May 28, 2019

Tommy Robinson: Election wasn't a “fair fight” due to social media censorship

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Tommy Robinson joined me to discuss how his message was suppressed by major social media platforms and how despite his massive audience even Donald Trump can be removed.

Our own Jessica Swietoniowski spent two weeks covering Tommy's campaign trail. To see all of her reports, please visit

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commented 2019-05-29 17:24:24 -0400
Al Peterson, exactly right. In reference to, you will find many righteous people there, and many unrighteous, but everybody is heard. It’s a microcosm of what society should be, I think, because no police are required. If you don’t like what you’re seeing, you move along. People have lost the ability to determine what is right from wrong, fearing that the wrong will pollute the right but the righteous are never easily swayed. Righteous people don’t need anyone to tell them who should be censored (silenced) because they’re perfectly capable of censoring evil themselves. They don’t need masters and don’t trust any apart from our Father in Heaven.
commented 2019-05-29 13:39:20 -0400
No to Twitter — Yes to (excellent but prepare yourself for true free speech).
And herein lies the problem. If people will not choose to be righteous then they will nor long be free.

“Human rights can only be assured among a virtuous people. The general government . . . can never be in danger of degenerating into a monarchy, an oligarchy, an aristocracy, or any despotic or oppresive form so long as there is any virtue in the body of the people.”
George Washington

“Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”
Benjamin Franklin

“A nation as a society forms a moral person, and every member of it is personally responsible for his society.”
Thomas Jefferson

“No government can continue good but under the control of the people; and . . . . their minds are to be informed by education what is right and what wrong; to be encouraged in habits of virtue and to be deterred from those of vice . . . . These are the inculcations necessary to render the people a sure basis for the structure and order of government.”
Thomas Jefferson
commented 2019-05-28 16:47:40 -0400
Of all the reporting about Tommy Robinson’s effort to obtain a seat in the EU Parliament, the disgusting, swaggering Guardian’s report is below the lowest level of gutter journalism.
commented 2019-05-28 16:39:14 -0400
Got my browsers and my search engines mixed up … I try again as follows:

No to Chrome — Yes to the Brave or Dissenter browsers
No to Google (painful good-bye) — Yes to

P.S. the Opera browser has a built-in VPN (free!)
commented 2019-05-28 16:32:43 -0400
We don’t need monopolistic media platforms that are removing the accounts of everybody apart from the Loonie Left. Facebook alone has already interfered with federal elections in France and Germany that resulted in disaster for conservative parties, and has now done the same thing in the UK ahead of the EU elections. It works! In turn, we can stop using these platforms and social media entirely while new legislation is formed to make sure this sort of censorship can’t continue. Don’t feed the monopolies — bankrupt them. That is what they’re doing to conservatives. There are good alternatives we can use right now to send these corporations into oblivion (MySpace needs company).

No to Facebook — Yes to
No to Twitter — Yes to (excellent but prepare yourself for true free speech)
No to Youtube (this will get easier) — Yes to
No to Chrome — Yes to (doesn’t track you or care to)

GOOGLE — This one will be the most difficult to extricate from, hands down. Love Google.

It’s up to us to fight totalitarianism any way we can. Our kids will not do it; they have been indoctrinated. Only we understand what has truly (already) been lost and we must get it back. We have too great a country to be lost to socialists and communists who are growing in number daily and have infiltrated every level of government.