September 14, 2018

Ezra Levant's NEW interview with Tommy Robinson!

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Tommy Robinson is the last lion of the United Kingdom. What he tells us in this exclusive interview is heartbreaking, enraging, inspiring, desperate...

But a little bit hopeful, too.

That was edited version of our conversation. We actually spoke for more than two hours — if you want to see the extended cut, we have posted it, below.

Tommy has to go back to court — the Attorney General is insisting on a re-trial for contempt of court, for that same incident back in Leeds, in May. They actually want to convict him again, maybe to throw him back in prison again.

Just yesterday I received a new invoice from Tommy's law firm, Carson Kaye. They’re a good firm who won at the court of appeal. But now they have to prepare for his second trial. It will cost tens of thousands of pounds — and I’m sorry to ask you again, but if you are at all moved by Tommy’s case, please help us continue to crowdfund his legal defence, by going to Save (Any surplus after the lawyers are paid will go to Tommy’s family to take care of them.)

You saw just now how grateful he is for your support.

We will be there at his next trial in London, and we’ll keep telling the truth about Tommy as long as the mainstream media keeps lying about him.

PS: Here is the full, unedited version of the interview, which runs just over 2 hours long:

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commented 2018-09-16 18:00:15 -0400
William Adams, I like your style.
commented 2018-09-16 10:29:51 -0400
Why so passive? Attack. Denied a lawyer, denied a trial, denied a jury are massive human rights violations. Sue for $billions. For 800 years the Magna Carta has trained courts and guaranteed these rights. Charge and sue the Government and judge with: disobeying a statue, breach of trust, treason, corruption, terrorism, criminal harassment etc. There are dozens of legal venues to pursue against the fascist left judges and traitorous government.

One of the most important legal cases in history was the Bushel case of 1670 in England. … The judge also ordered Penn, one of the accused to be bound and gagged! Penn managed to shout to the jury, “You are Englishmen, mind your privilege, give not away your right.” Juror Edward Bushel replied, “Nor shall we ever do.” If also established the right of a jury to say, this is a stupid law and no one should be convicted of it.
commented 2018-09-15 15:55:40 -0400
So at the end of the day the torture and deprivation TOMMY ROBINSON was put through is down to the decision of the head of the prison system Home secretary Javid watshis face . Oh and isn’t he a M@slim ? Ah that might explain tings .
commented 2018-09-15 02:17:00 -0400
This is the first history making example of British justice system starting to practice sharia Law in Britain. Tommy’s case was a sharia court conducted in what was a British court of law…GOD HELP the poor bastard true British hard working proud tax paying patriots. Coz no one else will, especially the UK political system and its practitioners and Marxist supporters. BTW, you’ll notice I wont even use cap shift to put a capitol letter s in-front of the word sharia because its not worthy even of that!
commented 2018-09-14 23:26:10 -0400
commented 2018-09-14 23:24:12 -0400
commented 2018-09-14 20:44:40 -0400 need for me to watch/hear the interview…Hang in there Tommy! way or another there is going to be a correction that will follow..Which correction that will anyone’s guess. It should not have come down to this level..a guess!.

Power to Tommy..Cheers Brother…
commented 2018-09-14 11:59:33 -0400
A moving interview in which I felt great compassion for Tommy and his family.
Along with a deep sadness for the possible devastating future of the UK becoming governed by the Islamic State in my lifetime.
I am astonished at the horrendous treatment of this exceptional and ordinary man who only wants to protect his own children, British children and future British children from the Islamification and rape of the UK.
My parents were British immigrants to Canada in the ‘50s. Growing up in Canada I always felt a real connection in being English Canadian. I felt proud of my British heritage, proud of my British family’s military history. The England of my parents and grandparents is all but gone now.
I pray that Tommy and his family will remain safe from radical islamists who wish them death and harm. Also for the whole of the UK to be saved from foolish and cowardly social and political elites. I also hope that the British public will wake-up, rise-up and destroy this plague upon their homeland and mine.
commented 2018-09-14 11:46:57 -0400
Keith if the E.U. makes the laws and rules the UK, then what is the Queen for? I thought there were means for her to over rule/over turn certain things in certain instances at least. Shouldn’t a Queen be able to protect her subjects? I cannot fathom a sovereign country giving over its rule to a central foreign entity and getting away with it. Isn’t there something called the Royal prerogative? As well, everyone is so brainwashed about Islam that they would jail the messengers to protect a foreign political cult-like ideology. I just can’t understand it.

