August 04, 2017

Tommy Robinson: Let’s Give Chelsey Wright a Summer Break

Tommy RobinsonShillman Fellow

You’ll know Chelsey from our Justice for Chelsey campaign. She’s had a trying year – the politicians and media have ignored her plea for justice after being sexually assaulted. 

More than 115,000 people signed our petition, and we’ve been marching throughout the year – but we now think it’s time for Chelsey and her family to have a break.

Help us send Chelsey and her children on a trip this summer, and give her the break she deserves. VISIT


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commented 2017-08-05 04:05:13 -0400
Kelly Weber how about people on the left pay their own way on things for a change.
commented 2017-08-05 03:41:04 -0400
Tommy wants us to pay for a vacation? Didn’t he get rich off his book? Maybe he can pay for the vacation himself.
commented 2017-08-04 16:02:56 -0400
I’d like an update on the donations I made to Fletchers and your law suit against the Cambridgeshire Police. Thanks.
commented 2017-08-04 11:07:51 -0400
Kelly.. Yer a dick.!
commented 2017-08-04 09:56:02 -0400
Since Tommy’s book is doing so well, why doesn’t he pick up the tab?