May 15, 2019

I'm flying to the UK to cover Tommy Robinson's trial — and his campaign

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Tommy Robinson is running for public office. He’s running to become one of eight Members of the European Parliament from North West England.

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I think he’s got a chance — because of how the votes are counted, he can win with less than 10 per cent of the vote. Election day is May 23 — just ten days from today.

But tomorrow, guess what? Theresa May’s attorney general is taking Tommy to court. He’s being prosecuted for contempt of court, again. For the same incident — last year, when Tommy was reporting outside that court house in Leeds, where a Muslim rape gang was being convicted.

And I’m sure it’s a coincidence that this is barely a week before the election.

This is outrageous. But I bet you haven’t heard about this from the mainstream media.

That’s why I’m doing what I did last time — I’m bringing real reporters to London to cover Tommy’s trial.

I’ll be there. Our young journalist Jessica will be coming too. Andrew Lawton, who did such a great job last time — fan favourite. Pardes Seleh, from Washington DC — she used to be with Mediaite. Cassandra Fairbanks, outstanding journalist, from Washington’s Gateway Pundit. My friend Jordan James from Politicalite is coming down from Manchester. We paid for Avi Yemini’s flight from Melbourne, Australia, too, he’s already landed in the UK. And we’ll be bringing along two cameramen also.

That’s nine people, with one mission only: tell the truth that the British mainstream media won’t.

And Tommy tells me it’s actually the most important things we can do right now, as you'll see in my video.

Tommy is running for office, but he can’t accept donations from anyone who’s not a British citizen.

So if you want to help Tommy, this is the best way to do it — to help support independent journalists who will give Tommy a fair shake. You don’t have to be a British citizen — you just have to care about freedom.

All of our people are travelling on the cheapest flights we could find. No-one is travelling fancy. Three star hotels or less. No-one is getting a fee. It’s just covering cheap travel to get to the court house.

Can you please help? Go to

Theresa May is doing everything she can to harass Tommy — this contempt of court hearing is frankly a disgrace, it’s outrageous, but the mainstream media love it because they hate Tommy with a fury.

That’s why we have to be there. I’ll be there with my friends. We’ll give you the facts. But please help me cover the costs — for the nine of us, flights, hotels, taxis, train fare — for nine people it’s about $30,000 or 20,000 pounds.

Please help me help Tommy — thanks. Please go to

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commented 2019-05-15 23:28:56 -0400
New petition requesting attorney general drop charges. Sure they don’t care what the people think but it shows Tommy he is supported.
commented 2019-05-14 22:20:18 -0400
Support real reporters, not the establishment trough-feeders. Leftists have infiltrated and colonized the media outlets to the point where only they have a say. Us normal folks are shut out and told to shut up as they shut us down. Is this what we pay our taxes and subscriptions for? I, for one, support real reporting. The garbage shoveled out on us by high-and-mighty progressives stinks to up to heaven.
commented 2019-05-14 19:58:25 -0400
RON JOSEPH commented 9 hours ago.
Keith and Helen Harvey…….Usually in a democracy Peaceful Protests work,……………………………………..

Ron, Paul Weston is still around but he was banned on the internet by Socialist whiners.
To the best of my knowledge he was reading Churchill’s speech about about Pakistan, where he stated that “They are the scum of the earth”, when he was arrested.
That same speech is no longer available on You Tube.
commented 2019-05-14 12:12:02 -0400
No more rule of law pretenses – this definitely is a case of “show me the dissident and we will find a reason to prosecute him.”

No wonder the UK was so quick to turn away Asia Bibi when its own system of law has become as corrupt and unjust as Pakistan’s. At least in Pakistan the blasphemy law is on the books as a law. What is the excuse in the UK for prosecuting Tommy? if not to please “Asian” fundamentalists, who are rapidly becoming THE voting base for any future party.

Unbiased independent reporters MUST apprise the world of the facts of Tommy’s case and proceedings. People need to know the state of affairs in the UK, how the judiciary has been corrupted by strong political meddling. They need to care about preserving the rule of law and their personal rights and freedoms before both are no more than a distant memory.

The way court works, unfortunately, is it keeps adjourning and rescheduling. Both are expensive and tiresome for Ezra and his gang.
commented 2019-05-14 10:25:00 -0400
Keith and Helen Harvey…….Usually in a democracy Peaceful Protests work, however it appears that the UK is beyond this, by reversing the people’s vote on Brexit.

We must remember that this is a Country that arrests 10 of its citizens a day for thought crimes.
In 2014 they even arrested a Politician named Paul Weston for QUOTING WINSTON CHURCHILL.
“On 26 April 2014, Weston was arrested on the steps of the Winchester Guildhall for failing to comply with a dispersal notice issued under section 27 of the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 as he was reading out a passage from Winston Churchill’s 1899 book.”
commented 2019-05-14 00:56:23 -0400
Nothing will change until the blood flows. Look around the world, if there is a protest it only gets any attention when there is violence and casualties. All the protests we have witnessed in recent years and conditions continue to worsen. While we do nothing the other side is getting stronger, more organized and amassing more money. We are on a losing path, peace is not the answer here. They will do what they have to, in order to derail Tommy’s bid for office in the EU. I thought the plan was to END the EU, not give it further credibility by shoring up its ranks with people like Tommy. If he gets there, Farage will materialize as one of his biggest opponents. Being in the EU and travelling outside the country will put Tommy in greater danger. He may end up back in prison yet. That’s where they want to put him, only next time he may not survive the experience.
commented 2019-05-13 21:37:21 -0400
I agree that Tommy has been under persecution, from not only the UK Government, but it’s partner Social Media.
Keith says ," Tommy having a voting base almost as large as Farage, who could well vote against him and his Brexit deal." If he has a base as large as the famous Farage, why don’t they DO SOMETHING.

The British don’t seem too embarrassed that smaller Countries have to send creditable journalists to report the truth, as the British seem to be lacking this virtue in not only their Journalists, but also their Government and Police.

The British citizens should start to clean up some of their own mess, because North America isn’t coming this time to save your worthless arses. (British slang)
commented 2019-05-13 14:25:43 -0400
MUTA WEEN commented 1 hour ago
Tommy is under persecution, not prosecution. A victim of what amounts to a Medieval Inquisition.
We need to form a Conservative / Christian Amnesty International to fight against the phoney trials ,charges and imprisonment of freedom fighters .
I should say it’s the least we can do…should do..if we want to save ourselves from a similar fate!
commented 2019-05-13 14:08:00 -0400
Since u’re in London, one of your reporters should head to Paris May 15th to 17th for the “Christchurch Call” summit (Trudeau’s there). The meeting between Big Tech and govt’s is to ban “objectionable material” giving Justin reason to ban Rebel and others.
If MSM shows up, they’ll be promoting the banning of conservative media (and Tommy’s ilk) on Big Tech.
commented 2019-05-13 13:29:18 -0400
Tommy is under persecution, not prosecution. A victim of what amounts to a Medieval Inquisition.
We need to form a Conservative / Christian Amnesty International to fight against the phoney trials ,charges and imprisonment of freedom fighters .
commented 2019-05-13 12:35:18 -0400
British politicians are terrified of Tommy, even Nigel Farage has hit on him, which in my opinion was a big mistake, Tommy having a voting base almost as large as Farage, who could well vote against him and his Brexit deal.
The fact that Theresa May and her tame Muslim, Home Secretary are in all probability going to have Tommy thrown into the General Population of a Muslim controlled prison, just amplifies the fear that they and the EU have of him.
Theresa May! A Globalist Marxist and the traitor to Britain and it’s people.