January 02, 2019

Top 10: Three knifed in Manchester stabbing by man screaming “Allah”

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Manchester Victoria Station stabbings: Three people “knifed by man screaming 'Allah!'”

Two members of the public, a man and a woman, and a British Transport Police officer have been taken to hospital from the scene of the stabbings at Manchester Victoria Station.

At least three people have been stabbed by a man with a “long knife” in frenzied attack at Victoria Station in Manchester.

British Transport Police [BTP] were called to the scene just before 9pm on New Year's Eve as a man wielding a knife stabbed members of the public.

Two members of the public, a man and a woman, and a BTP officer were taken to hospital with stab injuries and are were taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary in a "very serious condition.”

The incident happened at Victoria Station which is just metres away from the Manchester Arena where 22 people were killed in a suicide bombing terror attack on 22 May 2017.

Counter Terrorism Policing North West are leading the investigation but Greater Manchester Police said "there is no intelligence to suggest that there is any wider threat at this time.”

A video later emerged on Snapchat of a man shouting "Allahu Akbar" while being bundled into a police van.”

UK: Manchester stabbing treated as terror incident - Chief Constable

No mention of attacker shouting “Allahu Akbar” in CBC coverage

2. Judge Jeanine Pirro interviews Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff about what freedom of speech means in America, Austria and the world

3. Spanish police discover two migrants hidden inside mattresses

Desperate to reach Europe from North Africa, two African migrants were discovered by police attempting to cross the Spanish border hidden inside a pair of mattresses.

A video shot by a mobile phone of the move Sunday went viral in Spain. It showed agents of Spain's Civil Guard taking two mattresses off the top of a van and cutting them open to reveal two young men inside.

The Civil Guard told The Associated Press on Tuesday the incident occurred at a border crossing from Morocco to Melilla, one of two Spanish cities on the North African coast.

The two migrants told the police they each paid 4,500 euros ($5,100) to a human trafficker to attempt the crossing. The driver of the van fled on foot when agents asked to inspect his cargo. The two men were taken to a migrant holding center.

4. Over 1,000 cars torched across France as New Year's Eve arrests rise

France saw a jump in arrests on New Year's Eve as well as an increase in the number of cars torched by vandals, a ritual among revellers in the country's high-rise suburbs.

The number of vehicles set alight on the night of December 31st climbed from 935 a year ago to 1,031, while arrests rose from 456 to 510, the interior ministry said on Monday.

Violence also marred celebrations in the Paris suburb of Champigny-sur-Marne, where two police officers were attacked by a large group of people at a party.

French President Emmanuel Macron took to Twitter to denounce the "cowardly and criminal lynching of police officers doing their duty" and warned that the culprits would be "found and arrested".

"I regret that incidents like yesterday can happen but overall people were able to enjoy New Year's eve in a peaceful manner," Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said Monday.

VIDEO: New Year’s Eve in Strasbourg

5. Ohio Muslim doctor Lara Kollab: “I’ll purposely give Jews the wrong meds”

While Muslim doctor Lara Kollab has been on an anti-Semite rant for years, it seems that she has basically pulled all her social media down after being called out for what she posted. Most of this is several years old, but a person practicing medicine anywhere, especially in the US who claims that they want to give the wrong medicine to patients should be eliminated from any medical practice forever and can never be trusted. Fortunately, on Monday, she was fired.

UPDATE: Cleveland Clinic fires resident after online threat to give Jews 'wrong meds' surfaces


6. UK to ban ads featuring traditional male and female roles

UNITED KINGDOM, December 13, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Advertisements that depict traditional gender roles or play off common “battle of the sexes” tropes are set to be banned in the United Kingdom next year. The UK’s Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) claims that such “gender stereotypes” carry “harmful consequences” for individuals and society alike. The new guidance for ad rules are set to take effect in June of next year.

“Certain kinds of gender stereotypes can negatively reinforce how people think they should look and behave, and how others think they should look and behave, due to their gender,” the document states. “This can lower their self-esteem and limit their aspirations and ability to progress in key aspects of their personal and professional lives,” the fallout of which makes it “appropriate to restrict ads” including such stereotypes.

