June 07, 2017

Tommy Robinson: Didsbury Mosque is truly dangerous

Tommy RobinsonShillman Fellow

Following the video of my visit to Didsbury Mosque to talk to the Imam, I detail every hate preacher that has spoken at the mosque, explaining exactly why it is such a dangerous institution. 

From the man Theresa May fought for years to deport, to the Manchester bomber, I dissect the mosque's history, its leadership and its dangerous links to Islamic extremism.

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commented 2017-06-07 22:28:54 -0400
Well articulated Tommie – this is definately a radicalization center which promotes hatred and war with its host nation – it has produced 3 mass murders who have killed innocent citizens – in a just world it would be closed down and its elders deported – in a just and once self-respecting UK nation. but your biggest problem is the Saudi-planted Wahhabist Mayor who will coddle these Jihadi swine.
commented 2017-06-07 21:23:12 -0400
No one can say anything about Muslims even if it’s true, but they can spew hatred all day long in those mosques. What is the West thinking?
commented 2017-06-07 20:39:41 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,475 Attacks, 215,801 Killed, 297,169 Injured that we know of
commented 2017-06-07 20:08:21 -0400
Just finished watching Tommy’s previous video. Again, Great Tommy.


Better still, take 1,000 Wrecking Balls and wreck the lot, especially those with Life Forms in them.
commented 2017-06-07 19:39:29 -0400
Tommy, thank you for the update on this dangerous mosque and radicalization center. I think the work you do is extremely important, always stay safe.
I think 10 masked wrecking-ball operators should schedule a middle of the night demolition of Didsbury mosque.