Tommy Robinson appeal: Watch all of Ezra Levant's reports from London

Rebel Staff

Ezra Levant reports from Tommy Robinson’s latest hearing at the Old Bailey criminal court in London. 

Tommy can’t trust the mainstream media to report fairly on his trial. At Tommy’s request, Ezra has attended Tommy’s previous court dates, and he’ll keep covering this travesty of justice until Tommy is finally free.

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Lord Pearson on Tommy Robinson: “I don’t give a damn where he comes from”

Ezra Levant spoke with Lord Pearson of Rannoch, who is the only member of either house of Parliament publicly supporting Tommy, and willing to discuss Islam.

Tommy Robinson supporters sing Owen Benjamin’s “How they rule ‘ya”

In a tribute to Owen Benjamin, Tommy Robinson leads the crowd outside the Old Bailey in a rendition of the song Benjamin wrote about Tommy’s trials, “How they rule ‘ya.”

Exposing the media's lies about Tommy Robinson

Canadian journalist Andrew Lawton exposes what reporters from the mainstream media said about Tommy Robinson when they thought nobody was listening.

Tommy Robinson's POWERFUL statement of evidence

Outside the Old Bailey, after the judge decided to hand Tommy Robinson's case to the Attorney General, Tommy read this statement to thousands of supporters.

"Oh Ezra, we love you!”: Tommy Robinson supporters cheer in London

After leaving the Old Bailey on Oct 23, Tommy Robinson thanked all his supporters, and expressed his gratitude to Ezra Levant of This prompted the thousands of supporters in the crowd to start chanting!

Ezra Levant: "Be a lion" like Tommy Robinson

After the judge decided yesterday to hand Tommy Robinson's case over to the UK Attorney General, many of Tommy's supporters spoke from the stage outside the courthouse, including Ezra Levant, who encouraged the crowd to follow Tommy's example.

“I know I’m not alone”: Tommy Robinson's stirring speech before entering courtroom

Tommy Robinson addressed thousands of supporters before going into court on October 23, 2018.

UPDATE: A good result today for Tommy Robinson — but his trials aren't over yet

Ezra explains what's next for Tommy Robinson after the judge's decision today (October 23, 2018)

1000+ supporters gather outside London courthouse for new Tommy Robinson trial

Ezra is on a stage outside the Old Bailey courthouse in London, UK, to cover Tommy Robinson's new trial. 

Tommy Robinson is in court, 1500 supporters outside — but where are all the other journalists? 

Ezra reviews the days events in London, both outside and inside the courts. 

Another delay in Tommy's trial

Ezra explains why Tommy Robinson's re-trial on Sept 27/18 was only a 20-minute hearing.

Ezra Levant interviews Tommy Robinson outside London courtroom

After leaving the courtroom, Tommy greeted over a thousand supporters. Many had come from as far away as Hong Kong and Australia. Ezra interviews Tommy amongst all his fans outside the court.

Ezra Levant & Gavin McInnes on Tommy Robinson's re-trial in London

Ezra speaks to former Rebel Gavin McInnes outside the London courtroom after Tommy Robinson's courtdate on September 27, 2018.

September 27, 2018 

Tommy Robinson retrial UPDATE: Ezra Levant outside court

Ezra reports on the crowd outside the London courtroom for Tommy Robinson's retrial on Sept 27, 2018.

Please help support The Rebel's reporting on the Tommy Robinson legal battle

Tommy Robinson is being sent back to trial on Thursday, September 27th. And they’re coming for him with a vengeance. 

The government is actually alleging that he prejudiced a Muslim rape gang trial back in May. As in, they claim that Tommy could have wrecked the case, and set those accused rapists free.  But we know that’s a lie; he didn’t prejudice the trial; the trial concluded successfully. That’s not a matter of opinion; it’s a fact.

But they want to put Tommy away again. So the trial is actually happening, again. On Thursday, September 27th at the Old Bailey central criminal courts.

Tommy asked me to come to court again to report on the proceedings — because he doesn’t trust the mainstream media to tell the truth. Because they don’t. They’re like jackals.

If you can help me cover my airfare and hotel, I’d be grateful. It’s important that even just one journalist in court that day tells it like it is.

