November 12, 2018

Top 10: Sexual offences increase by 70% in Freiburg, Germany

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Gang rape in Freiburg prompts discussions about how many cases there are, whether they’re increasing and who the culprits are


2. Newly released security footage shows attempted islamic terror attack on NYC subway:


Original story from 2017: Suspect in attempted 'terrorist attack' pledged allegiance to ISIS, officials say


3. France's Macron pushes for “true European army”

President Macron has already warned that Europeans can no longer rely on the US to defend them, and he revived the theme on Tuesday, in response to President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of a 1987 nuclear treaty with Russia, banning medium-range ground-launched missiles.

“We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America,” he told French radio station Europe 1.

“Who is the main victim? Europe and its security. I want to build a real security dialogue with Russia, which is a country I respect, a European country - but we must have a Europe that can defend itself on its own without relying only on the United States.”

4. Names of recreational cannabis buyers hacked

The privacy of 4,500 Ontario Cannabis Store customers was breached through what the online retailer says was a weakness in Canada Post’s tracking website, the Toronto Sun has learned.

The information obtained was the buyer’s name or initials, postal code, date of cannabis delivery, the Canada Post tracking number and OCS’ corporate name and address.

Patrick Ford, president and CEO of the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation, sent a letter to the head of Canada Post on Nov. 2 demanding affected individuals be notified immediately.

“Through our internal investigation, we have learned that this Canada Post website vulnerability is not unique to OCS customers and that in fact could apply to any Canada Post customers through manipulation of tracking and/or reference numbers” Ford said.

Related: PM Trudeau tells Parliament our banking data is safe with the government

P.S. Sign our petition to tell Trudeau to StopSnooping!

5. Police knew Bourke Street jihadi was “radicalised” but didn’t consider him “a threat”

The lone terrorist who murdered a man in Melbourne’s Bourke Street on Friday had his passport cancelled amid concerns he would travel to Syria, Australian Federal Police say.

The AFP acknowledges Hassan Khalif Shire Ali was known to have held radical views, but was not actively monitored by authorities because he was not considered a threat to the community.

The AFP also confirmed his passport was cancelled in 2015 amid fears he planned to travel to Syria and that he had been investigated for his links with others associated with terrorism.

Police confirmed details about Shire Ali as properties in Werribee and Meadow Heights in Melbourne’s west and north respectively were raided by police.

Video of Melbourne Attack | 9 News Perth


6. Muslim Brotherhood TV after Midterms: What Culture Waits 229 Years To Elect A Hijab-Wearing Woman?

Mohammed Naser, a host on the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood's Mekameleen TV, criticized the U.S. for waiting for 229 years before electing a hijab-wearing woman to Congress despite the nation's freedoms of movement, speech, assembly, life, and self-defense. Naser said that Rep. Ilhan Omar (MN) was elected to Congress regardless of President Trump's hatred of Somalis, and Muslims in general. He added: "Is this the Western civilization you love so much?" Naser's remarks aired on Mekameleen TV, which is a Turkey-based Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood channel, on November 7, 2018.

7. UK “won't offer asylum to Asia Bibi amid security concerns”

A Pakistani Christian woman’s appeal to Britain for asylum has been denied because her arrival in the country may stir civil unrest, HuffPost UK has been told.

Asia Bibi, a Christian farm labourer, was released from prison in Pakistan on Wednesday after being acquitted of blasphemy. She had spent eight years on death row after an argument with a group of Muslim women in June 2009.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan overturned Bibi’s 2010 conviction for “insulting the prophet Mohammed” last week, saying the case against her was based on flimsy evidence.

But her acquittal sparked violent protests led by Islamic religious hardliners, and the government has now agreed to try to stop her leaving the country.

8. Russia says Al-Qaeda, Daesh may merge

There are signs of an “imminent merge” between Al-Qaeda and Daesh, the Director of Russia’s Federal Security Service, Alexander Bortnikov, warned yesterday.

The success of the Syrian government forces backed by Russian warplanes and the US-led international coalition, has buried Daesh endeavours to establish a false Islamic state in the Middle East,” Bortnikov said at the opening of the 17th meeting of the of the heads of the country’s special services, security agencies and law enforcement bodies held in the Russian capital of Moscow. [...]

