October 25, 2018

Tommy Robinson: British Army needs #IAmSoldierX campaign

Rebel Staff

Tommy Robinson shares the latest news on the British soldiers facing disciplinary action for taking a picture with him.

One young soldier has already been discharged, and the rest are at risk of facing the same consequence.

So we started a petition at StandWithOurLads.com to show the British Army that the public doesn't support their political witch hunt.

Tommy spoke with a soldier who is friends with Soldier X, and showed Tommy the horrible conditions and outdated equipment members of the army are forced to endure. It's just another reason our campaign is so important, the Army needs us.

WATCH Tommy's video to see how this campaign has spread throughout the British military and how the horrible equipment and living conditions of the soldiers shows why ou

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commented 2018-10-25 23:34:54 -0400

What does your name and you represent?
commented 2018-10-25 23:18:10 -0400
commented 2018-10-25 20:49:23 -0400
Unbelievable. Truth is stranger than fiction. God love you. A lot of us pray for you.
commented 2018-10-25 19:57:19 -0400
Good to see Tommy showing concern for the Soldiers, it is about time somebody did.

I wonder how many Muslims are in the British Army, the Canadian Army also, for that matter. Having Muslims in the armed forces is a bad scene. A sure way to get our soldiers shot in the back, in times of action.