August 13, 2018

Top 10: 60 cars burn in youth gang arson attacks in Sweden

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. The SPLC’s terrible year just got worse

It’s been a rough year for the Southern Poverty Law Center — deservedly so. And it just got more difficult, thanks to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The SPLC, formed in 1971 as an aggressive civil-rights nonprofit law firm, has become the left’s go-to arbiter of what constitutes a hate group. Its pronouncements are quoted without challenge by the news media, and it has an endowment of $300 million, enriched by major corporate donors.

Yet its overly broad definition of “hate” often goes far beyond truly vile outfits to include people and groups that simply don’t toe a politically correct line. That’s why the SPLC two months ago had to pay $3.4 million and publicly apologize to Maajid Nawaz, whom it had falsely labeled an “anti-Muslim extremist.” (He’s actually a practicing Muslim who opposes extremism.)

But that didn’t stop the Star-Ledger last week from devoting an editorial to denouncing New Jersey’s ICE spokesman, Emilio Dabul, for his “links” (as supplied by the SPLC) to “anti-Muslim fanatics.” This, even though the Star-Ledger admitted that Dabul’s own writings “showed no anti-Muslim bias.” It was all guilt by association — right from the SPLC playbook.

2. Muslim Fundamentalists Protest Tunisia Report on Sexual Equality

BARDO, Tunisia (AP) — Thousands of Muslim fundamentalists protested Saturday in front of the nation’s parliament to decry proposals in a government report on gender equality that they claim are contrary to Islam.

Men and veiled women marched under a blazing sun from Tunis to Bardo, outside the capital where the parliament is located, to protest the report by the Commission of Individual Liberties and Equality. The report, among other things, calls for legalizing homosexuality and giving the sexes equal inheritance rights.

Security was heavy during the protest, which remained calm despite the anger the report has triggered. The crowd, who came from towns around Tunisia, cried out “Allahu akbar (God is great)” as they marched.

3. “Trojan Horse” Teacher Who Branded Gays “Animals” Loses Religious Discrimination Claim

A Muslim teacher who labelled homosexuals “animals” who should be “eradicated” has lost a claim of unfair dismissal, where he argued he was discriminated against because he is Muslim.

Razwan Faraz, 38, the former deputy headteacher at Nansen Primary School was one of five teachers suspended amid accusations of exercising undue of religious influence at three Birmingham academies.

The teachers were part of the so-called “Trojan-Horse” scandal where radical Muslim allegedly plotted to take control of schools funded by the taxpayer, with aspirations including banning sex education and Christian songs.

The schools were also accused of segregating pupils according to sex, banning the teaching of music and drama, and introducing lessons in Arabic.

4. New British Police Boss: “We Are Failing the Public… And They Are Going to Suffer More And More

The incoming head of the Police Federation has warned Britain’s forces are increasingly unable to investigate some crimes, are “broken” in some areas, and the public is being failed.

In comments made to former newspaper The Independent, new chief of the association representing rank and file officers up to Chief Inspector, John Apter, said police were increasingly unable to deliver a service the public expected and that some forces were in “crisis.” [...]

The Prime Minister, former Home Secretary Theresa May, has consistently cut police budgets in an austerity drive to tackle wasteful spending — waste that Apter admits existed at the time, although he blames continued pressure on police budgets for the issues facing forces. [...]

...large sums of money and numbers of officers dedicated to fighting so-called hate crime in Mayor Sadiq Khan’s London, even as serious violent crime in the city surges.

5. Clarion Project: “Jihadist Waco” Narrowly Avoided in New Mexico

Ryan Mauro, director of the Clarion Intelligence Network and our Shillman Fellow, talks about the New Mexico Islamist compound, its relationship to Brooklyn Imam Siraj Wahhaj, the FBI’s delays in taking action against the location and how it could have become a Jihadist Waco. Mauro explains that Wahhaj is a leader of a radical network that includes groups involved in paramilitary training and radicalization of children.

In an excerpt of a lecture Imam Siraj Whhaj gave in Kansas City, Missouri in 1990 entitled, “The Call of Islam in America and the Perception of America to it”, he explains a key element of his strategy for spreading Islam in America.

