March 10, 2019

(Top 10) President Trump: Democrats have become an “anti-Jewish party”

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. President Trump: Democrats have become an anti-Jewish party

President Trump labels Democrats an “anti-Israel” and “anti-Jewish” party the after the House passes a “disgraceful” anti-hate resolution in response to comments from Rep. Ilhan Omar.

2. Florida school bus aide pulled MAGA hat off teenager's head, surveillance video shows

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. — Surveillance video on a Martin County school bus shows a bus aide yelling at a student to take off a “Make America Great Again” cap, then grabbing it off of his head.

Now, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office is investigating whether the bus aide committed a crime.

According to Gunnar Johansson, 14, students were allowed to wear a hat to school this week if they made a donation to March of Dimes.

He decided to wear a Make America Great Again hat in support of President Donald Trump and “to show my pride in Trump America,” Johansson said.

Within seconds of boarding a bus to Hidden Oaks Middle School, a bus aide told him to remove the hat and put it in his backpack.

3. French city of Grenoble hit by three nights of anti-police rioting

Rioters in the French city of Grenoble set fire to 65 cars and targeted security forces with fireworks and Molotov cocktails, officials said Tuesday, after a third night of violence sparked by the death of two teenagers during a police chase.

Clashes began on Saturday evening when two men, aged 17 and 19, were spotted by police riding a stolen scooter without a license plate and without helmets.

They were being followed by a police vehicle when they crashed into a bus, according to the local prosecutor's office which is treating their deaths as accidental.

"Young people from the neighbourhood saw what happened and have the feeling that there was a mistake by the police," said Hassen Bouzeghoub, the director of a social club in Grenoble's Mistral area where the men died.

Related video:

Police hold preliminary press conference in France over the accidental deaths of two “youths” killed while escaping police on a scooter with no lights, helmets or licence plate and passing a bus on the inside while on a bridge. This has resulted in three days of rioting and car burnings in Grenoble, much like what happened in 2005.

Fifth night of riots in Grenoble

4. Oxford-educated rapper “smashes female weightlifting records while identifying as a woman” in row over transgender athletes

Rapper and Oxford graduate rapper, Zuby, stoked the flames of a burning debate when he took to Twitter to demonstrate that male athletes shouldn't compete alongside women.

The Southampton native posted a series of videos of himself in a gym apparently “destroying” various female weight-lifting records.

But he did so whilst “identifying as a female” as a tongue in cheek response to the issue around biologically male athletes taking part in female competition.

The 32-year-old claimed to have broke the women's dead-lift record of 238kg “without even trying.”

“I keep hearing about how biological men don't have any physical strength advantage over women in 2019... So watch me DESTROY the British Women's deadlift record without trying.

“P.S. I identified as a woman whilst lifting the weight. Don't be a bigot,” he tweeted accompanied by a laughing face emoji.

5. Trump, Czech Prime Minister Babis have much in common

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump and Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis now have another thing in common: They both like the same campaign slogan.

Babis said Thursday at the White House that he similarly wants to "Make the Czech Republic great again."

The two leaders already have much in common.

Babis, like Trump, is a wealthy businessman who rode into office on a nationalist-style campaign.

While Trump is dogged by special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, Babis is facing charges of misusing European Union subsidies for a farm he transferred to relatives, including his son.

Trump wants to strengthen the U.S. border with Mexico. Babis is a vocal opponent of accepting migrants and refugees in his country.

6. CERN scientist is sacked for “sexism” six months after saying physics was “built by men” and presenting “proof” they contribute more to science than women at a workshop on gender equality

Europe's leading particle physics research centre has severed ties with a guest lecturer who suggested women are inferior to men in the world of science.

Professor Alessandro Strumia from the University of Pisa will no longer deliver talks at the CERN institute.

Professor Strumia gave a presentation claiming men face discrimination in the field of physics.

He also suggested work conducted by female scientists was of a lesser quality than that of their male peers.

The scientist was suspended following his presentation in September 2018 and CERN has confirmed he will no longer work for the institution.

Professor Strumia stands by his claims and has also been reprimanded by the University of Pisa, where he works permanently.

7. Islamic Scholar: No Western country has successfully integrated Muslims

Dutch author and sociologist Ruud Koopmans said this week that Muslims are more difficult to integrate into Western society than other migrant groups because of a literal interpretation of the Quran prevalent among Muslims.

Koopmans, a professor at the Berlin Social Science Center and author of several books including Contested Citizenship: Immigration and Cultural Diversity in Europe, told the Danish newspaper Berlingske that whereas most groups of migrants integrate relatively quickly, especially from one generation to the next, Islam stands out as an exception.

“Although it’s not completely absent in Muslims, the change is much slower,” he said, noting that a literal interpretation of the Quran prevents them from integrating into Western countries.

8. Muslim convert “The Eagle” who planned Oxford Street terror attack jailed for life

A Muslim convert nicknamed “The Eagle” has been jailed for at least 15 years for planning a “spectacular” terror attack on Oxford Street in London.

Lewis Ludlow, 27, swore allegiance to Islamic State as he prepared to drive a van through London's shopping district or Madame Tussauds.

