April 13, 2017

Today in History: Nazis expose grisly deeds of Soviet “allies” in Katyn Wood (1943)

John RobsonArchive

The April 13, 1943 announcement that German authorities had found a mass grave in the Katyn Forest of Polish soldiers, priests and intellectuals murdered by Stalin’s secret police raised the difficult question of what to do when you know you are dealing with an evil regime. 

The Western nations’ alliance with the Soviets to beat the Nazis was an ugly necessity.

But the pretence that their Bolshevik ally was not a mass-murdering tyranny, especially by Franklin Roosevelt, was even uglier, quite unnecessary and morally and practically disastrous.

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commented 2017-04-17 10:21:54 -0400
And we have a PM today that won’t call the greatest threat we have, evil. At least Churchill and Roosevelt didn’t invite the Bolsheviks to come into their countries.
commented 2017-04-16 04:02:53 -0400
Hey Prof Robson. Please do more videos on Stalin and his former KGB. And if possible, give us a video on Trotsky. Thanks.
commented 2017-04-15 01:24:43 -0400
Very apropos John.
commented 2017-04-14 01:39:08 -0400
“God Bless You” John Robson for exposing that dirty little fact of WWII history and the glorification of Churchill and Roosevelt… Eastern Europeans, from Finland in the north, to Hungary in the south, have always recognized the glossing over of the deliberate appeasement to Stalin’s genocide of Eastern Europe nationalists, in not only the “Katyn Forest” of Poland but then in Liestene, Latvia and Estonia, by Roosevelt and Churchill… There is a dark, dark moral side to “appeasement”, whenever and wherever it happens… And “politicians”, given history, are too often readily willing to “tap dancing around the truth”…
commented 2017-04-13 21:35:28 -0400
And we are “allied too”, ass kiss, and even sent our top officials to “weep” at the dead king of Saudi Arabia…why, exactly? BTW McCARTHY WASN"T WRONG. Stop saying “McCarthyism”, like it’s a BAD THING. Nuke china for invading North Korea? Golly, good thing they never did that, I can’t wait for Saturday, April the 15th, 2017! Hollywood full of communists? Paranoid! Boy, what a fool, eh…? Ok, here’s your next assignment Dr., what do you think of Joseph McCarthy?