December 20, 2018

Top 10: French TV edits anti-Macron sign from Yellow Vest protest image

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Media “in cahoots” with French govt: Censored Yellow Vest protester speaks to RT

A French news channel’s eyebrow-raising edit has reinforced the belief that the media “are in cahoots” with the country's political elite, a Yellow Vest protester, whose anti-Macron placard was airbrushed from a photo, told RT.

Jean-Baptiste Redde said he was shocked when he learned that TV channel France 3 had sanitized an AFP photograph showing him holding a sign that read “Macron out.” The channel, which dropped the “out” part of Redde’s message, blamed the curious Photoshop-job on a “human error.”

That explanation was far from being enough for the activist. “The censorship by France 3 casts a shadow on the media in general,” he told RT France.

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2. Quebec columnist Richard Martineau denounces Trudeau’s statement on the need to “monitor” anti-immigrants made during an interview on “Salut, Bonjour”

Relevant excerpt of “Salut, Bonjour” interview:

3. Migrant camp catches fire in Casablanca’s Oulad Ziane again

A migrant camp caught fire for the third time since July.

Rabat – A fire broke out on Tuesday evening near the Oulad Ziane bus station in Casablanca, where a migrant camp stands. According to a person at the scene, firefighters responded an hour after the fire started.

A similar fire occurred a few months ago. The fire started in the migrants’ tents, destroying all their belongings. In July, a fire broke out in the camp when several gas tanks exploded, hours after another migrant camp in Fez caught fire. The majority of the migrants at the camp, several hundred, resettled on the same site after the first fire.

Morocco: Huge blaze engulfs migrant camp in Casablanca, no casualties reported.

A huge fire broke out at a camp sheltering African migrants near Casablanca on Tuesday.

4. NETHERLANDS: Geert Wilders’ PVV party release short video on “The Islamization of Europe”

5. Is immigration to blame for the rise of the populist Vox Party in Andalusia?

The far-right Vox party stunned the Spanish political establishment earlier this month by gaining 12 seats in Andalusia's regional government — a first since Franco's dictatorship.

Now pollsters believe that the anti-immigration party could also clinch seats in the national parliament if elections were held today.

Euronews' correspondent Ana Lazaro visited Andalusia to find out more.

Related video:

Anti-immigration sentiment on the rise?
Debates about immigration have been hotting up in Spain this year as the country became the Mediterranean's most sought-after destination for irregular migrants travelling by sea, surpassing Italy and Greece.

According to the UN's International Organisation for Migration, more than 40,000 migrants arrived in Spain between January and the end of September, more than the arrivals registered in 2015, 2016 and 2017 combined.

6. Norway allows cleric to face court in Italy

An Iraqi-born cleric suspected of enticing recruits to fight in Iraq and Syria has been given travel documents to travel to Italy where he faces trial, Norway's justice minister said Tuesday.

Justice Minister Tor Mikkel Wara said the Norway-based cleric known as Mullah Krekar will be escorted by Norwegian police to Italy for his trial.

Italian prosecutors allege Krekar is behind Rawti Shax, a European network aimed at violently overthrowing the government in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and replacing it with a radical caliphate.

Krekar, born Najm al-Din Faraj Ahmad, has denied the allegations.

Related video from 2015: An interview with the Mullah on his views of how sharia law should be applied in Europe

7. Terror charges issued in France's Christmas market attack

A man suspected of supplying the gun used in the Christmas market shooting attack that killed five people in Strasbourg has been handed preliminary terror charges, according to a French judicial official close to the investigation.

The official, who could not be named with the case ongoing, said the individual appeared Monday before a judge and was charged with criminal association with terrorists, as well as possessing and supplying arms in connection with a terrorist enterprise.

The man is suspected of furnishing the weapon that alleged gunman Cherif Chekatt used in the Dec. 11 attack, the judicial official said. He was remanded into custody.

8. Demanding asylum in a theater? Illegal migrants try to storm iconic Comedie Francaise (VIDEO)

Undocumented migrants in Paris have come out to demand authorities grant them asylum. But they chose a peculiar destination to bring their request to – the historic Comedie Francaise theater, which they attempted to storm.

The protesters wanted a meeting with Comedie Francaise director Eric Ruf, believing he could get them a tete-a-tete with Interior Minister Christophe Castaner. “We are here for the [theatre’s director] appointed directly by those who give the order to chase us,” the leaflets distributed by the demonstrators said. [...]

Later the protesters brought reinforcements in the form of hundreds of men mostly from Sub-Saharan Africa. They again attempted to enter the building, but police responded with tear gas. The protesters didn’t disperse, but stopped trying to enter the theater, instead standing in front of the building, shouting slogans and even singing and dancing.

