May 14, 2019

Ezra Levant: Tommy Robinson's trial starts today — The Rebel brings you the latest as it happens

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

I arrived in London yesterday and I’m going to the Old Bailey criminal court in central London today.

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At 2pm London time — that’s 9am Eastern Time in North America — the UK’s attorney general will make the case for prosecuting Tommy Robinson for a second time, for the non-crime of being a citizen journalist reporting on the epidemic of Muslim rape gangs in the UK last year.

Tommy already served 10 weeks in prison for that incident, almost all of that in solitary confinement. The Court of Appeal freed Tommy, pointing out the many ways his conviction was illegal.

But the government wants to throw him back in prison.

And if they fail again, maybe they’ll try a third time — they’re not even trying to hide their abusive misconduct these days.

Here’s how you can follow along with today’s events:

1. I’ll be live-tweeting the trial on Twitter, from right in the court house. Follow along at @EzraLevant

2. I’ll be making video reports during breaks from the court, that you can see at

3. Thanks to you, we're crowdfunding these international independent journalists to cover the trail as well:

Andrew Lawton from London, Canada
Cassandra Fairbanks from Washington, D.C.
Pardes Seleh from Washington, D.C.
Jordan James from Manchester
Jessica Swietoniowski, a student journalist with us in Toronto at The Rebel
Avi Yemini from Melbourne, Australia

They aren't being paid; you are simply helping offset the cost of their transportation, and modest accommodation. It’s about $30,000 (or £20,000) to cover economy-class airfare and cheap hotels for everyone.

We still need to cover these costs, so your contribution at is greatly appreciated.

4. And if you’re in the greater London area, feel free to come on down to the Old Bailey — if it’s like last time, there will be hundreds of friends gathered in support!

I’m coming up on my TENTH trip to London to cover the lawsuits against Tommy.

It’s “lawfare” — the government is trying to wear down Tommy’s will to fight, and impose huge legal costs on him.

We simply have to fight back — and having real reporters do independent journalism is one way of doing so.

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