April 25, 2019

Tommy Robinson is running for European Parliament — Here's why he could win

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Tommy Robinson announced his candidacy for public office today. He’s running as an independent, in North West England — that’s Manchester and the surrounding areas — to be that region’s member of the European Parliament.

And I think he’s got a real chance.

Tommy was a journalist for us for a year or so. He really opened my eyes to what’s going on in the United Kingdom — especially regarding mass Muslim migration.

Tommy Robinson didn't just make videos — he also ran campaigns. Like when he fought for Chelsey Wright, who was raped by a gang of migrants but abandoned by police; or when we helped John Fletcher, the shopkeeper who was threatened by police if he didn’t take down a little sign on his shop that said, “Don’t fund terrorism”.

I visited the UK a half dozen times with Tommy, and quickly I saw that the caricature about him was false: he wasn’t a racist, and he certainly wasn’t an anti-Semite.

In fact, everywhere I went, people came up to him, asking for a photo. So many minorities too — especially from places where they know what radical Islam can do.

I saw the love people had for him — mainly the poor, the working classes, especially the forgotten people — working class white folks, the indigenous Brits. In other words: the UK’s “deplorables.”

That’s what Tommy was reporting on, outside the Leeds court house: A rape gang of more than two dozen men who had raped working class girls as young as 11, hundreds of times. Tommy simply named the accused men (as had other media outlets) — men who were all later convicted, by the way — so he was arrested, packed off to to court, tried in less than ten minutes, then sent to prison for 13 months, where he was put in solitary confinement and practically starved.

It didn't matter that by then, Tommy was no longer a Rebel employee — we crowdfunded Tommy Robinson's legal appeal, and busted him out of there after ten weeks — the Lord Chief Justice of the UK himself called his arrest, prosecution, conviction and sentencing "improper and illegal."

It's no wonder that ordinary people don't trust the system anymore. Look at Brexit. In the largest vote in UK history, the majority of Brits voted to leave the European Union.

But for the past 1000 days, the establishment has tried to undo the results. They just refused to leave on the Brexit deadline, March 29 of this year. Just ignored the referendum.

And so, next month, the UK will still be in the EU when it’s time to elect their little stable of European MPs to sit in the EU parliament.

There are 750 MEPs in the EU, and 73 of them come from the UK. So the UK is outvoted on everything, before it even starts. And remember, the EU’s laws are binding in the UK.

Tommy is running for one of those 73 seats.

TONIGHT I'll run the numbers and explain why I think Tommy Robinson has a good chance of winning this election.

The entire media class is against him. The entire political class is, too. Police will surely harass him — it wouldn’t shock me if he was charged with some stitch-up, just to get him off the streets.

We support Tommy, always have. But of course we’re foreigners — so we can’t vote, and we can’t donate. If you’re a Brit, you can do both of those things, at Tommy’s website, VoteTommy.co.uk.

But there is one thing we’ll be doing as a company — we’ll be reporting on the campaign fairly. 

I’m putting together a roster of other reporters from Canada the U.S. and Australia who will join me — I’ll keep you posted about that, at RealReporters.uk.

That’s actually a way you can help Tommy, if you’re not a Brit — you can chip in to help us do our media coverage. That’s not a gift to Tommy — it’s a gift to us, that we’ll use to pay airfare and hotel accommodation for our reporters covering his campaign.

Anyways, I’m pretty excited.

As Tommy's slogan puts it, it’s time to send the EU, and the entire 5-p professional establishment, "a message they’ll never forget."

NEXT: Aaron Gunn from BC Proud joins me to talk about the cripplingly high gas prices in his province, the direct result of Liberal Party carbon taxes. How are people coping, and what can be done about this?

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2019-04-29 12:58:05 -0400
If you have the money to go out to Restaurants, Cafes, Entertainment etc., then you have money for an $8.00 Subscription to TheRebel.Media and other True Media Sources to get the other side of things.
Instead of being spoon fed the Leftist Narrative / Agenda / Ideology or the Andrew Scheer and Cronies CPC / Lib-Con. Narrative / Ideology.

I’ve been Downsized, Unjustly Let Go by Hateful, Intolerant Employers.

You know what I did, when I went back to School, for my HIGH QUALITY Private Education? I spent my Breaks writing in my Daytimer and Organizing my Finances. I put things in their place, cut things and launched a full scale War Against Debt, Credit and the Spend, Spend, Spend Mentality.
I got EVEN MORE Responsible than I already was.

commented 2019-04-28 14:52:51 -0400
Is it just me or are others having a problem with what seems to be Ezra’s monologue being throttled?
commented 2019-04-27 17:00:08 -0400
He was arrested for beating someone up. That’s not a spurious charge. He was released on a suspended sentence, and then violated the conditions of release. That’s not a spurious charge either, no matter how much he tries to spin himself as a victim. If you’re told not to do something or you’ll go back to jail, then you do it anyway, you are not the victim when you end up in jail. There’s also the curious case of why he tried to enter the US on a fake passport.
commented 2019-04-27 11:19:34 -0400
Andrew Stevenson , we already have a convicted criminal in the british parliament, wearing a tag ! You could not make it up. Tommy Robinson has been arrested on spurious charges to shut him up as he speaks the truth, the powers that be don’t like the truth and will try and cover it up. The failings are with the police, social services and the councils, all turning a blind eye to the atrocities that are happening on our streets. Tommy is brave enough to put his neck on the line to expose the lies and cover ups of the establishment, and they won’t gag him even though they try.
commented 2019-04-26 11:14:06 -0400
Alberta Maga commented 8 hours ago
Andrew Stephenson Svend Robinson stayed in his seat and ran again after being convicted. HE lost to the Liberal Candidate probably due to his crime. "

