders’ who believe everyone can live together in harmony, and they feel sorry for the so-called refugees. Also, the press is expected to practice ‘self censorship’.

I also posted this in Victor’s Top 10 report:
From Chemnitz in Germany – 10,000 people marched on Monday (video in English):

Anyone who thinks it is Nazis and far-right people who are protesting is wrong – it is regular citizens, often the grandfathers speaking out against migrant crimes against the daughters and granddaughters (or fear of attacks). Interesting that in this case, Frau Merkel, instead of expressing anger that a German man was killed by migrants and 2 other German men attacked, spoke only with displeasure at the protests of the citizens to the violent attacks.
commented 2018-09-05 05:30:57 -0400
Just another politician tap-dancing and avoiding the real question and real problem.

Three or four people doing the salute becomes the main focus of the Minister and press. Just a distraction from the reality going on. Was’t there something like 10,000 protesters? So lets all concentrate on the three or four idiots in the crowd.
commented 2018-09-05 02:16:57 -0400
A good response to being called a Nazi is “Shut Up Commie!!”
commented 2018-09-04 22:58:53 -0400
The real “Nazis” are the Antifa Soros terrorist thugs
commented 2018-09-04 22:49:04 -0400
That was painful to watch. The woman speaker was so calm in spite of clearly being upset (she reminds me of me). The politician’s response….a couple of idiots gave Hitler salutes (trying to pain the demonstrators with a nasty brush). Then a guy gets a “little” heated (really, not much at all considering the seriousness of the discussion, and the way the twerpy politician was sidestepping), “I don’t understand your reaction” is his comment. Good grief, I felt my head exploding just watching this mess.
commented 2018-09-04 22:38:58 -0400
The latest: they threw a free concert and bused in tens of thousands of Soros thugs. They got them drunk and they were screaming Nazis out. The “Nazis” in question were just decent average people. Many were senior citizens. They had enough of migrant crime. In Merkel’s Germany it’s a bad thing.
commented 2018-09-04 22:37:14 -0400
As the great Mark Steyn says, when everyone’s called a Nazi no ones a Nazi. Call the lying Lugenpress out at every moment wether it’s in Germany or a lying CBC or BBC. Rebound it back in their cowardly lying faces and never retreat. More people are seeing truth and being Red pilled everyday day and see through their lies and bullshit.
commented 2018-09-04 20:18:12 -0400
Everything mentioned has been happening for 3 years, and the citizens are only getting upset now ! The Mayor should be run out of town, if we are hearing the true facts.
commented 2018-09-04 20:12:22 -0400
That minister was quite a POS, trying to manipulate people into never going to a protest march again.