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Tommy Robinson in Oldham: Pakistani supporter calls out police, racism in his community

Tiny Labour Party protest against Tommy Robinson in Heywood

Muslim rioters ATTACK Tommy Robinson voters with bottles, bricks in Oldham

Tommy Robinson rally in Fleetwood: “I want to be your voice”

Tommy Robinson haters in Manchester can’t explain why they hate him

(FULL SPEECH) Tommy Robinson in Carlisle: “Let's rock the Establishment”

Tommy Robinson: Carlisle police “are interfering with an election campaign”

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I hate watching the mainstream media cover Tommy Robinson’s election campaign to be the next Member of the European Parliament.

The media is working hand-in-hand with Tommy's opponents. Thugs attack Tommy when he’s out campaigning, but the media portray it as if Tommy’s the one causing trouble. Even worse, the police just stand back and let it all happen. They’d never let that happen to Jeremy Corbyn or Theresa May.

I am a student journalist who is interested in Tommy’s campaign. And I've been sent to northwest England for two weeks to cover Tommy’s campaign every single day.

My name is Jessica Swietonioswki. And I'll be uploading all of my Tommy campaign videos to this page. You can see my first one here: 

I'm going ultra-low cost: the cheapest airfare we could find plus a very low-budget Airbnb for two weeks. Together, that’s about $2,000. But we've also hired a security guard to protect me from the Antifa thugs — but that will actually cost us more than the rest of my trip combined. Can you please help us crowdfund this cost?

If you’re a Tommy supporter who isn’t a UK citizen, this is probably the best way you can help. Only British citizens are allowed to donate to Tommy’s campaign itself. But anyone in the world can help us crowdfund the cost of our independent journalism to cover Tommy’s campaign.

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