November 23, 2018

Top 10: Security ramped up at Berlin Christmas market

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Germany: Security ramped up at Berlin Christmas market attacked in 2016

Barriers and road blocks were a prominent feature in Berlin's Breitscheidplatz Christmas Market on Thursday, as the shop owners set up ahead of the market's grand opening next week.

As a security measure, various forms of road blocks, bollards and barriers have been erected around the perimeter, including large metal baskets and sand bags. Traffic was also being diverted around the market, with one lane separating vehicles from the square itself.

In December 2016, the Breitscheidplatz Christmas market was attacked by Anis Amri, who drove into the square on a busy evening, killing 12 people and injuring more than 50. Amri escaped, but was killed four days later in a shootout with Italian police near Milan. Since the 2016 attack, this is the second year that stringent measures have been taken to protect the shop owners and visitors to the market.

AFD video laments “Christmas Market in cages”

2. Police arrest Egyptian man in anti-terrorism blitz in Milan

A 22 year old Egyptian man, who said he was “ready to wage war,” ends up in handcuffs after being under police surveillance for some time. Investigators have said he is a “lone wolf of ISIS”, although they continue to investigate two other supporters.

3. World follows Trump’s lead: Nations abandon legal “framework” building UN Migration Pact

More nations are joining the exodus from the United Nations’ (UN) controversial compact on mass migration, with legal experts now standing up to raise concerns about the drafting of the document and what legal implications signing it might have for countries party to the pact.

President Donald Trump was the first to pull out of the UN pact on migration in December 2017, a move which prompted howls of disapproval from both the mainstream media and globalist leaders.

Yet several nations from all over the world have outright withdrawn from the compact since initially ratifying it in July, or have signalled their intent to do so, as states gain confidence in opposing fashionable but dangerous deals that are not in their own interests.


4. Germany: Merkel defends UN migration pact, agrees with Brexit deal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended Germany’s signing into the UN migration pact while speaking to the Bundestag in Berlin, on Wednesday.

"This free movement of people is an accomplishment of the European Union," said Merkel as she urged parties to refrain from only considering their own interests.

"That is nationalism in its purest form," she added.

The non-legally binding Global Compact for Migration which covers international migration in all aspects was concluded in July and is expected to be adopted by UN member states in December.

The German Chancellor also addressed the Brexit deal projected to be finally struck between the UK and EU member states in an emergency summit on November 25, after Theresa May secured the approval of her cabinet earlier this week.

"We are, just as before, sad that Great Britain is leaving the European Union but of course we accept and respect that," remarked Merkel while adding that maintaining a good relationship with the UK was in Germany’s interest.

Merkel’s only apprehension about the deal was the question of Gibraltar, a territory with British sovereignty on the south coast of Spain.

Spain has threatened not to sign the Brexit deal if the status of Gibraltar is not open to further discussions between Spain and the UK.

Original German language video.

5. PVV MEP sounds the alarm in debate about Global Compact on Migration: “Criticism of migration will become a criminal offence”

On the other hand, a speech delivered by Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid & Crisis Management Christos Stylianides on behalf of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign and Security Policy/Vice-President of the Commission during the debate, shows the contrasting worldview of migration held by globalists.

6. Suspected Boko Haram extremists kill 7 in Niger's southeast

Niger's defense minister says suspected Boko Haram extremists have killed seven people and injured seven others at a French drilling company's site in the southeast near the border with Nigeria.

Kalla Moutari says the attack occurred Wednesday at the Foraco water well site in Toumour, a village some 30 kilometers (18 miles) from the border in the Diffa region.

He says the seven killed were Nigerien workers with the Foraco group.

Moutari says the attackers arrived on horses and seized two pickup trucks before heading toward Nigeria.

The Nigeria-based Boko Haram has killed thousands of people over the years in the region that includes Chad and Cameroon.

7. London Bridge terrorist attack leader released 8 months prior despite owning jihadist material

The London Bridge terrorist attack ringleader was released eight months before carrying it out in June last year, a report reveals. Police found he had jihadist materials when he was arrested for fraud but didn’t prosecute.

According to a report by the Intelligence and Security Committee, Khuram Butt, who was responsible for planning and heading the attack that killed 8 last summer, could have been jailed over possession of terrorist propaganda almost a year before the carnage happened.

It was revealed that after allegations of bank fraud against him in 2016, he was found with terrorist-related materials. He was briefly arrested and then released.

Butt first came to the attention of MI5 between mid-2015 and 2017 following reports of him looking to carry out a terrorist attack, but they never got any incriminating material to prosecute him under the Terror Act.

8. Italy criminalizing migrant NGOs - UNHCR

(ANSA)-Rome, November 22 - Italy is "criminalizing" NGOs that rescue migrants in the Mediterranean, the office of the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR) said Thursday.

The UNHCR voiced “concern” at the “continual defamatory campaign in Italy against NGOs working in rescue operations in the Mediterranean.”

It also voiced concern at the “criminalization of work done by those who defend migrants’ rights.”