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EXCLUSIVE: Tommy Robinson tells Ezra Levant about prison treatment, thanks supporters

Ezra Levant speaks with Tommy Robinson at his home in Luton, after his release from prison. This is Tommy's first official interview since his release. They speak about Tommy's mistreatment in custody, which Ezra believes could qualify as torture.

Ezra Levant analyzes judges' “scorching” ruling on Tommy Robinson case

The rest of the media will never report this! Ezra Levant walks viewers through the judges' ruling in Tommy Robinson's favour today.

Tommy Robinson's “disgraceful” treatment in prison

Ezra shares for the first time information about how Tommy was treated in prison.

Tommy Robinson supporters celebrate court victory

Outside the courtroom after Tommy Robinson's victory, Ezra Levant talks to two of Tommy's supporters.

Tommy Robinson wins his appeal! Ezra Levant explains the verdict 

Tommy Robinson has just won his appeal. Outside the London courtroom, Ezra Levant reads Tommy's lawyers' official statement.

READ the complete statement HERE. 

Ezra Levant's brief on the judges' findings

"Tommy is on his way home as we speak..." Outside the London courthouse where Tommy Robinson won his appeal, Ezra Levant briefly explains the judges' ruling.

Ezra Levant vs. Antifa outside courthouse as Tommy Robinson WINS appeal

Ezra compares the behaviour of Tommy Robinson's supporters outside the courtroom, where Tommy has just won his appeal, and that of the Antifa "losers" on the other side.

"You're a Jew-hater": Ezra Levant vs Antifa as Tommy Robinson WINS

HUGE NEWS: Tommy Robinson wins his appeal! He will be home today! His contempt conviction in Leeds is thrown out; that matter will be re-heard. Attending that new hearing is his only condition of bail. #FreeTommy

— Ezra Levant 🇨🇦 (@ezralevant) August 1, 2018

Tommy Robinson is free!

— Ezra Levant 🇨🇦 (@ezralevant) August 1, 2018

UPDATE: Tommy Robinson could be free as early as Tuesday!

July 27, 2018

The appeal court judges who heard Tommy's case say they will finally be issuing their verdict. They say they will do so on Tuesday, July 31st or on Wednesday, August 1st. (The judges were not more specific than that.)

Tommy’s lawyers say that if the appeal goes the way we all hope it will, Tommy could be released right away.

At the family’s request, I will be going back to London, not only to cover the verdict as a journalist. I have to go back over there, to report from the verdict, because I don’t trust a word that the mainstream media says about Tommy. 

The media told bald-faced lies about his appeal hearing. The Guardian lied, Channel 4 lied, the BBC lied — and they’ll lie this time.

I want to be there to report accurately on the verdict. 

If you can help cover my flight and hotel, I’d be grateful. Please click here now to help cover the cost of my trip and support our journalism.

Day 1: What happened in court today — and what's next

Tommy Robinson's appeal hearing just finished, and will not be resuming tomorrow. The panel of judges say they need "the rest of July" before they hand down their decision.

Thanks to your crowdfunding, Tommy had a "dream team" of barristers and solicitors, and they've asked for three things. 

If they end up winning even one of these points, Tommy will be freed.

Will Chamberlain: “What happened to Tommy Robinson couldn't have happened in America”

Ezra speaks with American attorney Will Chamberlain, who was also in court as a spectator. He explains the difference between "free speech" laws in the U.S. as opposed to the UK. 

“Optimistic, but…” Ezra Levant UPDATES Tommy Robinson appeal in London

During a mid-day break, Ezra explains why he is cautiously optimistic about the verdict in Tommy Robinson's appeal today.

Tommy Robinson appeal UPDATE: "Shocking treatment in prison"

Tommy is not just appealing his sentence, but rather the conviction itself and his conviction from a year ago. Also, Tommy's treatment in prison has been shocking, not even being allowed to meet with his lawyers. 

Tommy Robinson supporters at courthouse

Ezra Levant shows how many Tommy Robinson supporters are waiting outside of the courthouse where the appeal is being heard. 

Tommy Robinson supporter: "He's the voice of the working class"

Ezra interviews one of the supporters of Tommy Robinson. 

