May 16, 2019

Tommy Robinson campaign: Carlisle rally attracts support, police interference

Jessica SwietoniowskiRebel Correspondent

With police trying to block roads before a Tommy Robinson rally, supporters in Carlisle are still eager to shake his hand.


Tommy Robinson is currently running to be a Member of the European Parliament, with the election set for May 23rd.

Attendees weren't surprised that there were police trying to prevent the rally from going as planned, saying that it's not just police that are an issue, but the local news doesn't seem to want to cover him either.

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commented 2019-05-17 02:45:34 -0400
Far Right is one of those terms that has no meaning. It is like calling someone a Bogey Man. The police ,as in every tyranny, support whatever the Tyrant says. It happened in every nation that the Nazis over ran. British cops should be ashamed of selling their souls to satan.

“It isn’t fair to antagonize people…”
1, This is the logical fallacy of assuming the point at issue. She wasn’t antagonizing any one. She was simply wanting to ask questions of both sides. That is what used to be called objectivity but eh police in Britain ensure that doesn’t happen.
2. SInce when is it the job of police to ensure “fairness” whatever that means? Who defines these vague terms?

3. Who polices the police?
commented 2019-05-16 17:59:51 -0400
“Surely the glory of journalism is its transience.” Legendary British journalist Malcolm Muggeridge

Great work Jessica. I hope your reports wake up more people in Britain to what is really happening in their country. The establishment which includes the fake British news media, suppresses the truth for the British people to hear and does not want Tommy to win. I’m surprised he has made it this far. However, with Tommy doing public rallies in the towns, the word should get around.