August 30, 2017

Tommy Robinson: What if Mohammed was tried for war crimes today?

Tommy RobinsonShillman Fellow

We know that the Islamic prophet Muhammad was a warlord. We know that he raped and pillaged. If Muhammad were tried in British courts in 2017, his list of criminal convictions would be pretty substantial.

Not only would Muhammad be serving multiple life sentences for torture and rape, but his convictions for war crimes and murdering hundreds of people would land him with a prison sentence unmatched by anyone else in recent history.

Watch and learn why I’ve been campaigning for years about the true nature of Islam, and why I’m not so keen on the prophet!

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commented 2017-08-31 10:22:53 -0400
Tommy did that so well. I like the friendly use of “Mo,” great touch. Isis is following Mo’s lead to a tee, when will they make it to the 21st century. Barbarism should be condemned.
commented 2017-08-30 16:48:34 -0400
REBELATION REBELATION commented 4 hours ago
" Now, if they wish to have a reformation and take out all the bad stuff – that we can allow. Let Canada be the one to force this issue and bring about world peace."

Rebelation, that is not a reformation. During the Protestant reformation they removed everything that was not in the biblical text and adhered to what was. They were not cutting and removing text they were returning to it and abandoning accretions to the text.

What you are proposing for islam is not a reformation. The text as it stands is what it is and is the source of the problems we see. The last thing we need is an islamic reformation. What you are calling for is an islamic modification of their text. Probably a waste of time since it cannot be undone as we see with the islamic fundamentalists. They will go back to it no matter what.
commented 2017-08-30 16:43:40 -0400
Funny how the lefties want to remove all mention of our past western men- like Langevin and Sir John A for their misdeeds and wrong think. But, of course, Mohammed gets a free pass. All these evils he perpetrated are like water off a duck’s back. Stand by for Ayan Ray to give you his crime stats in Canada that ignore this reality.
commented 2017-08-30 14:43:34 -0400
That’s a great idea, put him on trial like Saddam Hussein and his cronies and resurrect all of his victims to have them testify against him. Imagine the 900 Jewish men and boys he beheaded on one occasion being called as witnesses against him! Imagine the people he assassinated testifying about what he did to them. And the women he forced to marry him after butchering their husbands. This would make a great movie. Muhammad on trial, the trial of the century. Check this out. Here’s a really good idea of putting Muhammad on trial in a movie:
commented 2017-08-30 14:32:54 -0400
Good point. If Robert E. Lee, John A. McDonald, and Egerton Ryerson are unacceptable so is Muhammad. Good thing making a graven image of him is a capital crime or it could be awkward for the social justice mob.
commented 2017-08-30 13:46:08 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,960 Attacks, 219,001 Killed, 300,224 Injured that we know of

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian Society”, Justin Trudeau, Debate Post, March 28, 2017
commented 2017-08-30 12:50:04 -0400
The Koran is a political manifesto, and should be labelled as such by our government, hence, anyone caught with one would be taken prisoner. Now, if they wish to have a reformation and take out all the bad stuff – that we can allow. Let Canada be the one to force this issue and bring about world peace.
commented 2017-08-30 12:43:08 -0400
By supporting Islam, the Lefty elite show their true disdain for the west, and their followers show the ignorance.

Great report Tommy!
commented 2017-08-30 12:29:59 -0400
Well said Tommy!
The Islamic texts show exactly what Mohammad was, in great detail!

His followers in the 7th century ignored his lack of humanity; evil deeds; and murderous campaigns – still happening 1400 years later!
commented 2017-08-30 12:28:32 -0400
There is a new documentary on Muhammad and his impact on modern Islamic beliefs. It has been endorsed by Daniel Pipes, Bill Warner, TROP, Facing Islam, ACT for American chapters

“From the Producer: ‘Muhammad and Islam. People can get pretty emotional about this issue. In this documentary we take the Joe Friday approach: No screaming, no name calling, no inflammatory language. "’Just the facts ma’am.“’ Educational. Fair. Reasonable. Non-confrontational.”
commented 2017-08-30 11:55:32 -0400
More people need to see this video
commented 2017-08-30 10:27:38 -0400

The only problem that exists today is that the courts would simply give Mo the pedophile a pass. He would serve no jail time whatsoever because the thinking of present day leftists is that everything can be conquered with love.
As our esteemed prime minister, Justin “the useless idiot” Trudeau is quoted as saying, “when you kill your enemy, they win”. So based on this way of thinking, the Germans and Japanese won the war.
What an idiot!