October 15, 2018

Tommy Robinson: Help defend British soldiers from a political witch hunt

Rebel Staff

Last week the British Army started punishing soldiers for merely taking pictures with me. They are even discharging one young soldier, who we’re not naming — we’re calling him Soldier X.

Since then, dozens of other soldiers have stood by him, taking pictures with signs saying, "I Am Soldier X." They usually publish those photos without identifying themselves.

Obviously, the Army is going to go after these brave soldiers.

We’ve retained legal counsel to help any soldiers who need it — you might remember Daniel Berke, the bright solicitor from Manchester who helped Chelsey Wright from Sunderland.

If you are a soldier who is being disciplined, or even discharged, for standing with me, or Soldier X, and if you need legal help, please send us an e-mail in strictest confidence — to soldier@therebel.media

So if you’re a soldier in trouble, we’ll try to help. E-mail soldier@therebel.media. And if you haven’t signed our petition yet, please go to StandWithOurLads.com

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commented 2018-10-15 19:21:23 -0400
It’s clear from what has happened to Tommy Robinson (illegally imprisoned, starved and mentally tortured for months) and to thousands of young British girls (serially gang raped over years), that the UK has now been so corrupted by leftwing political correctness (i.e, communist subversion), that it is no longer governed by rule of law, but rather by the devil himself in the form of people in positions of power, authority and influence who are so morally corrupt that they are good for nothing but for the devil’s work that they are doing. Ordinary Britishers must realize this and eject these traitor scum and filth from their lofty perches, from which they victimize the innocent, or lose their country forever. Just be sure you replace them with genuine British patriots like Tommy Robinson, Gerard Batten (I think that’s his name, leader of UKIP), and that courageous lady who now leads For Britain (sorry, forgot her name and don’t have it in front of me). Do not put Labour into power to replace the Conservative traitors, as their leadership is even worse, if that were possible.
commented 2018-10-15 13:10:12 -0400
Tommy need look no further than the Home Secretary Sajid Javid, a Muslim appointed by Theresa May with the condition that he would instigate the arrest and jail time for our hero Tommy. Javid needs to be deported and May needs to resign.
After watching Question Period in the House of Commons this morning, I have the feeling that she will not be the PM for a lot longer….Good Riddance Ms May.