July 04, 2017

Tommy Robinson: Help us thank a military veteran each month

Tommy RobinsonShillman Fellow

Every day, people ask me how they can be part of what we're doing here at The Rebel.

You can sign our petitions, share our videos, come out to events — and as well, donate to campaigns we run.

We run a lot of campaigns, because there are a lot of causes and people out there who need help, but I want to make it very clear that you don't have to give to every one!

But when you do, it really helps a lot, be it giving to a legal defence fund so we can fight for justice, or in the case of our latest campaign, ThankKnox.com, assisting a servicemember who sacrificed so much for our freedom, and now just needs a hand up to live the life he deserves.

This is the first in a monthly campaign we're starting, where we'll thank a different military veteran in a practical way.

And we want to thank you, too, for giving what you can, when you can.

The Rebel really is changing the media and political landscape in the UK, and we couldn't do it without you being part of it.

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commented 2017-07-14 18:29:18 -0400
Good stuff! Makes me happy to see true giving.
commented 2017-07-04 21:56:27 -0400
Thanks for campaigning Tommy, I’m so glad you are doing this!
commented 2017-07-04 21:01:30 -0400
A vet left to rot by his perfidious Globalist rulers – sad. Good lad Tommie. How many of these stories of screwed over citizens are we missing?

As for me, I want to personally thank that UK sniper who turned that ISIS beheading instructor’s melon into a fine red mist. Hats off to good men who’s aim is true.
commented 2017-07-04 20:31:27 -0400
Tommy you are one heck of a good man.

Be safe.

Oh, and do not bother to waste any time thinking that khadr will contribute – he hates anything that is not islamic – except Canadian taxpayers money.
commented 2017-07-04 19:22:37 -0400
I’ll bet Khadr will throw in a few of his new found millions, just to show he really has turned a new leaf.