November 23, 2017

Tommy Robinson: Can the DUP Save Brexit?

Tommy RobinsonShillman Fellow

The Democratic Unionist Party was the bogey man of the 2017 General Election. The left went crazy, calling them racist, homophobic, and everything else.

But this week, it became clear that the DUP could potentially be one of the most important allies in the fight for democracy, and against the European Union.

In an important Parliamentary vote on the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which decided whether we should abandon the EU charter to facilitate Brexit, the DUP saved our bacon. The Labour Party pushed to keep the charter, which would have damaged the Brexit process — but the Brexit side won by just 10 votes.

These 10 votes came from the DUP.

On tonight's episode of The Tommy Robinson Show, I explain why it's important we won this vote, and why I think the DUP is now one of the most important forces in Parliament. 

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commented 2017-11-24 01:42:55 -0500
Stephen E. I agree with both of your replacements for May although David Davies is a bit soft.

As far as the rest of your post, things have turned around recently; the only Countries with no chance of recovery are the UK and Canada. (We have no one to vote for) Even Sweden has 15% Right wing seats in their Parliament.
If you listen to this new 10 min. video, it explains why things are starting to look good for most of Europe, and of course the US has Trump. It even looks like there may be punishments for the MSM and Politicians like Merkel.
commented 2017-11-23 15:38:28 -0500
Farage thinks that May will be gone by Christmas, let us hope that he is right. Davis or Rees-Mogg would make a good replacement. Corbyn is a Marxist and always has been, it is time for him to be put out to grass. If Labour ever gains power, say goodbye to England. Just as it is now time to say goodbye to Canada.

President Trump, there are some people who need Your help. Please invade Canada and England and put them back up on an even keel, for they are both listing far to port, (left).
commented 2017-11-23 08:10:45 -0500
With Corbin gaining seats, and May (I’m no fan) losing as many seats as he picked up, I have a feeling it was an “anyone but May” vote, and punishment for calling a vote with really no need or major issues at that time.

I wonder if the majority of those who voted Labour actually listened to what Corbin was saying, or paid attention to his behaviour over the past few years.

With Germany in steep decline, Sweden a basket case, Belgium hanging on by a thread, Spain being torn apart from the inside, France having a wanna-be Trudeau at the helm, Greece – well its Greece – still coming to grips with financial responsibility and paying for thousands of illegals, and Italy still not understanding that the ground beneath it is moving, England is probably the best the EU would need to keep afloat. If Europe wants to be ruled by the bureaucrats of the EU in Brussels, lets all sit back and watch that ship drown.

What colour will the uniform of the EU army be? Black shirts or Brown shirts?

As Tommy put it, the EU needs the UK more than the UK needs the EU. But unless something is done about the creeping Sharia and Muslimication of England, it may all be for nothing.