February 18, 2019

Top 10: Feminist banned for violating “misgendering” policy sues Twitter

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. CANADA: Twitter user banned under new policy for “misgendering”

A Canadian feminist, Meghan Murphy, is suing Twitter - for banning her over her tweets about transgender people.

2. “Our daughters were manipulated by evil people. They should be helped, not punished”: Father of one of the “Bethnal Green Three” - who fled London to join ISIS - claim they “pose no threat” to Britain

The father of one of the “Bethnal Green three” says Britain has a duty to welcome Shamima Begum back and told MailOnline today: “She should be allowed to come home and have her baby in peace.”

Abase Hussen, whose daughter Amira is thought to be alive and still alongside ISIS in Syria, said the schoolgirls are victims who should be “helped, not punished.”

Miss Begum is heavily pregnant with her third child and living in a Syrian refugee camp. She says Amira is alive but Kadiza Sultana, the third girl who fled the UK with them, died in an air strike two years ago.

Mr Hussen, 52, who once was filmed at a London flag-burning rally attended by Anjem Choudary, said the three young jihadi brides had “just made a mistake.”

3. Philippines: Most of N.Cotabato set to join Moro region

Sixty-three out of 67 villages in North Cotabato voted Yes to join the newly-formed autonomous region for Muslims in southern Philippines, according to official results of a second referendum on Thursday.

The second phase of the referendum on the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) on Feb. 6 covered six towns -- Tagoloan, Balo-i, Pantar, Munai, Nunungan and Tangcal -- in northwestern Lanao del Norte and 67 residential areas in North Cotabato.

The Philippines Election Commission (COMELEC) announced that while 63 residential areas voted to be part of Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM), all six towns in Lanao del Norte voted against it.

The Philippines' landmark BOL was officially ratified on Jan. 25 following the results of the first round of voting on Jan. 21 which granted comprehensive autonomy to Moro Muslims.

More than 1.54 million people -- over 85 percent of the electorate -- voted in favor of the BOL, while some 190,000 voted against, according to official results.

President Rodrigo Duterte expressed his pleasure at the results.

“I’m glad that it has succeeded and I am inviting everyone here ... to join us in government,” Duterte was quoted as saying by Philippine news site Rappler.

“Be part of it. You can bury your weapons. You won't need them,” he was quoted.

4. 187 ex-jihadists surrender in Cameroon

Nearly 200 Cameroonians who were members of Nigeria's Boko Haram jihadist group have returned home and surrendered to the authorities after breaking with the organisation, the government said Thursday.

A total of 187 former jihadists from the district of Mayo-Sava, in Cameroon's Far North province, gave themselves up, many of them returning from Nigeria on foot, provincial governor Midjiyawa Bakari said.

After surrendering to the authorities in the towns of Kolofata and Meme, they were enrolled in a programme to reintegrate them into society, he said.

They were taken on Wednesday to a base of the Multinational Joint Task Force (MMF), an anti-Boko Haram force combining soldiers from Chad, Cameroon, Niger, and Nigeria, he said.

“They don't represent any danger or any risk -- quite the opposite, everything will be put in place for them to resocialise, learn the spirit of patriotism and public duty,” Bakari said.

About a thousand former jihadists, including children under 15, had already joined the reinsertion programme.

5. Tucker Carlson: Ousting Trump via 25th Amendment is an attempted coup says Dershowitz

Retired Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz says attempting to use the 25th Amendment to circumvent an election is despicable.

6. Sweden dismiss swimming head for anti-headscarf remarks

The Swedish Athletic Federation dismissed its swimming federation president due to anti-headscarf criticisms Thursday.

The federation decided Ulla Gustavsson will be removed from office after a meeting.

The federation said it would not discriminate against athletes, nor allow anyone to do it.

The move came after Gustavsson criticized a photograph of an athlete wearing a headscarf in the publication of the athletic federation’s online website.

“Headscarf is a means of pressure on children and a sign of sexuality. Child marriage, honor killings, do we have a place for these in our values? If immigrants want to do sports, they can do it without a headscarf,” Gustavsson said.

7. Top EU official warns supporters of Hungary's Orban that they're being "misled"

The vice president of the European Commission visited Budapest on Saturday with the message that supporters of Hungary's far-right government are being misled into xenophobia.

8. Malaysia arrests six accused of planning attacks, links to militants

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Malaysian authorities said on Friday they have arrested six people, including four foreigners, suspected of planning attacks or being members of militant groups.

Malaysia has been on high alert since gunmen allied with Islamic State (IS) carried out a series of attacks in Jakarta, the capital of neighboring Indonesia, in January 2016.

Police said the six were arrested in five separate raids between December and January, on suspicion of planning attacks or having links to militant groups.

“They include two Malaysians and four foreigners from Singapore, Bangladesh, the Philippines and a South Asian country,” Fuzi Harun, police inspector general, said in a statement posted on social media.

