August 17, 2018

Top 10: Alleged ISIS killer came to U.S. as refugee

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Jewish group accuses Canadian Liberal MP of “rewarding” antisemitism

The Jewish human rights group B’nai Brith is demanding an apology from Liberal Member of Parliament (MP) Iqra Khalid for giving a “certificate of appreciation” to a man they say promotes extreme anti-Semitism. Khalid has an “Islamophobia” motion that is now before a Liberal-dominated Parliamentary committee that could recommend legal remedies to address alleged Islamophobia.

As the Canadian Press reports, the Toronto-area MP presented the scroll on behalf of the Trudeau government to Amin El-Maoued last week. B’nai Brith says the public relations manager for Palestine House was a notorious cheerleader at a 2017 rally that was “laden with hate-filled and anti-Semitic slogans” that included the outrageous claim that “Israel and Hitler are the same.”

Palestine House, which is supposedly committed to the “educational, social and cultural” needs of Palestinian-Canadians, lost all of its federal funding under the former Conservative government of Stephen Harper because the group demonstrated a “pattern of support for extremism.”

2. Far-Left Anarchist Extremists Take Credit For Bombing Italian Populist Party Office

Italian far left extremists have taken credit for the bombing of an office of the populist Lega party, with police finding and disarming a second explosive device.

The office, located in the city of Treviso near Venice, was targetted by a rudimentary explosive device on Sunday which did some damage to the door at the entrance of the building but failed to harm anyone, Corriere Della Sera reports.

A second bomb was found at the scene by authorities following the first explosion. The second device is believed to have been intended as the main explosion, the first being used to attract authorities and others into the area to be harmed by a second blast containing nails and other metal fragments.

In reaction to the bombing, Lega leader and current Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini commented, “They try to stop us, but violent delinquents do not scare us. Let’s go forward, stronger than before.”

3. Asylum Seeker Terror Suspect Granted British Citizenship Just Weeks Before Failed Attack

The man being held by counter-terror police in relation to an apparent attempted attack against the Palace of Westminster was granted British citizenship just weeks before his arrest.

Salih Khater, the 29-year-old Birmingham resident who was pulled out of his crashed silver Ford Fiesta car early on Tuesday morning after it was driven through a crowd of cyclists and smashed into a security barrier at speed, came to the United Kingdom in 2010 as an asylum seeker.

The Sudanese-origin male came to Britain after spending two years in Libya, and was granted asylum by the British government. Just weeks before what police are treating as an attempted terror attack, Khater was granted full British citizenship, according to sources quoted by the British Times newspaper.

4. Christian, Yazidi Refugees Forced to Flee Germany from ISIS Persecution

Refugees who once looked to Germany for safety are now fleeing the country in fear for their lives. One America's Pearson Sharp explains how Germany's open border policy has allowed thousands of ISIS militants to terrorize other refugees.

5. New Mexico property owner describes compound as “a mess”

A New Mexico property owner described the squalid desert compound where a man and four other adults were found along with 11 malnourished children as "a mess." "It's just filthy. It's just disgusting. It's not a place to have 11 children at all... 12 children," Jason Badger said. Badger said he told authorities in late spring that he met the father of a missing Georgia boy after he and others arrived in the area where they build the compound. Badger said Friday that he doesn't understand why authorities didn't raid the site sooner, given his report about the father, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj. He was being sought in Georgia in the disappearance of his young son. Badger said he believes he saw the boy with his father this past winter. The owner later found out Wahhaj was wanted after searching online and reported him. Authorities searched the compound for the severely disabled boy last week. They instead found Wahhaj, four other adults, and 11 other children whom authorities say were malnourished. A second search uncovered a child's remains that haven't been identified. The missing boy's grandfather says they're his grandson's.

Related: Secret Tunnel Discovered At New Mexico Compound Where 11 Kids Were Kidnapped

Exclusive video from inside the tunnel shows clothes and toys, and a room dug inside by children with shelves for candles and lamps, as well as bedding and kids books -- all five feet underground.

6. MP Iqra Khalid rescinds Certificate of Appreciation to controversial activist Amin El-Maoued


7. German doctor stabbed to death at practice

Police have identified the suspect as a 26-year-old man from Somalia. The city of Offenburg only has 60,000 people but is regarded as a crime hotspot.

A doctor was stabbed to death in his own practice on Thursday in a seemingly unprovoked attack in the south-western German city of Offenburg.

A 26-year-old man allegedly entered the surgery without an appointment and attacked the doctor and an assistant. The assistant was injured during the early morning attack.

He then fled the scene, prompting a manhunt involving more than 20 police cars, helicopters and a canine unit, and was soon caught.

Police identified the suspect as a man from Somalia. They said he left the knife behind at the scene.

8. Alleged ISIS member is arrested in California

9. Judge denies motion to hold Taos County compound suspects until trial

10. Al Qaeda returns? UN panel warns of new bin Laden threat

As the Islamic State is driven out of its former strongholds, a U.N. panel is warning that the next big terror threat in the region could come, once again, from Al Qaeda -- led by the son of Usama bin Laden.

The report by U.N. experts, delivered to the Security Council and released this week, included startling findings about both terror networks. The report found that while ISIS had been defeated militarily in Iraq and most of Syria, it had rallied in early 2018 and still had approximately 20,000-30,000 members in the two countries.


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commented 2018-08-18 21:53:28 -0400
STEPHEN E. commented 19 hours ago

Meanwhile, back at the ranch called Victoria, BC, our first PM is removed from the public eye on the municipal level and from our $10 bill by the feds,

Welcome to Canastan.
So, I guess the name of BC’s capital city will be next on the virtue signalling guillotine. After all she wa not perfect and has done things we would not like in todays world.

So, long good Queen Vic. It was one while it lasted.

I guess Regina should get the old heave ho as well. Anyone care to add to the list? Cornwall? Prince Rupert? Queen Charlotte islands? Prince Albert? Prince Edward Island? Halifax? Charlottetown?

Maybe to simplify this we should have a bingo-like draw every five years and every place in the country draws a new name from a leftist approved list.
commented 2018-08-18 02:48:59 -0400
10: Don’t forget to add in the number of ISIS terrorists that were greeted with open arms by Baby Doc Trudeau, AKA PM Hairdoo.

6: MP Iqra Khalid? Isn’t that the dual citizenship MP who is blessing us with a statue of the first president of Pakistan – a man who means absolutely nothing to Canada but a lot to her. Meanwhile, back at the ranch called Victoria, BC, our first PM is removed from the public eye on the municipal level and from our $10 bill by the feds,

Welcome to Canastan.
commented 2018-08-17 22:38:56 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,866 Attacks, 232,610 Killed, 312,384 Injured that we know of