July 06, 2017

Today in History: Up (and down) with Richard the Lionheart (1189)

John RobsonArchive

We should not celebrate Richard I taking the throne of England on July 6 of 1189. Despite his portrayal in later Robin Hood legends, the “Lionheart” was a cruel man and a bad king.

But do not despair of our heritage just because one supposed hero was a bum.

Rather, celebrate the love of freedom that brought Richard’s brother and successor John to heel at Runnymede not because he happened to be a wretched man, but because the English-speaking peoples will not long stand misgovernment by anyone no matter how cool their nickname.

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commented 2017-07-07 10:27:29 -0400
Again, I have approached the Rebel with historical information regarding the Liberal Party and their traitorous history beginning in the 1930’s and they appear to have absolutely no interest.

Either with intent OR by the deception of those he sought, O.D. Skelton created Canada’s permanent bureaucracy. Several of the men he chose to run Canada’s government were either Communist sympathizers or outright Soviet moles. From Dr. Norman Robertson to E. Herbert Norman.

The impact this had on ALL aspects of our government is beyond belief. From Canada’s decision to go to war in 1939, who was to be rounded up under Section 21, dealing with Communist espionage, directly supporting Soviet and Communist forces in Eastern Europe, immediate post war reactions to Communist takeovers and the obvious impact on Canada’s foreign policy. This from our involvement in the UN and NATO to recognizing Communist China OVER Nationalist China. There is also evidence emerging that Lester Pearson’s praised UN action in Suez was a front to give Nasser respite while he made a secret arms deal with the USSR (via Czech) so that he could arm his forces to attack Israel. Canada’s ambassador to Egypt at the time was a Soviet mole E. Herbert Norman. This according to one of the Cambridge Five.

So why the Rebel and other media outlets or publishers are not interested in this information is shocking. It literally rewrites Canadian history post 1920 to 1990.

I have uncovered proof that Canada’s Liberal permanent bureaucracy had strong ties to the Communist Party of Canada and during WW2 led a secret Communist recruiting scheme in Canada. To see this information please visit my website at


and look under sub-heading

Tigers, Partisans and Guerrillas

It covers the truth behind the set up of Camp X during WW2 and those within Canada’s permanent bureaucracy that were involved. ALL would be investigated by the RCMP beginning in the 1950’s for links to the Soviet Union. The information within these investigations was CLOSED by Lester Pearson appointee Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

If the Rebel truly represents the Canadian people, it needs to start a campaign to get the Ministry of justice and CSIS to release ALL of this information.
commented 2017-07-06 21:09:31 -0400
Richard and John continued the profligate lifestyles of most of these inbred royals – Plantagenet , Yorks, Tudors, Hanovers or Saxe-coburg-gothas, they all were self serving scum who put the people behind their own lusts and obsessions – Glad we are rid of them.
commented 2017-07-06 14:30:04 -0400
I understand Richard didn’t care for England that much and preferred to spend his time in Normandy
commented 2017-07-06 14:14:09 -0400
Your commentary is very timely. Thank you.
commented 2017-07-06 12:02:24 -0400
that was a great update and correction of the facts.
commented 2017-07-06 11:47:48 -0400
Thanks John Robson, your advice is sound, “choose your heroes wisely”!