August 09, 2018

Top 10: Alarming terror ties unravelling after New Mexico compound bust

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Prosecutor: New Mexico Compound A Training Camp For School Shooters

TAOS, N.M. (AP) — Prosecutors said in court documents obtained Wednesday that the father of a missing Jonesboro boy was training children at a New Mexico compound to commit school shootings.

The documents say Siraj Ibn Wahhaj was conducting weapons training with assault rifles at the compound near the Colorado border where 11 hungry children were found in filthy conditions.

Prosecutor Timothy Hasson filed the documents while asking that Wahhaj be held without bail after he was arrested last week with four other adults facing child abuse charges.

Prosecutors did not bring up the school shooting accusation in court on Wednesday during an initial appearance by the abuse suspects.

Authorities say the remains of a boy also were found at the compound but have not been positively identified by medical examiners.

The child, Abdul-ghani Wahhaj, went missing in December in Jonesboro, Georgia, near Atlanta.

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VIDEO: Report: Man trained children to commit school shootings

VIDEO: Father of accused was “controversial” figure who was a character witness for mastermind of ’93 World Trade Centre bombing:


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[...] The 40-year-old Wahhaj Jr. is the son of Siraj Wahhaj Sr., 68, a black Muslim convert who went on to become a well-known and politically-connected Saudi-trained imam. Wahhaj Sr., a former vice president of ISNA, was an honored guest at the Clinton State Department and the Obama White House. He was the first Muslim to lead prayer at the U.S. House of Representatives in 1991. He once predicted in a widely available sermon that U.S. democracy would “crumble” and be conquered from within by Islam, and also said it is “our duty as Muslims to replace the U.S. Constitution with the Quran.”

VIDEO: Suspect's dad: My son can be a little extreme

VIDEO: Seeds of Jihad in Jahiliyya

In the video clip below, Imam Siraj Wahhaj, quoted by CNN saying his son can “be a little extreme”, is just one of many speakers recorded at ISNA events across middle America who make it clear that they have an agenda, and it does not include assimilating into the American way.


2. Liberal MP Chrystia Freeland avoids answering opposition MP’s question on appropriateness of Saudi Arabia’s inclusion on UN Women's Rights council

3. IDF Tweets list of attacks in last 13 hours


4. Professor Accused Of Assaulting Trump Supporter With Bike Lock Gets Probation

On Wednesday, a former East Bay college philosophy professor who reportedly used a bike lock to strike a Trump supporter in the head at a “free speech” rally in Berkeley on April 15, 2017, took a deal wherein he only got three years probation.

Some activists claimed the professor, Eric Clanton, who had been charged with four counts of felony assault with a deadly weapon causing great bodily injury, was videotaped as he committed the assault on 20-year-old college student, Sean Stiles, who had made the trip to Berkeley from his home in Santa Cruz.

[...] Police had claimed Clanton attacked at least three people with a metal U-lock; court papers attested he hit at least seven people in the head. One of Clanton’s reported victims needed five staples to fix the wound on his head.

5. Rochdale grooming gang members face deportation after losing appeal

Three members of a Rochdale grooming gang could be deported to Pakistan after losing their appeal against a decision to strip them of their British citizenship.

Court of Appeal judges upheld the decision, meaning Abdul Aziz, Adil Khan and Qari Abdul Rauf may have to leave the UK.

They were among nine men jailed in May 2012 after being found guilty of grooming and sexually exploiting young girls.

In some cases the girls, aged in their early teens, were raped and pimped out to paying customers in Rochdale and Oldham.

Aziz, Khan and Rauf were informed by the Home Office in 2015 that they would be stripped of their citizenship - which may eventually lead to their deportation.

6. LOCKED OUT Just one in five Muslims are in work as report finds they are held back by racism

YOUNG Muslims are being shut out of British society with just one in five adult Muslims in work, a report said today.

The Social Mobility Commission found that only 6 per cent of the Muslim population are in professional jobs.

Overall, 18.9 per cent of Muslims aged between 16 and 74 are currently in full-time employment, according to the SMC.

That is significantly less than the 34.9 per cent figure for the adult population of the UK overall.

Part of the reason for the low employment rate is that Muslim women are far more likely to be stay-at-home mothers who are not looking for work.


Pat Condell Tweets response to article:


7. HAGUE City Counsellor says she was gang raped by Muslims

PVV city councilor in The Hague Willie Dille posted a video on Facebook on Wednesday in which she said that she was gang-raped by Muslims in March last year. The 53-year-old politician looks tired and emaciated in the now-removed video, newspaper AD reports. The PVV released a statement asking that Dillie be left in peace.

“I just want the world to know the truth. 15 March 2017 I was kidnapped, raped and assaulted by group of Muslims because they wanted me to keep quiet in the Hague city council”, she said in the video, according to AD. March 15th last year was the day of the parliamentary elections. “After it happened, I did not tell anyone, I just did my debates the next day.”

In the video, Dille announced that she is quitting as politician. She said that she recently received death threats stating that “we will soon cut your throat and let you bleed to death.” “I’m just afraid that they will hurt my children, my guests. I can not live with that. They don't like women at all. They don't like me at all,” she said. She wants to continue to fight, but her children need her and she fears for her life, she said. “That's why I decided to stop.”

