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Tommy Robinson has been sent to court four times now over his contempt of court case -- all for criticizing a Muslim rape gang back in May, in a Facebook video.

The government is actually alleging that he prejudiced a Muslim rape gang trial back in May. As in, they claim that Tommy could have wrecked the case, and set those accused rapists free. 

But we know that’s a lie; he didn’t prejudice the trial; the trial concluded successfully. That’s not a matter of opinion; it’s a fact.

But they want to put Tommy away again. So the trial is actually happening, again and again.

The trial has been held at the Old Bailey central criminal courts. That’s crazy in itself — contempt of court is not a crime. They’re putting him on trial in a court usually reserved for murderers and the like. 

Tommy has asked Ezra to come to each court appearance to report on the proceedings — because he doesn’t trust the mainstream media to tell the truth. Because they don’t. They’re like jackals.

Ezra's been travelling in as modest a fashion as he can -- purchasing economy class plane tickets and staying in a small hotel room right near the court to save cab fare.

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In some ways these court appearances have been even more important than Tommy's first one — that one was done in secret, done in seven minutes, done illegally. 

But this time Tommy is prepared and has a lawyer who is prepared, and the world is watching.

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