January 12, 2019

Top 10: Orbán calls for “anti-migrant” coup in upcoming EU elections

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. “There will be two civilisations in Europe – one Christian, one mixed Islamic”: Hungary's PM calls for “anti-immigrant forces” to take over EU and says he'll “fight” Macron to save his country

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban warned of two civilisations in Europe - one Christian, the other mixed Islamic - as he called for an “anti-immigrant” coup in the EU.

Speaking at a news conference in Budapest, Orban predicted there would be two civilisations, “one mixed Muslim-Christian in the West, and one traditional European-Christian in Central Europe.”

The nationalist leader called for “anti-immigration forces” to seize power in May's European elections and said he would “fight” French President Emmanuel Macron, who he claimed was leading a pro-immigration agenda.

He welcomed a “Warsaw-Rome axis” as he echoed calls for a “European Spring” made by the Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini who challenged the “French-German axis” on Wednesday during a visit to Warsaw.

Click HERE to see longer version of press conference.

2. German authorities announce surveilling of Pro-Chemnitz group

German authorities announced that they will officially begin surveilling the activities of the far-right group Pro-Chemnitz.

3. CBC: Saudi teen under UN protection after fleeing her family to seek asylum

Eighteen-year-old Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun has left the Bangkok airport hotel, where she had barricaded herself, after talks with the United Nations refugee agency. The young woman will be allowed to stay in Thailand temporarily following claims that she faces death if sent back to Saudi Arabia.

4. Morocco’s BCIJ dismantles new ISIS terror cell in Eastern Morocco

Rabat – Morocco’s Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ) dismantled a three-member ISIS cell on Tuesday in Nador and Driouch, two cities in eastern Morocco.

The suspects, between the ages of 18 to 31, were active in eastern Morocco’s Rif region, according to a statement from the Ministry of the Interior.

During the operation, BCIJ seized knives, hunting rifles, military suits, firearms, texts glorifying extremism, batteries, and electric wires.

The ISIS cell was plotting terror attacks to undermine the security and stability of Morocco.


5. Police in Canada can now demand breath samples in bars, at home

It may sound unbelievable, but Canada’s revised laws on impaired driving could see police demand breath samples from people in bars, restaurants, or even at home. And if you say no, you could be arrested, face a criminal record, ordered to pay a fine, and subjected to a driving suspension.

You could be in violation of the impaired driving laws even two hours after you’ve been driving. Now, the onus is on drivers to prove they weren’t impaired when they were on the road.

“It’s ridiculous, it’s basically criminalizing you having a drink at your kitchen table,” Paul Doroshenko, a Vancouver criminal defence lawyer who specializes in impaired driving cases, told Global News.


6. US to expel every last Iranian boot from Syria: Pompeo

The US will work with allies to “expel every last Iranian boot” from Syria, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says.

Mr Pompeo warned there would be no US reconstruction aid for areas controlled by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad until Iran and its proxies had left.

He also criticised ex-President Barack Obama's Middle East policy, saying he had made “dire misjudgements.”

Mr Pompeo was speaking in Cairo three weeks after President Donald Trump said US troops were pulling out of Syria.

The announcement had shocked US allies and sparked strong criticism in Washington.


7. PayPal closes account of neo-Nazi group with ties to Assad, Hezbollah, and anti-Israel boycotts

PayPal, the U.S.-headquartered digital payments company, has shut the account of The Third Way, a German neo-Nazi party with links to Iranian-backed Hezbollah, the Syrian regime, and the anti-Israel boycott movement, Benjamin Weinthal reported in The Jerusalem Post on Monday.

The donation section on The Third Way website states: “This recipient is currently unable to receive money.” The group’s PayPal page, where the account is listed, encourages support for a convicted Holocaust denier, saying, “Freedom for Horst Mahler: Political Prisoner of the Federal Republic of Germany.”


8. Greece: Clashes as Merkel Athens visit met with protests

Hundreds of left-wing protesters demonstrating against German Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit to Greece were met with tear gas as they clashed with police in Athens on Thursday.

Protesters chanted slogans and attacked a police bus with flags, as seen in footage filmed on Thursday. Police dispersed the protesters by using tear gas.

Many protesters blame the German Chancellor for the policies of austerity endured by Greeks since 2010.

9. Video: Venezuelan military tank caught trying to crush journalist at protest

A graphic video surfaced on social media Wednesday showing a Venezuelan military tank in Maracaibo, Zulia state, chasing and attempting to run over a journalist covering protests against the socialist government.

