March 23, 2017

Today in History: Patrick Henry delivers immortal words on liberty (1775)

John RobsonArchive

On March 23 of 1775, urging Virginia to join the armed rebellion against tyrannical British rule, Patrick Henry gave a decisive speech ending with the immortal words “Give me liberty or give me death.” 

The audience, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, sat in awed silence for several minutes afterward.

A man listening through a window insisted on being buried on the spot where he’d heard it.

Where is the orator, or the principled cause, capable of an effect even one quarter that impressive today?

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commented 2017-03-25 10:57:33 -0400
Uh, ya, ok. Why is it that we have so many people in Canada that spread this BS about the United States and their so-called quest for “Liberty” from the British. Eeewww, the big bad British. Everything that meant anything about human rights CAME FROM BRITAIN. There are SEVERAL LIES being perpetrated with regards to this aspect of history. 1. The US revolution was about Liberty and Justice for ALL. 2. It was a grass roots movement seeking representation in Britain. 3. That it was the brave and glorious colonials that defeated there brothers from Britain. ALL ARE LIES.

First of all, nothing good EVER came out of revolution. This is because it goes against God’s wishes. just look at the utter carnage created by the French Revolution, the Socio-Communist Revolutions and the American Revolution. I am sick of hearing American Christians defend their actions against their homeland. In fact revolution, from the 1700’s up until the 20th Century, has murdered and slaughtered inconceivable numbers of human beings and can be blamed for many of the wars fought between the 1700’s and 1990’s.

The fact is, the 13 Colonies did have indirect representation in British Parliament. They also had a large number of supporters within the British government. However those within the revolutionary movement make it very clear that their beef was not about Liberty or Justice but typically about money. After all, the British spent tons of cash on the protection of the colonies from its enemies. All they were asking is for the more PROSPEROUS colonies ( in comparison to your average UK resident) to pay their fair share. There was no argument. The British simply wanted help flipping the bill. The founding fathers of the US, while not all tyrants, were just as tyrannical as anything coming out of London. Their attitude is made very plain, they wanted war PERIOD. All British military action up to the outbreak of war was to reduce the chance of conflict. Even many of the British soldiers were sympathetic but drew the line at sedition and conflict. While it is nice that certain Colonists sought such principles, there were just as many in Britain seeking the very same principles and ideals. Going to war with them only achieved DEATH and DESTRUCTION. This is proven by the fact that it ultimately took an unnecessary bloodbath, the US Civil War, in essence just another REVOLUTION, for them to eradicate any rumblings left over from 1776. It would kill more Americans than any other war in their history. Then to prove my point, the US goes on to invade and subjugate, or to attempt to do so, to all those surrounding them. From Spain/Mexico and the indigenous peoples to the Pacific and Canada. The Revolution was purely about power and money. It was to be the playground of those at the top of the revolutionary movement who knew victory over their motherland would give them complete freedom to do as they will. This after imposing even higher taxes to pay for their war which also almost brought down their fledgling revolution. This nothing any different than what the British demanded BEFORE the revolution. While Britain would ultimately legislate ground breaking pushes forward in human rights, the US would stagnate. They did not even desegregate their military until the Korean War.

It was Franklin’s trip to France, a sworn enemy of Britain, that secured direct French assistance against British forces in the Colonies. If it was not for the intervention of the French, the Colonist would NOT have achieved what they did. In particular the intervention of their navy at the pivotal battle of Yorktown and the surrender of Cornwallis. Please note that when you look at all the battles fought during the revolution, the US cherry picks the ones they want to discuss in their history books. In fact, until Franklin’s grovelling to the King of France, the British were essentially kicking ass. In truth it was not Benedict Arnold who was the traitor, it was the Colonial Revolutionary movement. Their actions were no different than shooting your own mother. Britain was leagues ahead of other nations in how they treated their defeated foe. What the Colonies revolution would unleash on the world and themselves was not worth it. The responsibilities that fell into the lap of the Colonists they would not be able to handle and that is why the world is in the state it is in today. Today Americans have good intentions, but that unfortunately does not prevent the slaughter their Democratic/Communist Party has unleashed on the world. From China, Korea, Vietnam to the Middle East. They were simply too self consumed to care about the rest of the world. It was that self indulgent attitude, that would also exist in Canada after 1917, that played so well into the hands of Communists, National Socialists and the USSR. While people were obsessed with popular culture and pleasure, their systems were being infiltrated and compromised. Canada essentially elected a Communist at the end of the 1960’s who was helped into power by other Communists that preceded him in External Affairs.

Until Trudeau, Canada was a far freer country than the United States. Now we are seeing the fruits of his totalitarian labour and the brainwashing of his son. Unlike the US, Canada joined the fight against Hitler while the US dithered. For three years they dithered and it would take another two years for them to reach a production level high enough to defeat the Axis. Years and the lives of millions. Then Roosevelt and Truman hand half the world over to the Communists.

Take away revolution, you save hundreds of millions of human beings. If something is meant to be, it will just happen. Who is to say that Britain would not have given the Colonies independence anyway? The course of history seems to suggest so. The question is, even if it was handed to them, would it have prevented the infighting that developed anyway?
commented 2017-03-24 16:55:04 -0400
Wow! , good one professor ROBINSON ,

EZRA LEVANT , once said. Forget university , just get your self a set of encyclopedia Britannia , a bible , add Shakespeare , and I might add Professor ROBINSONS history videos
commented 2017-03-24 10:56:22 -0400
We do have the principled leaders that speak for natural law, but once they become known they get silenced. Jordan Peterson is the first that comes to mind off the top.
commented 2017-03-24 10:40:59 -0400
@ Billy Howard

I would initially suggest that it wasn’t a coincidence at all, but by design.

But then when I look at the party in power I realize that this Liberal government, especially with Justine “The puppet” Trudeau as PM, would not have the intellect to organize the M103 suppression of free speech motion on this day of all days.

You are right, Billy, it is quite ironic.
commented 2017-03-24 10:26:20 -0400
The lessons and principles of Patrick Henry is something Western society could use to hear loud and clear again, especially the left, but not just the left but the all.
commented 2017-03-24 10:13:15 -0400
“Give me liberty, or give me death” anniversary is on the same day liberty is ignored with the passing of M103.
commented 2017-03-23 23:22:02 -0400
To paraphrase it for todays western world, “Give me slavery and give me death!”
commented 2017-03-23 22:55:46 -0400
The roots of the second amendment – and the reason the US has not fallen to globalist despotism.
commented 2017-03-23 22:51:18 -0400
That’s wear we went wrong with the armed resistance. Who models /teaches children the value of having these kind of principles these days?
commented 2017-03-23 22:09:06 -0400
Good question John. We could sure use a little Churchill today. Maybe even as much as the free world needed one then.
commented 2017-03-23 21:56:18 -0400
The federal conservatives now need such a leader.