Tommy Robinson phoned me at 7 a.m. this morning. Here's what he told me.


Tommy Robinson is going back to court.

This isn’t the contempt of court prosecution of Tommy — that’s not until March 22nd. This is Tommy going on the offence himself — suing the Cambridgeshire police for abusing his family.

Tommy was out at a restaurant with his family — he was taking his kids out to watch soccer — or football as they call it in the UK. And then suddenly a bunch of police swarmed him, and his family, and told him to get out of the city or be arrested. No reason. He was just at a restaurant. They were utter bullies. Police state style. And they came at him with his children there, on purpose — to traumatize them.


Tommy tells me the body camera footage is shocking — and it shows police themselves saying they can’t believe they’re doing what they did. The police have tried to settle this case several times, to avoid this information becoming public. Which is exactly why Tommy asked me to drop everything and come to the UK tonight — because if I don’t, the whole point of this trial will be wasted.

You know that old saying — if a tree falls in the forest, and no-one’s there to here, did it make a sound? Well, if Tommy exposes the police as being political bullies, who are using their police badges and uniforms to run political errands for politicians who hate Tommy — well, that’s huge news. But if no-one is there to report on it accurately, did it even happen?

I really wasn’t planning on coming to the UK until his contempt of court hearing. But I understand why he wants me there.

I immediately went online, and the only flight that gets me in early enough is the night flight tonight, and I”m afraid that on short notice, that’s $2,800 Canadian — that’s £1,600. I’ll have a few other expenses too, and we’ll need to hire a UK-based cameraman. If I stay for all three days, I think my total expenses and those of my cameraman will be close to £3,000.

It’s short notice, but Tommy said he really wants me there. In all the excitement about the contempt of court case against him, I think this one sort of slipped through the cracks.

I understand why he wants me there, and I think I can do a good job. But can you please help cover my flight and the cost of my UK cameraman? Tommy asked me for a favour, and I want to do it. Can you please do me a favour, and help cover my costs?

I think it will be a fascinating and rare investigation into how the police target Tommy, and how they abuse their power to silence his politics.

Please donate below to help me cover this cost — see you tomorrow from the court.

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