I’m talking about something much simpler – crossing the border. The UK is one of the few EU countries that actually has a distinct, controlled border, and even I’ve been held up by it taking the train into France.
commented 2019-04-26 09:07:44 -0400
Tommy’s website. https://www.votetommy.co.uk/
with his video….he will donate 100% of his salary a charity that supports the victims of grooming gangs. So I guess it is fair to say that he is not in it for the money, he truly believes in what he does and in the people of his country in a way only someone from his background can do. The harder they kick him the stronger he rebounds.
commented 2019-04-26 08:56:06 -0400
With people like Farage and Robinson in the EU Parliament, the EU is going to be sorry they extended the Brexit deadline.
Trump is going to the UK for a State visit. Look for him to make an offer the Brits can’t refuse.
commented 2019-04-26 06:22:31 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 37,090 Attacks, 239,719 Killed, 319,235 Injured that we know of
commented 2019-04-26 05:49:52 -0400
I really enjoy both your commentaries and your guest interviews. Definitely worth $8 a month for the scoops Rebel gets, the scandals it uncovers, the pain it gives the liberals/NDP, David’s wacky sense of humor, fair coverage of Tommy and of course just to keep the rebel alive.
commented 2019-04-26 02:57:33 -0400
Andrew Stephenson Svend Robinson stayed in his seat and ran again after being convicted. HE lost to the Liberal Candidate probably due to his crime.
commented 2019-04-26 02:55:01 -0400
Andrew Stephenson we have Elizabeth May here in Canada so why not?
commented 2019-04-25 23:58:31 -0400
For those who can afford it and own a gas powered vehicle I propose a ‘Miles for McKenna’ program. Each weekend drive an extra mile or two around your town to assist in feeding the plants in your neighborhood and enhance your enjoyment of life by seeing more of your community and shopping at the wonderful small businesses in your home town. Its not only fun it flips the bird to both McKenna and Trudeau!
commented 2019-04-25 23:33:56 -0400
Would a convicted criminal even be allowed into the EU to sit?
commented 2019-04-25 23:29:30 -0400
Terrorist should keep their citizenship. Murderer should be allowed to vote. Hate speech should be illegal. Feelings don’t care about facts
commented 2019-04-25 22:32:42 -0400
I think you should set up a system that allows people to give someone a subscription to the rebel as a present.
commented 2019-04-25 22:05:06 -0400
Tommy Robinson as an MEP – Yee Haw!
He’d probably be more fun to watch than Nigel Farage – and I’ve seen Nigel tear some strips off!
This would also make Tommy much more of a threat to the 5 P Professionals that have already had him kidnapped and thrown into a hole…officially!
Stay vigilant Tommy and Godspeed.
There was a very important message from the letter writer who wants THEREBEL out from behind a paywall.
THEREBEL is a very important and trusted source of news and information in a world and ‘a time of universal deceit…where your truth-telling is a revolutionary act’!
Tough call.
commented 2019-04-25 22:01:36 -0400
- Tommy’s election would be great. It would make it harder to silence him. I’d love to see it happen.

- Trudeau doesn’t understand why people are whining about gas prices. We should just put it on our expense accounts or set up foundations like his.
commented 2019-04-25 21:59:28 -0400
- Tommy’s election would be great. It would make it harder to silence him. I’d love to see it happen.

- Trudeau doesn’t understand why people are whining about gas prices. We should just put it on our expense accounts or set up foundations like his.
commented 2019-04-25 21:50:39 -0400
BC is actually split in two. The entire coast, including the major cities, are left-wing tree-huggers…. except for the loggers, who seem to be a diminishing breed. But the working men and women in the interior are largely conservative. They tend to vote Liberal, which in BC has no connection to the Federal Liberal brand and who’s platform is far more conservative than Liberal. It has traditionally been the closest major party to conservative values since the demise of the old Social Credit party. So, given the option, the BC interior would vote conservative. Remember, the BC Liberals under Christy Clark actually got more seats than Horgan. The only reason he came to power is because he struck a deal with the Green party. I wish BC could be split in two and form two provinces. The let the coast go their own way and the interior go theirs.
commented 2019-04-25 20:48:05 -0400
We also need a Canadian Tommy Robinson to shake things up in Ottawa. Too many vested interests and lobby groups own the bureaucrats and politicians. These wicked people need to be exposed by a courageous fighter.
commented 2019-04-25 20:47:24 -0400
On BC politics: Ezra you really should interview the new BC Conservative leader Trevor Bolin. The BCCP is the only traditional party that opposes the carbon tax. The other 3: Liberal, NDP, Green are all for the tax. The next election in BC will be a great opportunity for a real conservative party to break out and gain seats in the legislature on this issue alone. BTW, Lib leader Wilkinson is well-known as a Trudeau Liberal, so the so-called “party of centre-right consensus” is fast becoming just another shill for the federal Liberals. The door on the “right” is wide open.
commented 2019-04-25 20:40:18 -0400
As a Canadian I just donated 50 lb to cover Tommy’s campaign.
It is my understanding a foreigner can donate up to 500 lb to a British election.