April 03, 2019

(Top 10) Philpott: Canadians want to know the truth about SNC-Lavalin

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Jane Philpott takes to Facebook to explain what led to her resignation and ultimate expulsion from the Liberal caucus

Tonight I was expelled from the caucus of the Liberal Party of Canada. Sadly the decision was made without me being provided any opportunity to speak to national caucus. This is profoundly disheartening for me, my staff and my family - and I know people in Markham-Stouffville will also be disappointed.

I was accused publicly by people in caucus of not being loyal, of trying to bring down the Prime Minister, of being politically motivated, and of being motivated by my friendship with Jody Wilson-Raybould. These accusations were coupled with public suggestions that I should be forced out of caucus.

These attacks were based on inaccuracies and falsehoods. I did not initiate the crisis now facing the party or the Prime Minister. Nor did Jody Wilson-Raybould.

Read the FULL statement HERE.

2. Egyptian Islamist: Real holocaust was when coalition forces captured last ISIS stronghold

Turkey-based Egyptian Islamist Wagdi Ghoneim said in a video he uploaded to his YouTube channel on March 28, 2019 that the real holocaust occurred when the SDF and the coalition forces captured that last ISIS stronghold of Al-Baghuz - unlike when the Germans killed "we-don't-know-how-many" Jews. He said that the American-led coalition were "Crusaders" joined by the "criminals" of the Syrian Democratic Forces and that the coalition treated the people of Al-Baghuz, including women and children, very poorly and attacked them with weapons of all sorts.


3. Pakistan CRISIS: Military tensions ESCALATE as India hit Kashmir with “unprovoked fire”

THREE Pakistani troops were killed and one injured following “unprovoked fire” from the Indian side in Kashmir. The violence marks the latest violent incident in the region amid escalating tensions between the two nations.

The attack was reported near the Kashmir border town of Rakhchakri following several weeks of relative calm along the disputed region’s Line of Control. The violence came just a day after four suspected militants were killed and four Indian troops were injured after Indian forces engaged a local militant group in the Pulwama. Tensions between India and Pakistan erupted after a suicide attack in February killed 40 Indian troops in the Indian-controlled part of Kashmir.

4. EU plots “proactive approach” for boosting legal migration to Europe

Europe must take a “proactive approach” to increasing the level of immigration to the bloc, according to a new European Commission report proclaiming migrants would become “increasingly important” in the EU strategy for economic growth.

According to a “fitness check” of European laws on legal immigration, adopted on Friday as part of Brussels’ Regulatory Fitness and Performance (REFIT) scheme, current EU rules were said to be “largely fit for purpose.”

However a number of supposedly “critical issues” resulting in the rules having only a “limited impact vis-à-vis the overall migration challenges that Europe is facing” were identified by the Commission in its assessment.

Asserting that authorities in Brussels are working towards developing a “common legal migration policy” which would be forced on every country in the bloc, the report called for “a wide range of measures” in order to reach this goal.

5. Tucker Carlson: Nigerian brothers' lawyer on their role in Jussie Smollett case

Ola and Abel Osundairo say Smollet paid them to fake attack oh him; attorney Gloria Schmidt represents the Osundairo brother and speaks out on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

6. Alleged Christchurch massacre supporter has internet ban upheld, calls media “animals”

An Adelaide man charged after allegedly posting comments online in support of the Christchurch terrorist attack has lost his bid to be allowed to use the internet again.

Chad Rolf Vinzelberg, 37, was charged with possessing a firearm without a licence and four counts of possessing prohibited weapons after police searched his northern suburbs home last month.

The search was prompted by a series of comments Mr Vinzelberg had allegedly posted on social media supporting the Christchurch massacre and praising the terrorist responsible.

The Adelaide Magistrates Court heard his online profile photo showed him holding a gun and during the search police found a loaded firearm underneath his mattress as well as an extendable baton and two flick knives. [...]

"I do need the internet to find a job as the media have blown this up, they have made a mountain out of a pile and I have lost my job over that," Mr Vinzelberg said.

"I'm the sole income earner of the family, I've got a wife and three kids and a mortgage."

Magistrate Brett Dixon refused to grant the request.

7. Aussie senator who blamed Muslims for NZ mosque attack slammed in parliament

The Australian senator whose comments about the New Zealand mosque shootings led to him having an egg cracked on his head by a teenage boy has faced a stinging attack in the first sitting of Australia's Parliament since last month's attacks.

Senator Fraser Anning was condemned for laying the blame for NZ attack on policies allowing Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand. Anning was further lambasted for striking the boy who cracked an egg on his head during a public appearance.

8. Egypt’s anti-corruption authority arrests 22 people involved in illegal immigration

Egypt’s Administrative Control Authority, the country’s anti-corruption watchdog, has said it arrested 22 people involved in facilitating illegal immigration by Egyptians to Europe.

The authority said in a statement on Monday that the defendants have aided people wishing to emigrate and children from the age of three to illegally travel to European countries using forged documents.

The authority released a three-and-half-minute footage showing the tracking of suspects while they were applying for visas as well as the arrests of a number of defendants from the airport or in possession of fabricated documents and false stamps.

9. Egyptian policeman sentenced to death for killing Christian father and son

An Egyptian policeman found guilty of killing a Christian man and his son in a case that outraged the minority Coptic community was sentenced to death on Tuesday, judicial sources said.

Rabee Khalifa, posted as an armed police guard outside a church, killed construction workers Imad Kamal Sadeq, 49, and his 21-year-old son David after an argument, prosecutors said.

The incident, in December, angered Coptic Christians who were still reeling from an Islamist militant gun attack a month earlier that killed seven Copts.

10. British Columbia: Charges laid in Langara incidents (Video at link)

Crown counsel has approved charges against 23-year-old Nasradin Abdusamad Ali in relation to an incident at Langara College on Monday.

Just before noon, first responders received reports of a suspicious fire on campus. A suspect had allegedly entered the college with improvised incendiary devices. It appears at least two devices were detonated, causing fires, before the suspect fled the area.

Vancouver Police quickly identified Mr. Ali as the suspect and shared information with other police agencies. He was arrested just after 4 p.m. in Surrey by the Metro Vancouver Transit Police. Mr. Ali was turned over to the VPD and remains in custody.

Crown counsel has charged Mr. Ali with one count of arson in relation to inhabited property, and one count of possession of incendiary material.

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commented 2019-04-03 20:03:03 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,992 Attacks, 238,959 Killed, 317,926 Injured that we know of
commented 2019-04-03 18:08:59 -0400
Let me guess. The Langara College suspect will be found innocent due to a mental illness issue !
commented 2019-04-03 15:09:34 -0400
In regards to the second article: Egyptian Islamist, for a Taliban to sit there and say the USA was mean to them is almost funny! I would like to ask him if the US lead forces made the Taliban soldiers kneel down while the Americans spewed something from the bible and cut off there heads with dull knives, like this guy has so proudly been doing for 20 years.
But it might be wise to take this down prior to Trudeau seeing it and handing everyone involved 10 million dollars!
commented 2019-04-03 15:03:45 -0400
Its funny to watch the VPD video and how all the reporters are all beating around the bush on coming out and simply asking if this was a Muslim extremist attack. “Did the perpetrator say anything prior setting off the device” No doubt he said Ala Akbar!