Tommy Robinson supporter: "We are being gagged"

Ezra speaks to Sharry, a supporter of Tommy Robinson who is standing outside of the courthouse in support of Tommy's appeal. 

Ezra Levant reports from Tommy Robinson's appeal in London

At Tommy Robinson's request, Ezra is covering Tommy's appeal in London. Just before the hearing began, Ezra recorded a quick overview. 

Tommy Robinson's Appeal: new court date, new judges. Plus:

Ezra Levant has news about Tommy Robinson's new court date, new judges, and his request that Ezra attends the trial. You can support Ezra's journalism by making a donation to help recoup the cost of the trip, here

(July 12, 2018)

Ezra Levant is reporting on Tommy Robinson’s appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice, in London.

As you know, the government had delayed the initial court date for Tommy’s appeal from July 10 to July 24, making him rot in solitary confinement for two more weeks. Then, that date was moved again, to July 18. 

After the date changes, then we found out the initial judge appointed would be replaced by a panel of three judges, presided over by Sir Ian Burnett, the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales. 

That means the United Kingdom is taking this appeal very seriously. 

And that's why Tommy asked Ezra to personally come to London to report on the appeal. Tommy doesn’t trust the mainstream media to report fairly on his case. And he's right to think that. 

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commented 2018-10-01 07:55:35 -0400
Ezra alone documents an important moment in history. But realistically what journalist who isn’t independent and reports fairly on Tommy wouldn’t be out of a job for showing support for Tommy? Support for Tommy has already cost some their jobs, Tommy isn’t the only one sacrificing his future for a cause he believes in.
commented 2018-09-27 20:06:46 -0400
What the hell is happening to our society? Why can we not trust the Press any more? Not here in Canada, Australia, NewZealand & worst of all, England, where I originated from. I always believed law courts, particularly those in the mother country to be free of political interference. Given the matter involving Tommy Robinson, it would appear to be not so. Why is this happening in our so called democratic western countries? If this is what Liberalism is all about, we need to make some drastic changes & very soon.
commented 2018-08-16 15:10:08 -0400
Everyone in Britain has access to the law: just like the RITZ hotel. A well known and true British saying. It means that the working class allways gets short shrift. Except now there is crowd funding. Lets see what happens.
commented 2018-08-01 14:10:17 -0400

But for justice to be served, the incompetent judicial thug who threw Tommy into prison should be made to serve the same sentence that he passed on Tommy, and in the same prisons. A prison cell for a prison cell.
commented 2018-08-01 06:05:37 -0400
Tommy is free!!!!!
commented 2018-07-23 04:36:54 -0400
That’s what they want to do to all of us: keep the bluepilled public on a leash by telling them pretty nothings through mainstream news outlets while glossing over anything that would rile them up, while they beat us up behind the scenes. Too bad for them, Trump wasn’t a fluke and at least half the country feels this way. Patriots need to use and abuse their power to combat leftist’s reach behind the scenes: it is only by institutional power that the left can win.
commented 2018-07-22 18:40:03 -0400
Thanks for the coverage rebel, without you guys it would just be the fake leftist mainstream news. Also i will be in London for a bit, would love to meet you guys and thank you for thr great work 👍.
commented 2018-07-20 17:01:40 -0400
The page worked for the first 24 hours. I viewed all the updates you posted, but, since then, although I could get to your page, the updates were all gone, and nothing appeared after that, despite frequent checking.
We wrote your support team to ask why you had gone dark. We were pretty worried about you, and what is happening globally.
The attorney who said that what is happening in London could never happen here, is wrong. The censorship of your program is evidence of that.
Based Amy, whom you met with, says today that her people were threatened with arrest if they marched in a pro-Trump parade. In fact, they weren’t allowed more than two people on the street. She also made it sound as if something bad had happened to Tommy; that he’s been denied bail.