9. US: Iran failed to declare all its chemical weapons

The United States accused on Thursday Iran of failing to declare all of its chemical arms arsenal to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), in breach of international agreements.

US envoy Kenneth Ward told the global chemical weapons watchdog in The Hague that Tehran was also seeking deadly nerve agents for “offensive purposes.”

“The United States has had longstanding concerns that Iran maintains a chemical weapons program that it failed to declare to the OPCW,” ambassador Ward told a five-yearly meeting on the body's future, reported AFP.

Tehran did not immediately respond to the accusations, which add to tensions with Washington over Iran's nuclear program, terrorism, and the war in Syria.

Ward said Iran had failed to declare the transfer of chemical-filled shells sent to Libya in the 1980s despite an appeal by the OPCW to identify their origin. They were found after the death of Libyan leader Moammar al-Gaddafi in 2011.

Related: IRGC General: US Bases in Region Easy Targets for Iranian Missiles

10. Corbella: Trudeau's Bill C-69 “greatest threat” to energy industry since father's NEP

Like father, like son?

When it comes to instituting policies considered disastrous to Alberta’s energy industry, Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not unlike his father — former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, who announced the devastating National Energy Program on Oct. 28, 1980, almost 38 years ago to the day.

Regardless of the political stripe of those speaking Thursday at the Energy Relaunch Conference in Calgary, the federal government’s Bill C-69 — which is currently before the Senate — was described as a bill that will “doom” Alberta’s energy industry.

“Bill C-69 is the greatest threat to the future of your industry since the National Energy Program,” said Andrew Scheer, leader of the federal Conservative party and Canada’s official Opposition.

VIDEO: Justin Trudeau Bill C-69 Protest in Calgary


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commented 2018-11-24 18:54:53 -0500
Too bad the UN headquarters in in the US. Trump should give them the boot. Then he could nuke it.
commented 2018-11-24 18:51:13 -0500
10: Puppet master Gerry Butts wants the end of the oil based economy, and dumber than a rock Trudeau will do all he can to make it so.

Yeah but what are those Bombardier airplanes going to run on? Oh, right. Same as now. Taxpayer dollars.
commented 2018-11-24 00:49:58 -0500
  1. 3 – HIP HIP HURRAY!
commented 2018-11-23 22:19:32 -0500
3: Please, someone wake Baby Doc Trudeau up and explain this to him using little words. After all, he did say that if something important happens someone will tell him.

5: The new world order. I can already hear the jack boots marching in the streets. Don’t agree with us, keep it to yourself otherwise you will end up in the slammer. Right think only! If you are the press, we will shut you down if you question our edicts.

No wonder Princess Justin has already signed on.

7: He will be out soon enough. Heck, you can’t keep a good terrorist behind bars in the UK. Or Canada for that matter.

8: What exactly are these special rights that ‘migrants’ have? The right to show up and therefore be taken in and given welfare no matter what? Uneducated, not knowing the language, possibly carrying disease (as has been shown), possible terrorists and criminals within the group. Yea, open your doors and just let them in, especially since they believe they are governed by different laws than those of your country.

10: Puppet master Gerry Butts wants the end of the oil based economy, and dumber than a rock Trudeau will do all he can to make it so.
commented 2018-11-23 22:11:17 -0500
1:“Barriers and road blocks were a prominent feature in Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz Christmas Market on Thursday.”

Hungary put the “Barriers and Road Blocks” at their Border. They don’t need them in the Christmas Markets…
commented 2018-11-23 22:11:16 -0500
1:“Barriers and road blocks were a prominent feature in Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz Christmas Market on Thursday.”

Hungary put the “Barriers and Road Blocks” at their Border. They don’t need them in the Christmas Markets…
commented 2018-11-23 20:18:29 -0500
3. World follows Trump�s lead: Nations abandon legal �framework� building UN Migration Pact……

As Countries back away from this death trap motion, seeing it for what it is, Trudeau will up
and say; Don’t worry lads, you can all come to Canada we have lots of room. This will trigger every man jack loser in the world, who will end up on our doorstep…..GIMMEE, GIMMEE.

Please think very hard, Young Master Trudeau, You can only push people so far and the
people have had enough of your traitorous ways.
commented 2018-11-23 20:17:03 -0500
Why is security being ramped up at the Berlin market again ? Are they worried about those Amish or Quaker extremists again ?
You can thank Soros ,Merkel, the EU and the UN for your “cultural enrichment”
commented 2018-11-23 19:48:36 -0500
Help Justin to become a drama teacher again.
commented 2018-11-23 19:28:49 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,372 Attacks, 235,306 Killed, 314,694 Injured that we know of
commented 2018-11-23 17:17:52 -0500
5- the Migration Compact is the end of Canada.
commented 2018-11-23 14:20:39 -0500
Trudeau you POS stay out of Alberta save your empty speeches you blowhard and take Notley with you!!God damn drama teaching brat is screwing with my livelihood,time the West plants a boot in yer ass!!
commented 2018-11-23 13:56:00 -0500
I think if the protest was better advertised an even larger crowd would have showed up.