April 25, 2016

Tom Harris: Sierra Club’s “divide and conquer” strategy to destroy coal, other energy industries

Brian LilleyArchive

Here's an example of the sorts of information no one else but The Rebel will bring you. My guest Tom Harris of the International Climate Science Coalition explains, in layman's terms, an ingenious yet sinister strategy being used by the likes of the Sierra Club.

By getting politicians and policy makers to agree that "climate change" is real, the environmentalists have put pressure on every conventional energy industry source to be the "greenest."

In the short term, this means natural gas and nuclear are celebrating the decline of their competitor, coal.

But Harris warns that the Sierra Club's long term strategy is to get these industries to destroy each other, through a kind of "civil war," thereby clearing the way for "green" energy like solar to become the "only" alternative left.

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commented 2016-04-27 18:53:12 -0400
Bob Egli,
Thanks for the info.

From the wiki page….

“During the summer of 2015, SunEdison was worth almost $10 billion, and in July 2015 shares traded upward of $33.44.
On the day of the bankruptcy filing, April 21st, 2016, the company’s trading price on the New York Stock Exchange was 34 cents per share.”

Hopefully Al Bore had his $100 Million invested in them.
He made his money on green stocks by fabricating fear and pushing pretend catastrophes.

commented 2016-04-26 08:39:18 -0400
Between Bay Roberts Nfld., and Bowser BC, is there one, just one politician among the thousands from across the political spectrum who infest our parliaments and legislatures with the balls to stand up and say, “This climate change/AGW bullshit is killing us.”?

Maybe the rebel can start a brave and honest politician hunt.
commented 2016-04-26 05:28:32 -0400
Canada is the birthplace of alternating current (A/C) electricity at Niagara Falls, Ontario thanks to the genius of Westinghouse and “immigrant boy” Tesla… (Edison’s direct current (D/C) experiment to light New York was a dismal failure…) Yet here we are in 2016 with eco-crazies trying to subvert the Site C dam on the Peace River in B.C. and pushing flakey, expensive, and heavily taxpayer subsidized wind farm and solar panel technologies… Coal and nuclear are of course “verboten” in spite of the fact that both are there, and have to be, when the the “sun don’t shine” and “the wind don’t blow”… In North America we have enough, coal, hydro electric, nuclear, and natural gas power to keep us functioning for centuries, yet some are trying to deep-six all of them… Is that just “nuts” , or “stupid”, or some manifestation of “suicidal”?…
commented 2016-04-25 23:48:13 -0400
SunEdison, a very large Solar Company just filed for Bankruptcy four days ago. They had assets of 20 Billion. How much of this was our money, wasted by donations from our Government? Why are Western Governments so brain-dead as to continue financing these green losers ?
commented 2016-04-25 20:21:59 -0400
Kelvin, correct, an absolute misappropriation and mispriortization of funds.
Greentardism is a type of greed that doesn’t contribute anything to society or the Earth.

In one year from now, Trump will be in power and Killary will be wearing an ankle bracelet if not wearing an orange pantsuit.

Trump will eradicate the $37B yearly green fund the Obama dishes out to all his greentards with fake green ideas, including over $1/2 Billion to Elon Musk of Tesla, to make a car that no one will buy, except the 1%, as a go-cart to run the store and back.

Let the markets themselves decide what the consumers want; that’s what’s efficient.

commented 2016-04-25 19:07:14 -0400
Greentards have ruined our lives, we cleaned up pollution (not good enough?) we cleaned up acid rain(not good enough?) but the billions spent on the phantom climate change, what’s the results? Cities like Flint Michigan can’t afford to change lead pipes, how many more cities have this same problem (lots), even Calgary as young as this city is has some lead pipes in the infrastructure. And what do hear from the media and the greentards? Nothing. It’s a money grabbing scam. Period. And shame on any energy company to fall for this bull.
commented 2016-04-25 18:48:12 -0400
Nothing to do with cleaning up or saving the planet. More about rich countries sending money to undeveloped countries. And that bollocks about the ‘science being settled’. The very essence of science is that nothing is ever settled. The continued evolution of science is to continue to examine what is thought to be true and to sometimes say what they thought to be true is not or to modify known truths. These fools who say the science is settled are self-proclaimed fools. Sadly, they are in charge of our finances.
commented 2016-04-25 18:14:45 -0400
The left attacked Thatcher for closing the coal industry and now they attack the coal industry. The left is completely retarded.
commented 2016-04-25 17:59:01 -0400
Thousands of jobs and billions down the drain for nothing.