September 09, 2018

Top 10: 7 injured in Paris stabbing spree

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Global Affairs intervenes to aid Ottawa police investigation of diplomat's son

Investigators needed permission from Afghan government to speak to suspect

A case being investigated by Ottawa police's sexual assault and child abuse unit was delayed until police could get permission from the Afghan government to speak to the suspect, the teenage son of a high-ranking diplomat​, CBC News has learned.

Under international protocol, Global Affairs Canada had to seek a waiver of diplomatic immunity from Afghanistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul to allow Ottawa police to question the diplomat's son.

Diplomatic immunity is not usually extended to family members unless the representative is from the senior ranks.

This permission through international channels was recently granted. The diplomat's son has obtained a prominent criminal defence lawyer but has yet to be interviewed by police.

2. “Serious incident” in Barnsley, UK: 1 injured, suspect arrested after reports of woman with knife

South Yorkshire Police arrested a suspect after a person wielding a knife was reportedly spotted in Barnsley, putting the center on lockdown. One passerby was injured in the incident, according to police.

Police initially reported a “serious incident” Barnsley, South Yorkshire, on Saturday morning, asking residents to stay vigilant. It came after reports of a stabbing on the town center.

It was later confirmed that a man suffered minor injuries after the incident and that a suspect was put in custody. The arrested person identity has not been revealed and investigators are trying to understand whether it was an isolated incident.

3. Germany: Refugee sentenced to 8 years and 6 months for teen murder

A court in the southwestern German city of Landau on Monday sentenced asylum-seeker Abdul D. to eight years and six months in prison for the murder of a teenage girl in the town of Kandel in December last year.

The murder had been seized upon by many opponents of Chancellor Angela Merkel's refugee policy to support their anti-immigration stance. The case has received great media attention in Germany, and many reporters were present outside the court as the verdict was announced.

Abdul D.'s lawyer, Maximilian Ender, told reporters that he thought the court's decision was correct and that his client had "accepted" the sentence.

After following the course of events surrounding the murder, Martin Müller, a 53-year-old from Offenbach, showed up outside of the court to protest the verdict.

He told DW that he "spontaneously" decided to come to the courthouse after hearing about the verdict on the radio.

Before Chemnitz, there was Kandel: Compilation of news clips below on the murder of Mia

4. Two health scares at US airports tied to Mecca pilgrims

CHICAGO: Two major health scares at US airports involving inbound flights are related to pilgrims returning from the Haj, the Muslim pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, which ended in late August, US health officials said on Friday.

On Wednesday, US health officials sent an emergency response team with mobile diagnostic equipment to John F Kennedy International Airport in New York after they were told that more than 100 passengers aboard an Emirates airlines flight from Dubai were experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Dr Martin Cetron, director for the division of Global Migration and Quarantine at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told Reuters in a telephone interview that health officials evaluated nearly 549 passengers at the airport, and sent a total of 11 people to a local hospital for more testing.

5. Sweden: Social Democrat Candidate Claims Islamic Law More Important than Swedish Law

The Swedish Social Democrats have had to remove a parliamentary candidate from their national election list only days before the vote after they claimed Islamic law was more important than Swedish law.

The candidate, who was running in the municipality of Karlshamn in the south of the country, was deselected by the party after he was reported as making several controversial statements on the topic of Islam, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

“He has said things like Islamic rules are more important than Swedish rules,” commented Per-Ola Matsson, Social Democrat group leader for Karlshamn.

His statements are said to have been linked to the debate on the wearing of veils by women, the full face version of which was recently banned by neighbouring Denmark.

The man also allegedly spoke of changing childcare rules which could make it harder for the state to take care of sick children.

6. Seven injured in Paris stabbing spree

At least seven people have been injured in Paris after a man attacked people with a knife and an iron bar at two separate locations.

In an initial incident, the attacker wounded three people - two men and a woman - in front of a cinema in the 19th arrondissement late on Sunday evening. A group of men playing petanque tried to stop him by throwing a heavy iron ball used in the popular French game, according to Le Parisien.

After running away from the scene of the first attack, the assailant continued on Rue Henri Nogueres, where he wounded two English tourists, who sustained head and chest injuries.

The aggressor, who was also injured, was finally arrested by the Anti-Crime Brigade (BAC) of the police. The suspect is believed to be an Afghan national, local media report.