The Russian official pointed out that Al-Qaeda and Daesh “could unite their potentials,” warning of what he described as “negative consequences” that might result from that merge.

“There are a number of signs indicating their possible merger,” he reiterated.

“Both organistions use a similar ideological basis and common manpower for replenishing each other’s units,” Bortnikov stressed.

9. Saudi to deport scores of Rohingya refugees “against their will” to Bangladesh

Saudi Arabia is preparing to forcibly remove scores of Rohingya refugees "against their will" to Bangladesh after imprisoning them for an indefinite period inside a Saudi detention centre, activists and imprisoned Rohingya told Middle East Eye.

The planned deportations come after Saudi Arabia ordered Bangladesh to take back more than a hundred Rohingya who came on Bangladeshi passports to the Gulf kingdom - amid fears that Bangladesh is repatriating Rohingya to Myanmar.

Those being prepared for deportation from Saudi Arabia have told Middle East Eye they have Burmese ID cards to prove they are Rohingya from Myanmar - a country more than 700,000 of them have fled since August 2017 to avoid persecution from the army - and not Bangladeshi.

[...] Many Rohingya refugees came to Saudi Arabia on passports obtained via fake documents from several South Asian countries - including Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal and Pakistan - in a bid to flee persecution in Myanmar. Most entered Saudi Arabia on Umrah pilgrimage visas several years ago.

10. Burqa ban debate: Should you put public safety first over religious freedoms?

Egypt may ban the burqa in public “at any time and under any circumstances” under a new draft law. Lawmakers say both male and female terrorists are using the full-body veil to avoid detection.


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commented 2018-11-12 18:50:28 -0500
Visited Freiburg several times back in the mid 1980’s when I worked at Lahr. McDonalds restaurant was always a mandatory stop as there weren’t too many around the country. Lots of cobblestone and lots of shops. We always enjoyed just walking around for a few hours on a Saturday. Now it’s a muslim attack zone. Thanks Merkel.
commented 2018-11-12 17:44:41 -0500
Any world leader who praises Islam and actually converts to it in the West is mentally ill. Trudeau is extremely stupid and dangerous. He does not comprehend Western political philosophy. The women in Canada who voted for the haircut should not be voting…they obviously have no clue about what they are voting for. Islam is completely incompatible with Canada’s Constitution.
Trudeau and Islam (5 minutes)
commented 2018-11-12 15:22:33 -0500
An EU SJW “army” will not only be laughable ineffective, it will cause the coming economic collapse of the EU to happen all the sooner. Good riddance.
commented 2018-11-12 13:35:41 -0500
10: The burka and hijab are NOT religious requirements. 50 years ago, in most Muslim countries these were rarely seen. After the Iranian Revolution, it started to become commonplace.

7: Yep. Meanwhile the UK allows ISIS members back into the country, provide housing and allowance. But take in someone under threat who need asylum? Nope.

Meanwhile, our idiot in charge, Baby Doc Poo-Doh (aka “small potato”), hasn’t offered the family sanctuary and, just like the UK, welcomes back terrorists.

3: When the EU formed and became essentially a transnational state, I said that the world should be nervous if France and Germany formed an army. With a Trudeau-like Macron running France, let’s all get nervous.

4: Another reason why this should be handled by licensed private vendors, preferably those who had been doing this for years.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: why does our fearless fragile feminist flop Baby Doc need to know our PRIvATE banking information. The key word is “private”.

It will first be 500,000. Then it will be 2 million. Then everyone’s bank and credit information. Information is power, and what better way is there to control those who speak out against him than to “investigate” your spending, “restrict” your credit or banking, and even cut off your access to YOUR funds. Of course, there is the, “we don’t know how your information became public” regarding, oh, at which strip joints you hang out or that dildo you bought for a friend.

Dumber than a rock Trudeau may have dreams of being our Big Brother and making Canada into China, but lots of power in the hands of a very, very stupid man is very, very dangerous. Just look at what this idiot has done to our economy and industries.
commented 2018-11-12 12:57:58 -0500
3……..France’s Macron pushes for �true European army�….
Yes, and Theresa May is all set to give the British Arm’d Forces over to the EU, along with all their technology.
commented 2018-11-12 11:06:30 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,301 Attacks, 234,797 Killed, 314,247 Injured that we know of