December 03, 2018

Top 10: “Yellow Vest” riots hit Brussels

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. “Yellow Vest” protest hits Brussels

France's “Yellow Vest” protests have now made their way to Belgium, with demonstrators in Brussels calling on the prime minister to resign. Some threw rocks and firecrackers at officers, prompting them to deploy water cannons.

Tensions between police and yellow vests in Brussels


“Yellow vest” protest in Brussels turns violent

 Belgian anti-riot police use water cannons to disperse stone-throwing "yellow vest" protesters who burned two police vehicles in central Brussels.


The "yellow vests" try in Brussels

Several hundred "yellow vests" have demonstrated, for the first time since the birth of this movement, in the Belgian capital this Friday, November 30. After three hours of parade, the procession turned to the confrontation with the police while the protesters were overwhelmed by thugs.


P.S. Watch Rebel’s on the ground reporting from France where the Yellow Vest riots began and continue.

2. U.S. strike kills 11 suspected Qaeda militants in Libya - Africom

CAIRO (Reuters) - The U.S. military said on Friday it killed 11 suspected al Qaeda militants in an air strike in Libya’s southwestern desert.

U.S. Africa Command (Africom) said Thursday’s attack was its third since March on the militant group’s North African branch - al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).

The strike near the town of Al Uwaynat, close to the Algerian border, destroyed three vehicles and “at this time, we assess no civilians were injured or killed,” Africom added.

3. Baba from Afghanistan: If you pay the money the people smugglers will take you across the border

The European Union is strengthening the protection of the external EU borders. Today it is much more difficult to enter the EU territory illegally. Therefore people smugglers are asking for huge amounts of money from migrants. In a Bosnian accomodation centre Euronews spoke to Baba from Afghanistan.

Muhammad from Iran: We have been cheated by some smuggler

Some hundreds of migrants sleep rough on a muddy field in Velika Kladusa, in northwestern Bosnia. Euronews spoke to Muhammad from Iran, considering to go back to his home country after having been cheated by some people smuggler.

4. Laura Ingraham investigates: Who is organizing the migrant “caravans”?

5. Hamilton Ontario: “Ring leader” of Locke Street vandals gets jail time as 5 plead guilty

Defence lawyers argued accused were motived by social justice

A group of people who were part of a vandalism spree on Locke Street in March have pleaded guilty for their roles in the flurry of mischief.

Local anarchist and activist Cedar Hopperton pleaded guilty before the Ontario Court of Justice in Hamilton Thursday morning to one count of mischief over $5,000 and one count of counseling to commit mischief.

Following a joint submission by his lawyer and the Crown, Hopperton was sentenced to a year in custody, less four months for time served, which will be followed by a year of probation.

“See you all soon, take care of each other,” said the 31-year-old on the way out of the courtroom.

“Love you,” responded supporters.

Hopperton was described in court as the "ring leader" of a crowd of masked group of 15-40 people who pelted buildings and vehicles with eggs and rocks and had earlier in the day invited people to attend a “militant and confrontational march.”



6. RCMP crossed line while interrogating radicalized teen after 2014 terror attack, says Quebec Appeals Court

But court upholds conviction of teen on terror charges, saying it would not have changed trial's outcome.

An RCMP interrogation of a radicalized teenager, hours after the 2014 terror attack in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu​, was “abusive” and should not have been used against him at trial, Quebec's Court of Appeal said in a decision released Thursday.

But despite that finding, the appeal court rejected the Lachine teenager's bid to have his conviction on terrorism charges overturned. [...]

The teenager was 15 in 2014 when he was arrested for having robbed a convenience store with a knife and stole $870.

It was the latest in a string of incidents pointing to his radicalization, which also included consulting jihadist websites when he was 13 and trying to use his parent's credit card to buy airline tickets to Turkey.

7. GERMANY: “On-call” security teams enlisted to aid bus drivers facing an increase in violent attacks on public transport

8. Brazil will no longer be a socialist country: Eduardo Bolsonaro

Brazilian congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro says that Brazil will no longer be a socialist country.

9. Facebook bans Macron's infamous photo... for “Nudity”

Facebook bans photo of French leader, Macron, during his photo op with dancers at the Palace for “Nudity”.

10. EU confirms funding for migrants massed at Bosnia border, locals say crime rife

As the EU confirmed it was spending taxpayers’ cash on migrants seeking to break into the bloc, Bosnians have pleaded for the Balkans migration route to be shut down amidst increasing “militancy” from newcomers.

Authorities in border towns in Bosnia, which is outside the European Union, have been struggling to cope with increasingly bold and forceful attempts to push through police lines and onto EU soil since mid-October, when thousands of third world immigrants began camping near the border with EU member Croatia — reportedly following misinformation that Croatia was set to open its frontiers.

In the border town of Bihac, Mayor Suhret Fazlic said the 3,000 or so migrants currently living in the area nearby were presenting a major problem for the city with “militant behaviour” and committing hundreds of criminal offences.

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Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,417 Attacks, 235,599 Killed, 315,025 Injured that we know of
commented 2018-12-03 18:56:23 -0500
The migration of semi illiterate savages to civilized countries, will not stop until the last white man closes his eyes for the last time and there is no one else left to kill.
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I’m glad to see these videos.
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Good for Brazil no socialist cool aide for them . NOW WAKE UP CANADIANS .
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10… why do people keep funding these migrant parasites? That only encourages this welfare migration. Let the bastards starve!