February 26, 2018

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch: “The establishment has lost control of the information battles”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

At CPAC, I spoke to Tom Fitton, the president of the government watchdog Judicial Watch. His group is doing vital work breaking the dam keeping information from the public, and fighting corruption.

He told me about some of their ongoing cases, and about probably their biggest coup, the unearthing of the infamous "Clinton emails."

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commented 2018-02-27 13:20:10 -0500
When I watch the way liberals have married TV personalities and people within other power structures I can’t help but thinking how Kings use to marry other countries Monarchs to consolidate their hold on power.
commented 2018-02-27 13:04:19 -0500
Billy Howard. I do agree with you but court cases take up huge amounts of tie and energy and we don’t have the population like the U.S. and need more with deep pockets to help fund costly lawsuits which are so necessary. What I would love to see investigated is what I perceive is a bias in the CRTC which has put the squeeze on conservative news like The Rebel. That a government can freely talk about ending fake news should be of concern to people on all sides of the political spectrum. If the news is fake then it is up to those claiming it so to show why and we have always had courts to deal with slander or libel so it is not necessary that anyone clamp down on fake news. Sure it is annoying but do we really want to surrender the right to determine what is true and what is not to the government? To me that spells the end of the free press which is vanguard of democracy.
commented 2018-02-27 10:33:20 -0500
Commentators have it right we need focus on our Crime Minister Lock him up Lock him up Lock him up
commented 2018-02-27 02:26:45 -0500
Don’t sell yourself short, Ezra. The Rebel IS Canada’s version of Judicial Watch. You put the gov’t feet to the fire with FOI requests and tough questions, along with conservative analysis of news and issues. Keep growing and keep up the good work.
commented 2018-02-27 01:24:26 -0500
The US has Judicial Watch and they have a President who will not send handouts to Twitter and Fecesbook when they lose money. Sadly in Canada our dictator is handing out money to the dying lying media.
commented 2018-02-27 01:22:49 -0500
The establishment will respond by censoring and outlawing and only people who will fight for freedom will stop them. This may get a lot uglier before it gets better.
commented 2018-02-27 01:21:37 -0500
Rick you got that right.
commented 2018-02-26 22:35:51 -0500
I really appreciate Tom Fitton and the work Judicial watch does. I only wish we had a similar organization in Canada and the big donors to fund them. Again another fantastic individual.
commented 2018-02-26 20:11:26 -0500
Dan your right, a Judicial Watch branch office in Canada…interesting.
If not for the Rebel and a million or so supporters and a hand full of Toronto Sun reporters the left would enslave all conservatives in Canada. TheRebel.media is making great strides in the US. Ezra has a plan and I feel great things are going to happen with the Rebel leading the way in networking conservative social media together. So, finally we will have a strong platform to take on the fake media.
commented 2018-02-26 18:07:48 -0500
A Judicial Watch branch office in Canada…interesting.
Several appropriate candidates for Canadian lawyers – some of whom have appeared on THEREBEL – and good ole American know-how…sounds promising.
They could pick up the baton THEREBEL’s been carrying and run with it…
…and then we could lock up ALL the bad guys!
commented 2018-02-26 17:57:31 -0500
These days I think we in Canada have as much corruption in our Government as the American’s do. The Rebel is as close to a ‘Judicial Watch’ as Canada gets, which is why Justin will go for the Rebel’s jugular and try and shut us down one way or the other.
commented 2018-02-26 17:07:33 -0500
Crooked politicians and government officials will not escape Judicial Watch’s attention.
We do need this in Canada!
commented 2018-02-26 16:43:24 -0500
Indeed! We need the equivalent of a Judicial Watch in Canada! Justin Castro and the Lieberals are criminals!