Madelyn Palmar, of the local outlet Venezolano News and Unión Radio, ran away from the tank and managed to hop over a road guardrail as the tank appears to violently careen in her direction. The tank is clearly labeled “GNB,” the Spanish language initials for the “Bolivarian National Guard” – typically dictator Nicolás Maduro’s preferred vehicle for civilian repression. A male voice can be heard in the video shouting, “Made, get out of there!”

Fellow journalist Lenín Danieri, also in town to cover the protests, is attributed with taking the video.


10. CBC: Bernier challenges media to ask Trudeau if he still believes in a “World Parliament”

Full interview HERE.

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commented 2019-01-14 00:24:59 -0500
Maybe the Saudis will lure Trudy to their embassy and give him the Kashoggi treatment-both problems solved.
commented 2019-01-13 23:14:51 -0500
Item 3 could be a godsend. Trudeau has PO’d the Saudi’s big time. Now let’s encourage the Saudis and the rest of the Muzzie nations to stop shipping oil to Canada. The Eastern Urbo-Weenies would, ahem, freeze in the dark. Then the West could talk about shipping oil and gas to them on our terms.

commented 2019-01-13 19:20:55 -0500
Weird cyber stuff goin on here…
commented 2019-01-13 19:17:29 -0500
When have you ever heard of a non binding agreement that needs a signature?
commented 2019-01-13 19:15:50 -0500
Don’t know why that repeated 3 times?

Oh.. again on #10.. This non binding horseshit is just a con job phrase that the liberalist globalist are yakking and spewing.. to pull a pillow case over the general publics heads and then do a beating to death of our Society.

Oh.. again on #10.. This non binding horseshit is just a con job phrase that the liberalist globalist are yakking and spewing.. to pull a pillow case over the general publics heads and then do a beating to death of our Society.When have you ever heard of a non binding agreement that needs a signature?
commented 2019-01-13 19:13:34 -0500
Oh.. again on #10.. This non binding horseshit is just a con job phrase that the liberalist globalist are yakking and spewing.. to pull a pillow case over the general publics heads and then do a beating to death of our Society.

Oh.. again on #10.. This non binding horseshit is just a con job phrase that the liberalist globalist are yakking and spewing.. to pull a pillow case over the general publics heads and then do a beating to death of our Society.When have you ever heard of a non binding agreement that needs a signature?

Oh.. again on #10.. This non binding horseshit is just a con job phrase that the liberalist globalist are yakking and spewing.. to pull a pillow case over the general publics heads and then do a beating to death of our Society.When have you ever heard of a non binding agreement that needs a signature?
commented 2019-01-13 17:45:03 -0500
All CBC and their affiliates that cover up and don’t report the truth, facts because Trudeau is their pimp and they are media whores.

How can they look at themselves in the mirror without puking in the sink is beyond me..

Oh yah.. forgot this is their agenda and this is how they get their jolly’s off.
commented 2019-01-13 17:10:11 -0500
We the people need to disrupt and knockout the CBC and their poisonous filth that they are spreading!!
commented 2019-01-13 16:55:55 -0500
10) CBC is a treasonous and worthless pack of PC lies.
They are softer on Trudeau than Pravda was on the soviet governments.
They are a joke and they work for their master Mohammad Trudeau who controls their pay checks and doles them out money when they stick to the approved script
commented 2019-01-13 15:23:42 -0500
The only pipeline the FEM in Ottawa has approved to date,is his Islamic rat refugee pipeline straight from the shitholes of the world to Canada!! Freeland the “Wicked Witch of the East” was showing off her new trophy at the airport yesterday,the teen Saudi asylum seeker all done out in her Canada hoodie and UN ball cap,boy did she get fast tracked to Canada. How about Asia Bibi Trudeau you scab,you won’t help her out because she is Christian-you Muslim loving POS!!
commented 2019-01-13 14:55:43 -0500
We no longer teach history much in school nor do we teach civics. Social (socialist) Studies suffices. It makes it much easier to brainwash the youth of Athens this way. They have no clue what our traditions are a not how they were won at great expense and suffering. This is not accidental . It is the plan of the Leftists. They don’t want a traditional Canada nor Commonwealth. They have largely succeeded what with college aged numbskulls protesting everything that made this country what it is. That’s why Nostradamus Nick only looks back to the 80’s and says nothing has changed.
commented 2019-01-13 12:48:04 -0500
Why are we putting up with this crap that Trudeau keeps jamming down our throats. Let’s oust this jackass out of office-there is no rule of law in Canada,why are we hamstringing ourselves.The laws in this country since the FEM took office are meaningless and he is by no means above any laws. He wants a 3rd world shithole,then let’s overthrow him like a 3rd world shithole would do!! How much more are Canadians willing to sacrifice, this UN whore needs to be dealt with according to the law of the people.
commented 2019-01-13 12:01:10 -0500
5) another retarded move, sure signs to get ready for what is coming
commented 2019-01-13 09:55:05 -0500
We are governed by a bunch of stupid assholes. Only Libs and the Senate can pass a law on alcohol that doesn’t make sense at all. Nobody thought that 2 hours after driving was a little bit late to prove anything?
commented 2019-01-13 09:46:25 -0500
Journalists are so dumb in general, as signing the UN Compact doesn’t matter because it’s not binding. Why sign it at all then, dumbass?
commented 2019-01-13 09:08:36 -0500
5. Yup, Junior legalizes pot and then passes an impaired driving law that reverses the burden of proof from the Crown to the accused and violates the right of Canadians to be free from unreasonable search and seizure. Far left Liberals scream from the hilltops about carding, yet the Boy Blunder’s merry band of fascists quietly pass this abomination, go figure.
commented 2019-01-13 06:24:39 -0500
2: Anyone to the right of Obama or Merkel is considered “far right”. No one is every called “conservative”. “Moderate” now means left leaning. So fed up with the PC world view.