Ads will still be permitted to depict what the CAP considers “glamorous, attractive, successful, aspirational or healthy people or lifestyles” and contain stereotypes for the purpose of challenging them, but the document lists numerous, wide-ranging examples of potential violations.

7. Man jailed in Malmö for raping nine-year-old girl

A man has been sentenced to six years in prison and deportation from Sweden for raping a nine-year-old girl in a shed outside an apartment building.

The 30-year-old approached the girl as she was cycling home from her school in Malmö, then lured her into the shed, locked the door, pushed her to the floor and raped her.

He then held the girl by the throat, and threatened to beat her if she didn’t stop screaming, according to a report in the Aftonbladet newspaper. The girl told police that she had never seen her attacker before, leaving police struggling to find a lead. But the man turned himself in five days later, confessing fully to what he had done.

According to the court's judgement, the man, who is himself father to a 9-year-old, told police that he had been in the area where the attack took place because he wanted “to find a girl to rape”. It didn't matter to him, he added, if the girl was a child.

8. Migrants in court for trying to hijack Thames ship, smearing faeces on bridge windows

Four illegal migrants who tried to commandeer a ship in the Thames estuary have appeared in court.

Samuel Jolumi, 26, Ishola Sunday, 27, Toheeb Popoola, 26, and Joberto McGee, 20, are thought to have stowed away on the Grimaldi cargo ship Grande Tema in Lagos, Nigeria.

They were discovered by the ship’s crew partway into the journey — but escaped once it reached the iconic Thames Estuary which wends its way into London.

The would-be illegal migrants then armed themselves and tried to threaten the crew into bringing the ship closer to the shoreline so they could make a swim for it — potentially very dangerous, given its enormous size — and smeared faeces on the windows of the bridge after they refused and locked themselves in.

The situation was only brought to an end when the Royal Navy’s elite Special Boat Service (SBS) unit stormed the ship and took the migrants into custody.


9. German interior minister renews call for stricter deportation laws in wake of Amberg attacks

An attack by a group of asylum-seekers on passers-by in a Bavarian town has prompted Germany's interior minister to renew his longstanding call for stricter deportation laws. Amberg's mayor has called for caution.

Germany's Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said asylum-seekers who commit violent crimes must leave the country, after a group of apparently drunken teenagers attacked a dozen people in the Bavarian town of Amberg.

"If existing laws are not sufficient, they must be changed," Seehofer told Wednesday's edition of Germany's Bild newspaper. "The events in Amberg are very troubling. This is excessive violence, which we cannot tolerate."

VIDEO: After violent excesses in Amberg: Seehofer announces tightening of the deportation laws

10. American-Palestinian reportedly gets life sentence for “selling land to a Jew”

An American-Palestinian dual national reportedly was sentenced Monday to life in prison with “hard labor” for trying to sell land to Israelis – extending an incarceration that has already drawn the ire of the U.S. ambassador.

A Palestinian court convicted Issam Akel, who has been held since Oct. 10, of “attempting to sever parts of Palestinian land and annex it to a foreign state,” Reuters reported, citing a judiciary spokesperson.

Akel was accused of trying to sell a property in East Jerusalem without telling his business partners or Palestinian officials. Under Palestinian law, potential sellers must get the Palestinian Authority to sign off on any land sales in that area before proceeding.

Palestinians are said to be concerned with land sales in the so-called occupied territories due to alleged fears Israelis will purchase property to further efforts to solidify control of the region.

Akel’s family told Reuters on Monday it was not aware of the verdict or sentence against him. But his plight previously has drawn criticism from U.S. ambassador to Israel David Friedman.


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commented 2019-01-03 00:54:26 -0500
Why do these Germans keep yapping about stricter deportation laws while letting the flow of the Death Cult flow undated. I remember my uncle saying something about barn doors and hoses. For a quick solution call 1-800 GEERT WILDERS..
commented 2019-01-02 22:41:28 -0500
1) Berlin had over 2900 emergency calls and over1700 response efforts on new years eve.
Let’s import some more shit eh frau Merkel.
commented 2019-01-02 21:49:09 -0500
1) CBC/BBC/CNN/MSM fake stream media just reported that the attack is “nothing to do with Islam”
Must be those Quakers again !
commented 2019-01-02 14:49:48 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,552 Attacks, 236,525 Killed, 315,619 Injured that we know of