Duncan, I agree. It is indeed painful to watch and aside from making sure he has the best representation, we are helpless to do anything but hope and pray. We’ll soon know if he can walk as a free man again. I cannot imagine the stress he and his family are having to endure.
commented 2018-09-14 06:25:21 -0400
I find it painful to watch, as it is being done to Tommy, whom I respect. In defending this great man, Twitter has banned me, and I have now seven thirty day bans from FaceBook just this year. The last was a Profile clearly set-up by a Muslim Terrorist, to spread evil Islam. All my life I have studied religions, Islam is not a religion, which I have spent five years studying.

Islam is the greatest evil facing our planet, I can see no answer, except a complete ban on Islam, in ALL Judo/Christian countries. If Islam is not banned, Civil War will envelope the West, with an Atomic Bomb being detonated on both America and Israel, by a muslim country. I can see this happening in twenty to thirty years time, unless we do everything in our power to prevent it.

Our lying politicians will bring us to destruction, by apathy among our narcissistic, depraved way of life, in allowing Islam’s relentless dominance over us, bringing submission of everything we hold dear, to the Alter of Islam’s blood lust.

There can be no mediation, no compromise, no turning back, no hope unless we stop Islam. Nothing else is of value.
commented 2018-09-14 06:22:45 -0400
The state England is in right now has to give people pause to say or sing that “There’ll always be an England” .
commented 2018-09-13 22:28:59 -0400
Great interview. Thanks, Ezra. His treatment in prison is clearly part and parcel of the state’s ongoing persecution where they are determined to try him again, even though they’re having trouble working out what he is to be tried for.

He should have been entirely cleared at the previous hearing. Yes, the Leeds judge was criticized in that hearing but the order for a re-trial was the real outcome. I wonder if the Lord Chief Justice was part of a Kabuki theatre, getting the result the state wanted while appearing dispassionate, even critical of the state. As they say in the army, anyone above Colonel is a political animal. Perhaps the same applies in the legal profession.