9. US man charged with hate crime for assaulting Indian-origin woman

A 54-year-old man has been charged with hate crime for assaulting an Indian-origin woman on a subway and hurling homophobic slurs at her.

Allasheed Allah from Manhattan's East Harlem neighbourhood was arrested on Thursday and charged with assault as a hate crime and aggravated harassment against 20-year-old Avneet Kaur during the November 30 attack in New York City's Queens borough, the police said.

Allah is also accused of hurling homophobic slurs at the woman before physically attacking her and leaving her with a fractured spine, NBC News reported on Friday. He faces up to 15 years in prison for the attack and will return to court on December 27. [...]

Threatening the women, Allah said: "Don't do that gay s**t in front of me! Do that one more time and watch what happens!"

The women tried to walk away, but Allah followed them. He approached Kaur from behind and punched her in the back of her head, causing her to fall to the ground and strike her head and neck on a pole before hitting the floor, the police said.

10. Germany under fire for funding Palestinian textbooks promoting terrorism

TEL AVIV – Germany has come under fire for funding Palestinian Authority textbooks that glorify violence and incite hatred towards Jews and Israelis as well as omit any mention of the existence of Israel, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Frank Müller-Rosentritt, a German member of the federal parliament for the Free Democratic Party, on Monday demanded Chancellor Angela Merkel’s administration explain why taxpayer monies are being used to fund books that include praise for the Black September group’s murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, the report said.

Müller-Rosentritt’s call came in response to an article in the German Bild daily that exposed German funding of the Palestinian Authority’s education department.

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commented 2018-12-21 09:12:20 -0500
  1. 6 this guy is not just some lone radical Muslim . Their are millions that think the same as him . Funny that other religions don’t seem to have the right to their religion as Muslims .
    As for the FPM he has been black listing all rebel members for your opinions . He is starting to sound like his dad Fidel . Cubanada has a ring to it . Biggest socialist Liberal ever . Global warming have less kids . Need more people to support the low birth rate . Carbon tax to save the world , Flood the country with migrants UN controlled . Does anyone not see how all this contradicts itself .
commented 2018-12-20 21:27:23 -0500
7. France has strict gun laws. How is that working g out for them?

4. Millions of illegal weapons

France is awash with illegal weapons, with some experts saying that the number of illegal guns may be twice the number of legal ones.

Weapons such as Kalashnikovs, many of which were originally used in the Balkan wars in the 1990s, can be bought for less than 3,000 euros on the black market.

Kalashnikovs are the weapon of choice in deadly score-settling between rival drug gangs in the southern port city of Marseille.

The assault rifles were also the main weapon used in the radical Islamist terror attacks in France in recent years.

The worst single mass shooting took place in the Bataclan concert hall in Paris in November 2015, when gunmen sprayed concert-goers with bullets, killing 89 of them. Dozens more were killed in other attacks the same night in the French capital.


What are the gun laws in Paris, France?

1 Answer
Marie Bou
Marie Bou, lives in Paris
Answered Mar 25, 2018 · Author has 229 answers and 188.9k answer views
The gun laws in Paris are the same as in any city in France: you can’t carry a gun unless you’re a police officer, a customs officer or a surveillance officer. Specific citizens can be granted the right to carry a gun by the Ministère de l’Intérieur if their lives are threatened.

The French laws distinguish carrying a gun/weapon from possessing a gun/weapon: you can obtain a permit for a gun if you’re into hunting for example, but you can’t walk around the streets carrying a gun. You also have the right to possess other types of weapons such as brass knuckles or daggers but you don’t have the right to carry them.

commented 2018-12-20 19:10:56 -0500
JAN G commented: Belgium’s Prime Minister has resigned due to signing the UN Immigration Pact – NO CONFIDENCE VOTE. WHY CAN’T THIS HAPPEN IN CANADA?

The shameless, evil, ugly, buffoon will never resign, on the contrary he’ll try every trick in the book to remain in power indefinitely.
He already started by easing citizenship requirements for ‘new canadians’, handing citizenship to 60,000 fake syrian mohammedan refugees, letting in hundred of thousands illegals & mailing them election cards. Paying $600 million bribe to corrupt canadian media, and many more such capers unbeknownst to us.
commented 2018-12-20 18:58:55 -0500
#9. US man charged with hate crime for assaulting Indian-origin woman.

Allasheed Allah from Manhattan’s East Harlem; Sounds as much American as a fish trotting on four legs.
commented 2018-12-20 18:47:36 -0500
Belgium’s Prime Minister has resigned due to signing the UN Immigration Pact – NO CONFIDENCE VOTE

commented 2018-12-20 16:18:56 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,483 Attacks, 235,996 Killed, 315,327 Injured that we know of