February 09, 2017

Today in History: First operational nuclear missile deployed by Soviets (1959)

John RobsonArchive

Feb. 9 is the rather gloomy anniversary of the first operational ICBM, the R7 Semyorka at Plesetsk in what was then, in 1959, the Soviet Union. 

It was a classic Soviet beast, big, clumsy, burning kerosene and liquid oxygen and taking 20 hours to prepare for unreliable flight, at once almost useless and so frightening it helped trigger an arms race.

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commented 2017-02-09 17:59:07 -0500
The T-34 could be described the same way and worked just fine, thank you very much. Please Dr. Robson, don’t give neo-cons, democrats or environmentalists drooling over Siberia (basically, all globalists) any illusions that taking Russia would be quick and easy. Napoleon and Hitler thought that too. BTW those two names should explain to anyone why the Russians have just a TAD of skepticism when western nations tell them they have nothing to worry about. Honest. Would we lie?