Hopefully, this (final?) trial is going to be under a microscope so they can’t pull any tricks like they did in Leeds.
commented 2018-09-13 22:11:23 -0400
@Tony Lennox. Please! How about throwing in periods or commas once in a while :-) A little punctuation would go a long way to making your remarks more readable….
commented 2018-09-13 20:26:53 -0400
As a point of interest, Theresa May is a traitor and a Marxist ‘but’……. it should be remembered that all laws in the UK are made and controlled by the unelected leaders of the EU. The persecution of Tommy is coming right from the EU who are in turn controlled by the UN who’s largest voting block is Islamic and intends to control the word with the dogma of Islam. Theresa May is part of this plan.
commented 2018-09-13 16:44:45 -0400
Judicial activism is just a waypoint on the way to judicial tyranny. Examine some of the recent major decisions that literally thwart the will of the people for no justifiable reason other than that the judges are leftists who deem themselves smarter than the masses.
Canadian Judges of this ilk will soon enough be persecuting Canadians who speak what the elites don’t want them to speak.
Tommie’s plight is just a harbinger of our future if we succumb to their will.
commented 2018-09-13 16:01:44 -0400
Dan Mancuso: you are right we dont have long to wait when Tommy goes back to court the only thing that can send him back to prison is the government and judiciary showing their true fascism once again two outcomes (1)they keep on the path they are on and send him back to prison further proving the fascism that leads our government by using political power to silence/imprison Tommy and thus the final nail in their coffins public will rise like never before (2) Tommy walks free winning his case this will escalate him publicly to greatness because for him to go free they have to be shown to be bastadising laws to suit political agenda admit to denying him his human rights failed to ensure his safety did not give him legally required medical treatment and also for inflicting mental and emotional torture on a member of the British public again this will escalate Tommy to greatness the judiciary will have to be reshuffled the connected politicians will be shown they are fascist the prison system be shown as a tool used by government against political dissidents the police be shown to ignore the law in its true meaning but instead follow blind orders from superiors (gestapo)right now the thing we should all fear is an assassination of Tommy and it wont be from the Muslim population the stakes are high for the politicians the police the media the judges the court lawyers the prison officers the prison guvnor so anyone out there who knows him protect him he is more important to our future than you realise this case has grown beyond miscarriage of justice it is more important than I think even Tommy realises I hope his lawyers do, before this case comes to court in a couple of weeks the people of Luton should form a ring of steel around this man keep your eyes open be vigilant they expected him to be killed or crack and commit suicide in prison but instead he smiles through the tears he knows his family are safe and always will history is being written his path is set when he decides to organise and start his political career he will have a nation at his side lets put great back into Great Britain the British pen is mightier than any sword let the lion roar
commented 2018-09-13 15:49:35 -0400
This is really shocking. Obviously this kind of mistreatment cannot be by accident. I hope some day people responsible for that will be at least dismissed from their jobs. One might agree or disagree with the views Tommy presents, but the law should be obeyed. Tommy has right to present his views. In practice he was jailed for being politically incorrect. This I found out while discussing with all the “hate-stop-supporters”. When I wrote he was illegally jailed their usual answer was the he “promoted hate”. So the real reason for arrest were his views.
commented 2018-09-13 15:02:15 -0400
Ezra, do not let Tommy speak about his death. His life is 10 times more important than those politicians, journalists, policemen, and all the islamists. There were not millions protesting in London about his unlawful arrest, and his death will not trigger a revolution as he thinks. His life is precious, for himself and his loved ones. And for us, his supporters. The cowardice and immorality of those in power do not deserve he loses his life for it.
commented 2018-09-13 14:19:13 -0400
I pray for Tommy and his family.
commented 2018-09-13 14:10:10 -0400
When asked about the difference between socialism and communism, Lenin replied, “Socialism is merely a slowed down version of Communism, without the violence and the revolution.”
Logic dictates there has to be some kind of cataclysmic event to facilitate the switchover from covert totalitarian fascism to overt totalitarian fascism. It may come sooner in the EU and the UK than in Canada, or it may be a world-wide effect.
I think we don’t have much of a wait…
commented 2018-09-13 13:57:22 -0400
This continued assault on Tommy’s freedoms, and ultimately his survival, is the most disturbing thing I have ever heard. The years of abuse, by the people we elected to power. The assumption he, the individual, is more dangerous than acting to condemn the groups of Muslims who commit the actual crimes and abuses, which he has brought to our attention. This admission would not be damaging to all Muslims, only to those being accused, but the community would react as if they were being accused on mass because they are easily upset. The establishment are terrified that the true extent of the problem will be made common knowledge and that riots will ensue. The sad fact is that our PC police service are incapable of policing the ROP and their practices, without the fear of terror attacks and widespread condemnation and resentment from a voting group which becomes stronger by the year. It is this pressure that has meant, to them, their treatment of Tommy is a show of solidarity with the ROP!! They care more about votes than this man’s fight for truth and justice for the girls, raped battered and murdered by these men. When he fought for Chelsey Wright and lost the long hard fight for justice, because the CPS were unwilling to give it to her….it was all too much and she gave up. Tommy will never give up fighting for people. As he said, he will give his life for this cause, and the future of our children. We cannot let the establishment kill him off, figuratively or literally. We must fight for Tommy, as he has fought to shed light on the rape jihad going on up and down the UK.
commented 2018-09-13 13:39:43 -0400
I caught Mark Levin’s interview of Jon Voight on Sunday who is one of the few Hollywood stars who is unapologetically a fervent Trump supporter. One part of his testimony I found most interesting was his explanation of how he left the democrats and became a Republican. At the time of the war in Vietnam he was part of the protesters who he admits were only a small fragment of the American population but they put up a big show demanding the Americans leave the war and allow the Vietnamese to settle their own problems and hopefully work out peace themselves. Although the Americans had been very successful on the battlefield and were on the verge of winning the pressure the exerted was enough to pressure the government to withdraw and the Communists came back and slayed millions. Jon Voight very courageously admitted after that he realized he had blood on his hands and began to become increasingly aware of the forces within the liberal party. One other comment he made I also really appreciated which was socialists and progressives are just a soft way of saying Communists.
commented 2018-09-13 13:29:34 -0400
As terrible as what happened to Tommy is I am also very saddened at how quickly the laws and freedoms that have been crafted by the lives of so many generations before us that we have put so much faith in have seemingly been so quickly swept aside with such little resistance. This is because of the perfect storm of Islamism and the infiltration of Marxism within the schools which have filtered down to our media, entertainment industry, music, tech companies and even the courts. How else can you explain the ridiculous accusations of racism and Nazism for everything by people who seem to be most ignorant of the history of Nazism and Communism.
commented 2018-09-13 11:41:51 -0400
You don’t even have to read the Koran to understand Islam; just become familiar with the life of Muhammad who is the perfect man in Islam to be emulated by devout Muslims, followers of Islam:
Muhammad In His Own Words: The Founder of Islam Speaks".