The former Royal Mail worker, who called himself “The Eagle” and “The Ghost”, researched potential targets around the capital.

He bought a phone under a false name and wrote down his attack plans, which were later found ripped up in a bin.

He identified Oxford Street as an “ideal” spot, writing: “It is expected nearly 100 could be killed in the attack.”

9. The battle-hardened foreign jihadi brides trapped in Syria

Hundreds of foreign jihadi brides are being held in a Kurdish camp in northern Syria as the war to drive out the Islamic State (IS) group enters its final phase. As the only media to gain access to the camp, FRANCE 24 spoke with some of these women.

Rare footage shows people walking inside last IS-held territory in Syria's Baghouz.

Handout footage obtained by AFP shows people moving between tents in a makeshift camp in the last IS-controlled piece of territory in Syria's Baghouz.

Islamic State wives hurl abuse at journalists

Islamic State wives and supporters have been filmed hurling abuse at journalists after the final IS stronghold fell to US-backed Syrian forces.

Men, women and children were removed from the city of Baghouz to a receiving area.

Here the women chanted slogans in support of the group and showed the soles of their shoes as an insult.

10. “Blood up to your knees”: defeated IS jihadists still defiant

Near Baghouz (Syria) (AFP) - Defeated but unrepentant, some jihadists limping out of their besieged final bastion in eastern Syria still praise the Islamic State and promise bloody vengeance against its enemies. [...]

At an outpost for US-backed forces outside the besieged village of Baghouz, 10 women stand in front of journalists, pointing their index fingers to the sky in a gesture used by IS supporters to proclaim the oneness of God.

They shout in unison: “The Islamic State is here to stay!” [...]

Some throw rocks at the cameras of those trying to film them, while one screams at a photographer and calls him a pig.

Another grabs the uncovered hair of a female reporter, saying: “Have you not read the Koran, are you not ashamed?”

A third woman snarks at the way the reporter is dressed: “God curses women who resemble men.” [...]

The so-called “cubs of the caliphate” -- boys raised under IS rule and trained to fight from a young age -- are the reason the group will survive, another Iraqi woman says.

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commented 2019-03-11 12:17:58 -0400
1. President Trump: Democrats have become an anti-Jewish party:

I was just recalling what D’Souza illustrated in “THE BIG LIE”, about Hitler’s NAZI party getting some of their ideas about how to treat the Jews from the way the Democrats treated the blacks in the South…Jim Crow etc.
I’d have to say the Democrats were already an anti-Jewish/Israel party, for a while now!
2. Florida school bus aide pulled MAGA hat off teenager’s head:

Who was it that said the left are just authoritarian fascists screaming to get out of their liberal bodies?
They didn’t know the half of it!
6. CERN scientist is sacked for “sexism” six months after saying physics was “built by men” and presenting “proof”:

Considering this is CERN…and all the really weird stuff that goes on around it – that you occasionally hear about; and wondering why so many people in positions of responsibility completely cave-in to this SJW/Cultural Marxist bullying BS; I have to assume the driving force behind these always surprising cave-ins is either, two big bruisers in black suits or something, physically making them cave-in, or, it’s the Devil Himself making an appearance as Satan!
It’s gettin’ weird on this planet…
9. The battle-hardened foreign jihadi brides trapped in Syria:

Boo hoo. Too bad, so sad.
You made your beds you stupid, tent wearing douchebags…so lie in them!
’What’s good for the gander is good for the goose!’
10. “Blood up to your knees”: defeated IS jihadists still defiant:

Those, ah, “cubs of the caliphate”, are they all bacha bazi too?
Degenerate savages and hypocrites.
commented 2019-03-10 21:49:12 -0400
“I’m fighting back against years and years and years of the cultural and the political left telling people to sit down and shut up, and I’m finally telling a bunch of people, whether it be a conservative or a libertarian on a college campus, whether it be an actor or a director in Hollywood who wants to make movies that represent his world view, I’m sayin’ I’m gonna lead the charge. And you want to follow me? Fine. And there are people who are followin’ me. I want to make things equal. I want people to have a free and open voice.”
– Andrew Breitbart, 1969 – 2012
commented 2019-03-10 21:43:50 -0400
Mark Chadwick.. Most all of the comments here on this site are based on facts … We all know which comments are not based on facts..
commented 2019-03-10 21:31:10 -0400
Robert I agree but the Canadian sheeple have been brain washed to hate him . Mr. Trump is trying to MAGA while Trudeau is trying to destroy Canada . Wonder how much SCNL donates to the Liberal party . The tax payer circle jerk . Billions in contracts = how much back to the Liberals . I could be wrong but I’m probably not .
Trudeau is the one we should hate . Is that hate speech or just common sense ?
commented 2019-03-10 21:12:06 -0400
PS: As of this morning (10/03/2019) since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,891 Attacks, 238,416 Killed, 317,551 Injured…. that we know of
commented 2019-03-10 20:55:48 -0400
#1..IMO… President Trump will be the recorded on facts…. as one of the best Presidents of all…. in modern times…

Keep on truckin.. Prez…