6. Mosque whose charitable status was revoked over 'extremist' speakers to file appeal

The administrator of an east-end mosque whose charitable status was yanked following a Canadian Revenue Agency audit says the organization is appealing the decision.

In a letter and other supporting documents outlining its reasons for revoking the charity status of the Ottawa Islamic Centre and Assalam Mosque, the CRA said the organization “acknowledged that it allowed its premises to be used by individuals and groups with extremist views.”

Speaking to reporters in front of the mosque just before prayers Friday, administrator Ali Abdulle said the mosque always vets speakers.

Abdulle said the mosque, which was granted charitable status in 2009, wants to be sure that it services as a bridge between Muslim and Canadian communities. “We feel this decision is not fair to who we are and what we stand for.”

The CRA documents, released to this newspaper on Thursday, said the CRA made inquiries about the organization’s activities because it was concerned about the potential for guest speakers and lecturers to “displace the public benefit by engaging in activities that promote hate and intolerance.”


RAW: Assalam Mosque director responds to CRA decision

7. Tom Fitton on Strzok's firing: 'body blow' to Mueller probe

President of Judicial Watch says special counsel Robert Mueller needs to be questioned over how he used Peter Strzok in the Russia investigation.

8. Iran unveils next generation missile: media

TEHRAN (AFP) - Iran's defence minister unveiled the next generation of Tehran's Fateh Mobin short-range ballistic missile on Monday, according to conservative news agency Tasnim.

"As promised to our dear people, we will not spare any effort to increase the missile capabilities of the country and we will certainly increase our missile power every day," the minister, Brigadier General Amir Hatami, said.

He described the new version of the Fateh Mobin as “100-percent domestically made... agile, stealth, tactical (and) precision-guided.”

Missile demo starts at 37 seconds:

9. Egypt court sentences Brotherhood leaders to life in prison in Bahr El-Azam case

The Supreme Guide of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group Mohamed Badie and eight leading members of the group were sentenced to life in prison on Sunday in a retrial for their role in deadly clashes in Giza following the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in 2013.

The life sentence by a Cairo criminal court was handed down to Brotherhood leaders Mohamed El-Beltagy, Safwat Hegazy, Essam El-Erian and El-Husseini Antar. The court also sentenced Bassem Ouda, the former supply minister under president Morsi, to 15 years in prison.

The court also sentenced prominent Brotherhood figures Hisham Kamel, Gamal Fathi, and Ahmed Dahi to 10 years over charges of incitement to commit violent acts.

The incident, known in Egyptian media as the Bahr El-Azam case, stemmed from clashes on 15 July 2013 in Giza, which left dozens of people dead.

10. Sweden: 60 cars burn in youth gang arson attacks in Gothenburg


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Make mine a Max.
commented 2018-08-14 23:00:53 -0400
You can just feel the flame of that cultural enrichment warming the cockles of your heart.. Perhaps if we enrich the mixture some more the vehicle will run right.

Bernier, please.
commented 2018-08-14 22:54:37 -0400
Just read the Global news site. Their headline says that “Masked Teens Burn at Least 80 Cars in Sweden” No motive is known yet. And people wonder what we have no respect or trust for the Lugenpresse.

On the other hand I was quite surprised that a major Canadian media company covered it at all.
commented 2018-08-14 11:55:28 -0400
5. In future, Schools will open a 7am to enable staff to do a thorough
body search on every pupil. 6. The Mosque will win an appeal, Saudi gold speaks loudly. 8. Short Range, only because ‘Long Range’, would have triggered the only true leader in the western world, Sir Donald Trump. (Trump, who’s Mother was Scottish, is entitled to British citizenship and could well be Knighted, but not by Theresa May of course).
commented 2018-08-14 11:19:25 -0400
Theresa May is a NWO Marxist, a waste of space. She is creating a situation that through lack of financing, will cause Police Forces across the Country to be inefficient and unable to do their jobs properly.

The next step on her agenda will be the introduction of Sharia Law, controlled by the Imams.The Beginning of the end…..Bye Bye Blackbird.
commented 2018-08-13 23:29:39 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,847 Attacks, 232,401 Killed, 312,181 Injured that we know of