June 15, 2017

Today in History: Kaiser Frederick goes to his grave, not to war (1888)

John RobsonArchive

When Kaiser Frederick III died at age 56 on June 15, 1888, the cancer of the larynx that ended his reign after just 99 days deprived the world of a peace-loving, Constitutionally liberal anglophile married to Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter, a German Emperor who might well have avoided World War I if he’d lived anything like the 90 years his father Wilhelm I did. 

If he’d even lived as long as his hot-headed son and successor, Frederick would still have been Kaiser in 1914, instead of the belligerent autocrat Wilhelm II who took the throne young and drove the world recklessly toward catastrophe.

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commented 2017-06-16 18:40:30 -0400
Sorry John, I highly doubt it. Especially in modern times, it really wasn’t the leaders that started wars, it was the aristocracy (todays bureaucracy, though ever more looking and acting like their aristocrat predecessors). Then when the crap hits the fan, they conveniently depose the leader and claim their hands are clean. Look at every American war since WWII, it was the bureaucracy that created it. Every dictatorship, from Hitler to Stalin to Hussein relies on the bureaucracy to be its back bone. They’re throwing old Ukrainian prisoner’s of war into jail over the Holocaust and yet it could never have happened without the efficient, Nazi bureaucracy, yet the pencil pushers who made it happen never faced any responsibility.

East Germany is primarily responsible for todays globalist push for world domination. After the Nazi’s fell, they East German bureaucracy merely traded Fascism for Communism, the Gestapo for the Stasi. After unification, all the East German bureaucrats were of course given jobs in the German federation. So an East German communist became Chancellor. Merkel. And voila: Globalism, the new fascism/communism. There is a very good reason why America invented the idea of keeping government in check. Just look at what is happening to Trump, he would ave an easier time herding cats than reigning in the bureaucrats and draining the swamp.
commented 2017-06-15 17:57:27 -0400
John Robson, another thought provoking commentary – thank you.

Don’t worry about your Latin, I only took it in grade nine and didn’t pursue it after that, I did win an award, but, it wasn’t an easy language to grasp!
commented 2017-06-15 17:38:30 -0400
“Kaiser Frederick III, the man who didn’t start WW1.”

Now there is an underrated skill.
Love your videos, John! Keep’em coming.
commented 2017-06-15 14:34:56 -0400
Thanks for the history lesson John! You always make it interesting and I like your presentation.