October 01, 2015

Today in History: The "not all dark" reign of Edgar the Peaceful (959 AD)

John RobsonArchive

People who buy into the narrative of history as unbroken progress from the miserable past to the glorious present graced by our magnificent selves should ask how a 10th-century king of England could be called “Edgar the Peaceful” and have relatives with titles like “the Magnificent” and “the Great”. 

There were problems and evil deeds in those days too, but anyone who remembers the 20th century should be a little less ready to call the 11th the “Dark Ages”.


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commented 2015-10-05 12:39:54 -0400
Actually 900 to 1100 AD was a period of global warming when crops grew and farm animals were kept in Greenland and what is now Yorkshire in northern England was a wine exporting region. This period was very beneficial to Europe. This occurred naturally before the advent of modern industry.
commented 2015-10-01 16:39:16 -0400