For our political class to claim ignorance of the true nature of Islam or even worse to claim Islam is a religion of peace is indefensible.
commented 2018-09-13 08:01:30 -0400
What ostensibly is the mandate of Amnesty International is being performed by THEREBEL contributors and other like minded folks.
Given the threat to free speech worldwide,one would expect a massive war chest if donations to fight this miscarriage of justice and attack on liberty .
We should rent a Gulfstream Jet and transport Tommy and his family to United States as a refugee from oppression .
commented 2018-09-13 06:30:13 -0400
Message for Tommy iam a scotsman a celtic supporter not what you would think as a follower but first and foremost a father a family man I have watched you for years on YouTube I support you from afar I See the real you your love for family your love for your comunity your love for life the interview brought tears to my eyes from start to Finnish I see the pain you hide behind your smile I hear your words I feel your passion you know you are not alone be strong your fear your pain are your greatest strength harness it understand the power it has and use it to heal your mind to help you focus the game was long and you fought hard suffered harder than anyone ‘great men are not judged by courts but by the people’ The People support you! I didnt see the pattern untill now ezra is right. only once in a lifetime someone in Britain is blessed with the heart of the lion it can be a king(Richard)a politician(Churchill)a poor man(Wallace)to name just a few individually all had a similar background before they roard they all had to suffer in one way or another the lion sees no colour lifestyle or religion lion has chosen you so be the lion your support is 1000 times what you think the government fear the lion throughout history the lion brings change the lions destiny can not be stopped but like all the greats of previous generations to receive this gift of the lion heart you must first suffer the lion must know your mind can handle the heart your suffering is nearly over the 28th is close the date for the lion to roar, when the lion calls the people respond,democracy is a great tool be the lion take the fight to parliament and rise up fulfil your destiny and make the changes you have my vote
commented 2018-09-13 06:08:04 -0400
Just looked at this video on utube. 11,561 views, only 371 comments, the last comment was shown as 12 hours ago, this is at 11:00 am. The utube censorship Trolls are working hard on news about Tommy. This is nothing less than suppression of what is really happening in the UK. Many people have not yet realized it, you are only allowed to hear and say what the government wants you to hear and say. Many people are ‘shaddow-banned’ from platforms without even knowing it. You post a comment/reply, you can see it but no one else ever does, thats why your likes/views/replies do not increase, or stay at zero.
commented 2018-09-13 05:18:31 -0400
So much respect for Tommy. Wonderful and brave man. I cannot shout it loud enough or write it large enough but the msg is ’ The UK government really, really, cannot be trusted in any way shape or form about anything’. ‘They’ have set out to kill or break him using any means that they can. And do not think that he is the only person to have received this treatment. There is a Japanese proverb “The nail that sticks out gets hammered down”.

Tommy is one of those nails. Tommy is the nail of truth. May God guide and protect you Tommy.
commented 2018-09-13 04:32:38 -0400
An English Patriot made of iron and granite can still cry when so cruelly crushed
commented 2018-09-13 03:58:39 -0400
If there is any sort of justice, then Tommy should win a multi million dollar lawsuit.