8. UK: “Refugee” Charged After 11-Year-Old Boy Sexually Assaulted in McDonald’s

A Turkish kebab shop worker based in Sadiq Khan’s London has been charged and remanded in custody after he allegedly sexually assaulted a child in the bathroom of a McDonald’s in an English seaside town.

Muhammed Mucahid, 57, denied any wrongdoing when he appeared at Southend Magistrates’ Court accused of sexually touching a boy under 13, communicating with a child without reasonable excuse in contravention of a court order, and assaulting a special constable in the execution of his duty.

The charges related to an alleged incident at a McDonald’s on Southend High Street in Southend on Sea, east of London on the Thames estuary, on Sunday, when the court heard he had been watching the 11-year-old as he attempted to use a urinal before pushing the boy into an empty cubicle and kissing him on the cheek.

9. Over 150 rockets launched into Israel, woman seriously injured

A woman was seriously injured in Israel early Thursday morning when a rocket launched from the Gaza Strip hit a home in the Eshkol regional council near the Palestinian enclave.

The woman was a 30-year-old foreign worker from Thailand. She suffered injuries to her abdomen and limbs. Another person was lightly injured, and several were treated for shock.

Israeli planes bomb a building in Gaza City

The moment of the bombing of the building of Saeed Al - Masshal Cultural Foundation in West Gaza

10. British Muslim Women Back Boris: “I’m Scared of the Burqa”, “Pressure to Wear It Is Real”

More British Muslims are beginning to speak out in support of Boris Johnson’s comments ridiculing the Islamic burqa, with one woman revealing: “I am scared of the niqab and the burka.”

Penning an article for the establishment centre-right Telegraph newspaper under a pseudonym, for fear of “how my friends and relatives would react”, “Suad Farah” described how she lost her niqab-wearing best friend “to mosque classes and to sister circles and to fundamentalist YouTube videos” after the death of her father.

“The more she attended the mosque, the more I saw her slipping away… The idea that a woman with a first-class honours degree from one of the UK’s top universities now has to wait for her brother to come along to escort her because her husband is working is mad. And yet it is true. I am told that I am being blasphemous for questioning the veil, and the extreme Wahhabist narrative which justifies the idea that it is required by Islam.”

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commented 2018-08-11 00:03:00 -0400
Actually that looks kind of like Chrystia Freeland singing.
commented 2018-08-11 00:01:32 -0400
MARK CHADWICK commented 7 hours ago
Freeland needs another award . What happened to all the openness that Trudeau bragged about during the election . Remember sunny ways ?
Oh, indeed, I do. Here is the Liberal campaign bus:
commented 2018-08-10 23:57:08 -0400
MARK RATTE commented 1 hour ago
Allan Peterson: “Traitor Tot”! ROFLMFAO, best one yet? Shitty Traitor Tot?
I try. Every once in a while one connects.
commented 2018-08-10 23:57:07 -0400
MARK RATTE commented 1 hour ago
Allan Peterson: “Traitor Tot”! ROFLMFAO, best one yet? Shitty Traitor Tot?
I try. Every once in a while one connects.
commented 2018-08-10 23:56:19 -0400
DALE WARREN commented 13 hours ago
Izzzlamic training camps are all over North America now . . . .
They probably get federal government summer job grants from TTT.
commented 2018-08-10 22:55:09 -0400
Allan Peterson: “Traitor Tot”! ROFLMFAO, best one yet? Shitty Traitor Tot?
commented 2018-08-10 18:55:37 -0400
6: Didn’t a Muslim leader (Chaudry) in Britain state publicly – and I did see the video – that government financial support is a “Jihad tax”. This was followed by a lot of clapping and laughter.

4: If he wasn’t a leftist, this guy would be serving time and getting his tender butt tenderized by his fellow inmates. Little coward that he is. And a “judge” employing political activism in place of law.

9: Building is blown up and they scream Allah hu Akbar. Interesting. Is it because they believe that god wanted the building levelled or are they calling the Israelis god?
commented 2018-08-10 17:15:03 -0400
Freeland needs another award . What happened to all the openness that Trudeau bragged about during the election . Remember sunny ways .
The men should have to wear the black bag as well . Must be very hard to recognise your friends and family .
commented 2018-08-10 11:13:10 -0400
Trouble with Christa . . . . the lights are on but like Justin . . . No One is Home !

Izzzlamic training camps are all over North America now . . . .
commented 2018-08-10 06:32:48 -0400
Thanks for the answer, Maurice.
commented 2018-08-10 02:08:31 -0400
Oh look such Balls form the Libs eh Andrew? LMAO!
commented 2018-08-10 00:59:34 -0400
I see that Krystia Freeland has not had her “red dress” on in recent months… Maybe getting her nose repeatedly bloodied in NAFTA negotions has persuaded her that dress and “socks” gimmicks aren’t cutting it on the international stage???
commented 2018-08-09 23:48:54 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,820 Attacks, 232,258 Killed, 312,065 Injured that we know of
commented 2018-08-09 23:44:38 -0400
Question 1: Are all muslims terrorists?

Question 2: Are most terrorists muslims?
commented 2018-08-09 23:43:26 -0400
“Aziz, Khan and Rauf were informed by the Home Office in 2015 that they would be stripped of their citizenship – which may eventually lead to their deportation.”
Apparently it is not the case that , a Brit is a Brit is a Brit. Too bad a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian. At least in the Traitor Tot’s mind.