7. Anti-Mass Migration Alternative for Germany Now Most Popular Party in East Germany

The populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) has become the most popular party in eastern Germany, according to polls, as new data shows Germans becoming more critical of mass migration.

A new poll conducted by polling firm Infratest dimap shows the anti-mass migration AfD passing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) for the first time in the party’s history, scoring 27 percent compared to 23 percent for the CDU.

The results for the western half of the country highlight the contuining divide between the two halves of the country, separated for decades during the Cold War, with the CDU still in first place, followed by the leftist Social Democrats — who are far less popular in the east.

8. Pres. Trump Orders $25 Million In Aid For Palestinians To Be Diverted

The Trump administration is diverting millions of dollars set aside for Palestinians in east Jerusalem hospitals to other projects.

The president directed the move following a review into how U.S. aid is being spent, according to a State Department official.

Officials say around $25 million planned for the East Jerusalem hospital network will go towards high-priority projects elsewhere.

9. UKIP's Peter Whittle confronts Met Boss over calling terrorists what they are

10. Rotherham Grooming Trial: Court Hears Victim Raped by 100 “Asian” Men by Age 16

An alleged Rotherham grooming gang victim was raped by 100 “Asian” men by the age of 16 after she was “passed around” by abusers from the age of just 13, a court has heard.

The girl, named only as Girl B in local media, described how she became pregnant and her childhood was “snatched away” as a result of the abuse she allegedly suffered between 1998 and 2001, in a video interview played at Sheffield Crown Court on Friday.

Jurors heard the testimony at the trial of eight “Asian” men accused of sexually abusing five girls between 1998 and 2003, including Tanweer Ali, 37, and Mohammed Imran Ali Akhtar, 37, who are accused of indecently assaulting Girl B on multiple occasions when she was under the age of 16.

She said: “I can honestly say that by the age of 16 I had slept with 100 Asian men – some I didn’t see again. The ones who come and use you for one time are the ones who are hard to remember.”


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commented 2018-09-11 11:49:56 -0400
3. ‘According to the Quran, women who leave their men have to be stoned or killed’ said one of the men interviewed in Afghanistan. What else do we need to know to explain these types of crimes?

Robert Dewar – thanks for the link to your Blog.
commented 2018-09-11 05:42:44 -0400
With reference to No. 7, the AfD’s rising popularity in Germany:- as early as 2006 I foresaw (and had published in print at the time) that there would be a backlash against the prevailing liberal-progressive social consensus, and that the primary driver for this backlash would be the impact – both real and imagined – that large scale immigration was having on working class communities in Europe (and I included Britain in Europe).
The rise of the New Right across Europe has not therefore caught me by surprise. We are seeing what is only the beginning of a gathering fight back against the liberal-progressive social consensus, driven above all by concerns over immigration.
Feelings against immigration are not yet as widespread in Britain as they are in much of Europe. However, I do not doubt that, in time, they will become so.
(For another take on immigration, if you are interested, see my piece, “The Immigrant”, in my Blog, which can be Googled at rabbiedeoir+blog).
commented 2018-09-10 09:33:44 -0400
9. No wonder Britain is so screwed up. Leftists are a screwed up bunch. Playing semantics of offence while the nation crumbles under “islamist” attacks.
commented 2018-09-10 09:16:38 -0400
“7 injured in Paris stabbing spree”
“The suspect is believed to be an Afghan national, local media report.”

It can’t be an Afghan national.
According to the western liberal media they constantly tell us that it is only right wingers/crazy people that commit these types of crimes, not those from the “religion of peace”, and we all know that the liberal media does not lie … right?
commented 2018-09-10 02:56:43 -0400
Number 5-only civil war can save Sweden, they are too far gone and too heavily invaded.
Number 8-in other words 25 million not going to be used to attack Israel.
Number 10-UK should be ashamed of this horror. The one complicit in this should be thrown into a deep dark pit.
commented 2018-09-10 01:23:40 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,973 Attacks, 233,034 Killed, 312,859 Injured that we know of
commented 2018-09-09 23:50:27 -0400
9. Peter Whittle confronts Met Police Boss on why she is afraid to call Islamic Terror what it is.
Another Rebel story by Jack Buckby has Labor MP Stella Creasy wanting to increase penalties for up-skirt perverts, when the UK is completely falling apart.
These women should not be in high positions because they are completely incompetent.
Just like Theresa May, these two women have these jobs only because they have a vagina. They all should be tending tables.