The group included a 48-year-old Singaporean accused of planning to attack a building used by Freemasons in the state of Johor. He is believed to have links with Akel Zainal, a Malaysian identified as an IS fighter in Syria, police said.

9. Saudi Arabia defends mobile app allowing men to monitor women relatives

Saudi Arabia on Saturday defended a mobile app that allows men in the kingdom to track female relatives after rights groups and a US lawmaker criticised tech giants for offering it.

The Absher app provides services for "all members of the society... including women, the elderly, and people with special needs", the interior ministry said in a statement via the official Saudi Press Agency.

The free app is available on Android and Apple smartphones and allows users to renew passports and visas as well as a variety of other electronic services, AFP said.

Still, critics have said the app enables abuse against women and girls by allowing men to track their movements. Apple and Google are currently investigating the Saudi app, according to the Insider website.

Apple CEO Tim Cook told US National Public Radio earlier this week he had not heard of the app, but would “take a look at it.”

10. 800 jihadists to wreak havoc if Britain does not take back fighters, US warns

Britain and its European allies are running out of time to take back their jihadists captured in Syria to prevent a surge in terror attacks on home soil, senior US officials have warned.

With Isil's caliphate on the brink of collapse Trump administration officials have told The Sunday Telegraph they fear some of the 800 detained soldiers will wreak havoc unless European governments put them on trial.

The rare rebuke by America of its anti-Isil coalition partners comes as the British government showed further signs of division on how to handle stranded foreign fighters and their family members.

Related: US warns European ISIS volunteers could create CARNAGE unless “locked up for LONG TIME”


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commented 2019-02-18 22:49:32 -0500
1: The solution is to not use social media.
Never been on Facebook and have no intention of it.
commented 2019-02-18 20:29:41 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,789 Attacks, 237,751 Killed, 316,863 Injured that we know of
commented 2019-02-18 20:27:39 -0500



~Jonathan Seagull
commented 2019-02-18 19:56:55 -0500
Go Canadian Meghan Murphy, standing up for free speech and objective truth!
Never accept nonsense.
There are only two genders. What was between your legs at birth will give you the clue you need.
Jack Dorsey is an alien.
commented 2019-02-18 16:06:44 -0500
#4. ‘Former jihadists’. Is that similar to former pedophiles?
commented 2019-02-18 12:35:02 -0500
1. CANADA: Twitter user banned under new policy for “misgendering”

Regarding similar practices at Facebook:
I just got out of FB Jail on the 11th of February. It was my 5th, 30 day suspension in 6 months! I’ve had some one and two day suspensions in between, and more than a few 30 day suspensions before that.
They have been using posts I made from 2 and 3 years ago, plus labeling what I’m being shut down for, as HATE SPEECH, to repress my dissenting voice.
*A FB suspension also means you can not comment on most other media because FB ‘organizes’ most of their comments sections!*
On Valentines Day, 3 days after my last 30 Day suspension was up, I was put back in FB jail for another 30 Day suspension…for a comment I made on THEREBEL, and shared to my FB page way back in October 2016!:
Here’s the comment:
DAN MANCUSO commented 2 years ago
Islam is the problem.
Moslems are the enemy.
Ban Islam. Deport all Moslems. Problem solved.
Yes, in fact it is that simple…”

And for this comment in the Ottawa Citizen:
NDP in Ottawa-Vanier nominate Ontario’s first transgender candidate for MPP
“Dan Mancuso
March 27, 2018
So-called transgenderism, or gender dysphoria, is a mental disorder.
Why are the left always promoting sickness and disease, while demonizing sanity and order?”
Two days ago I called the local detachment of the RCMP and asked to have charges brought against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook! I stated that they were TARGETING me and DISCRIMINATING against me because of my political and religious beliefs (which they very blatantly are) and harassing me through on-site repression, suspensions and navigation problems, etc.
I was told by the Corporal that the RCMP couldn’t bring charges because that would be a civil matter and not a criminal matter…and suggested that I go through a civil court or make a claim at the Human Rights Tribunal!
The only problem with that is who I am, or more pertinent, what I am…
I am White, man, a Nationalist and patriot, a heterosexual, a Christian, a conservative, a gun-owning hunter, and killer of varmints, and I don’t live anywhere near any urban center…they don’t allow claims for people like me…in fact according to the so-called Human Rights Tribunal and other irrational lefties, who, or what I am is PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE and the last guy in Canada who would ever get any justice at those kangaroo courts!
commented 2019-02-18 11:44:00 -0500
5: Some of the democrats in the US will do literally anything in attempt to remove Trump from power so that they can illegally grab power.

It is all about grabbing and keeping power at any cost for those on the Left, not just in the US, but in Canada and all the Western democratic nations.

Sure, there are honest and good people on the political left who just want to do their best for their country, but those people are few and far between. Many of them are just power hungry tyrants who will do anything they can get away with in order to obtain and retain power. Filth and scum.
commented 2019-02-18 11:32:16 -0500
1: The solution is to not use social media.