10: World parliament, and guess who would want to be its head: Yeo, dicktator to be Baby Doc Dumber Than A Rock Trudeau.
commented 2019-01-13 03:07:19 -0500
If you want “maximum effect” then vote for him..
commented 2019-01-13 01:37:35 -0500
Excellent analysis Ron Joseph…. Today’s “on the ground reality” is that more and more Europeans are telling the Brussels “gin lunch” crowd to “piss off” in preserving their native cultures… And I’ll take the passion of those striving to preserve their native culture, languages, dances, songs, costumes, and folklore, over the “fuck minded globalists” trying to somehow accommodate those “slit your throat” Muzzies…
commented 2019-01-12 23:33:00 -0500
Andy Neimers—-I have been following the EU and the upcoming Elections and The Nationalists should be taking over the EU Parliament. Led by Austria, Italy and the Visegrad 4, it will be a slaughter for the Right. Even France and Germany will have a strong presence. Sweden and the Scandinavian Countries should have 20 % representation.

The UK (if they are still in by May 27th) has no hope as even Nigel will be gone. The other losers are Portugal and possibly Spain.
commented 2019-01-12 23:11:58 -0500
Trudeau and his organized crime crew are on full f@@ked up mode….they just did a photo op on someone they should not of. I’m reluctant to post it here.. You know what… I’m not.

Trudeau for treason…now.
commented 2019-01-12 22:41:47 -0500
This spring’s EU elections are indeed going to reflect the sharp divide between Western and Eastern Europe… The “whistling past the graveyard” crowd in Brussels must think that waving a magic wand will make generations of Eastern Europeans “magically” forget decades of foreign rule, and indeed for some nations, centuries of foreign rule… If you think The Balts or The Magyars or The Czechs are just going welcome Muzzie led degeneration of their native and ancient cultures, then that must be some powerful gin they are serving in Brussels…
commented 2019-01-12 21:56:10 -0500
Sheldon..#10… Trudeau doesn’t answer any questions now or in the past.. I think Mr. Bernier was putting the light on the cbc.. (fake) media whores that Trudeau pimps out…again.. just my take on things… I could be wrong.
commented 2019-01-12 21:33:44 -0500
#10- Is Vassy Kapelos just plain stupid or what ? Good question Mr. Bernier we will see if Trudy the Dope will answer it.
commented 2019-01-12 19:50:07 -0500
No. 5 Your right, Canada is turning into a Police State and our Media like Andrew Coyne, (Canada’s most professional CINO) refuses to acknowledge that these things are not being made up.
If the tides change like in Europe these Journalists, Politicians and Police Chiefs,ect., have to be punished.
commented 2019-01-12 18:19:27 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,599 Attacks, 236,757 Killed, 315,855 Injured that we know of

No updates to report since yesterday
commented 2019-01-12 18:09:48 -0500
#5..If this continues.. It will morph into a police state and the Trudeau crime organization will be randomly searching your homes because they just felt like it and wanted to target and harass you… then possibly arrest you for just being opposed to the Trudeau dictatorship…

This must stop NOW!
commented 2019-01-12 17:59:22 -0500
#10.. Good stuff Mr. Bernier. Get as much air time as you can Sir.
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