Everywhere is being censored.
I am grateful you are home.
Scott and Linda
commented 2018-07-19 01:17:14 -0400
Tommy’s people will never forget what Ezra has done here for him, and for freedom of expression.
I am across in New Zealand. I was able to donate small symbolic amount .i
I ask all of Tommy’s supporters to donate to Ezra’s costs, it is important we act rather than just write., Paul Scott
commented 2018-07-18 23:38:59 -0400
BASAVARAJ CHANDRASHEKHARIA How are you going to do that without being what you are fighting? Each side thinks the other is the source of the fake news. I have no idea what the solution is. People need to get smarter so they are better able to recognise the lie. I’m not sure where that leaves us.
commented 2018-07-18 22:56:09 -0400
it is NOT war against freedom of speech,It is NOT war against Islamic Terrorism Its NOT war against socialist communists or left wings,or any governments Law and Order.IT IS WAR AGAINST SICK MEDIA MAFIA who are creating imbalance in the society by running petrodollar fabricated stories of narration by INTELLIGENT ROBBERY,TWIST THE FACTS,POISON THE TRUTH.there need to massive protest against these MAIN STREAM MEDIA with dangerous PROPAGANDA.there must be serious stern actions must be taken against these sold fake paid media.once these people brought on to justice the society automatically will be healthy.
commented 2018-07-18 20:49:57 -0400
God speed Tommy.
commented 2018-07-18 20:46:38 -0400
Free Tommy Robinson . This was a miscarriage of justice from the first charge PERIOD .
commented 2018-07-18 19:15:39 -0400
British Law no longer exists in Britain. All laws are made in the EU. They no longer have Jury Trials, one Judge handles each case and for sentencing he will be advised by the Unelected elites that rule the EU.
commented 2018-07-18 18:35:07 -0400
Very professional reporting Ezra, and you did a sterling job of motivating support from the people. Top Guy, and well done for everything you’ve done for Tommy.
commented 2018-07-18 18:02:00 -0400
Canadian Law is based on British Law and as such, we have a relatively fair system. I am a former Court Reporter, (Officer of the Court), in Ontario, Canada. Before we get carried away with buffing up the image of American Law, you need to remember that each state’s laws may be very different. Here’s an example, in particular, in the state of Virginia, on a charge of indecent exposure, no Notice of Trial beforehand to the defendant who was forced on the spot to use what we call Duty Counsel (a lawyer who provides services free of charge to defendant), and advised to plead “no contest.” (I/T definition): Difference between Guilty and No Contest. … Pleading no contest or nolo contendere means you admit no guilt for the crime, but the court can determine the punishment. The judge will hold a conversation with the defendant to ensure s/he understands the plea and the possible punishment. Wham bam, defendant is put to trial on the spot with no opportunity to seek witnesses on the defendant’s behalf. The one witness who came forward for the defendant was cut short with less than 5 minutes cross-examination, by the prosecuting attorney. The prosecuting attorney used several witnesses against the defendant who appeared to be in cahoots. No Court Reporter was present, therefore no transcript and record of trial. No chance to choose a judge/jury trial. And the defendant was judged guilty on the spot, handcuffed and taken to jail. The whereabouts of the defendant not given to family members until 2 days after trial. The sentence was 3 months. We also need to bear in mind that Tommy Robinson was on probation and at first blush it appears to me that he violated probation. Probation may be lengthy and reporting to a Probation Officer may be mandatory on a weekly basis. I am not saying what happened to Tommy Robinson was right and just, but it was a heck of a lot better than the treatment he would have received in the USA. Yes, the First Amendment is a wonderful thing, but let’s not get into magical thinking. Crime stats now indicate that the London, UK murder rate now tops New York’s. As Ezra states, Tommy’s appeal may create new precedents. But it’s not a good time to throw the rule book away.
commented 2018-07-18 16:35:37 -0400
commented 2018-07-18 16:33:45 -0400
Yes, excellent reports Ezra. I was very concerned about your safety in the UK, but you’re obviously okay, thank goodness. Hopefully you can stay long enough to cover the verdict and hopefully Tommy’s release.
commented 2018-07-18 16:30:25 -0400
Free Tommy!
commented 2018-07-18 15:29:41 -0400
Excellent reports Ezra. It is heartening to know that there is reason for hope. Not only for our hero “Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Rob-in-son, Hey! Tommy Tommy!” but by extension for the cause of freedom for Britain and the rest of the free world, IF, some important precedents are eventually set as a result of the court’s decision.