April 23, 2018

Top 10: Antifa clash with police at Franco-Italian border

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Calgary woman killed by ex was stabbed 40 times, shot twice, police reveal

Information on Nadia El-Dib's last moments released to public at request of her family.

A 22-year-old woman who died last month at the hands of her ex-boyfriend was stabbed 40 times and had her throat slit before being shot twice as she tried to escape her attacker, police say.

[...] Her sister, Racha El-Dib, called Bettahar, (the killer) ”a disturbed young man, who believed he had the right to murder her because she exercised her right of taking ownership of her life, body and soul, by saying no to a man who was persistent on being with her.”

“My sister Nadia made it clear she would not give herself to him in any way,” she said. “We know that because she fought until her last breath to get away.”

2. Egypt church application triggers attack

Egypt’s Prime Minister Sherif Ismail has called for the process of legalising unlicensed churches to be “speeded up” after granting a second batch of church buildings official status this week.

The government has legalised 219 churches and church-affiliated buildings this year, but 3,511 others remain on the waiting list.

The churches were built without licence as it was “next to impossible” to build or restore a church until the Law for Building and Restoring Churches was passed in September 2016. The demand for official church buildings is a response to growing congregations and the declining condition of existing churches, according to Coptic news site Watani. [...]

But the growth in Christians in Egypt has not been universally popular, with a number of churches that have applied for licenses being attacked by Muslim extremists.

Most recently, the Virgin Mary and Pope Kyrillos VI Church in Beni Meinin, Beni Suef Governorate, was attacked on 14 April, the same day as a visit by the Building Authority Committee who came to inspect the building in preparation for legalising its church status.

3. Nigeria: Sharia Police storm beer parlors in Jigawa State, seize alcohol drinks

An unannounced raid in guests houses and alcohol joints in some parts of Jigawa State by Sharia Police paid off, as alcohol drinkers were nabbed red handed with many drinks confiscated in the raid.

It was gathered that the consumption of beer in all parts of the state had been prohibited, as the commandant of the agency reiterated their commitment in fighting immoral acts, including consumption of alcohol across the state. [...]

Aliyu explained that consumption of beer was prohibited in all parts of the state and reinstated the resolve of the agency to fight against immoral acts, including consumption of alcohol across the state. According to him, residents of Dutse in particular and the entire Jigawa state in general should desist from engaging in vices and other immoral acts capable of destroying the society.

The Islamic Police also destroyed 240,000 bottles of beer, seized from supply vehicles and minority Christian shop owners in Kano.

Alcohol is banned under sharia (Islamic law) in Kano and several other mostly Muslim northern states, although it is consumed in some areas especially the Sabon Gari district housing mostly Christian ethnic Igbo traders from the southeast.

4. France: Clashes as anti-fascists lead migrants across French-Italian border

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5. Yazidis who suffered under Isis face forced conversion to Islam amid fresh persecution in Afrin

The Yazidis, who were recently the target of massacre, rape and sex slavery by Isis, are now facing forcible conversion to Islam under the threat of death from Turkish-backed forces which captured the Kurdish enclave of Afrin on 18 March.

Islamist rebel fighters, who are allied to Turkey and have occupied Yazidi villages in the area, have destroyed the temples and places of worship the Kurdish-speaking non-Islamic sect according to local people.

Shekh Qamber, a 63-year-old Syrian Kurdish Yazidi farmer who fled his town of Qastel Jindo in Afrin, described in an exclusive interview with The Independent what happened to Yazidis who refused to leave their homes. He said that some were forcibly brought to a mosque by Islamists to be converted, while others, including a 70-year-old man he knew, were being lured there by offers of food and medical attention.

6. Trudeau Government Hid Warnings About Returning ISIS Fighters And Possible Chemical Weapons Threat

The Trudeau government removed all references to ISIS fighters returning to Canada and posing a potential chemical weapons threat from a government report, despite warnings from its own public safety department.

According to documents obtained by Global News through an Access to Information request, the Liberal government redacted the final version of a Public Safety Canada report on the potential domestic terrorism threats of returning ISIS members.

The sanitized result was the 2017 “Public Report on the Terrorist Threat to Canada.”

7. No sharia in Flanders

Anyone wanting a society in which men and women live separately from each other should not be in Flanders. The N-VA responds with great incredulity and incomprehension to reports in the press about the Islam Party and a driving school intended exclusively for women.

The message in the reactions from Bart De Wever, Geert Bourgeois, Theo Francken, Ben Weyts and Darya Safai is the same: in Flanders, men and women are equal.

Spitting on Europe

Separate public transport for men and women. A 100% Islamic state. Introduction of sharia. To Western ears it sounds too crazy for words, but these are the real cornerstones of the Islam Party. Theo Francken responds with indignation: “It starts with separate public transport. In their sharia world, women have no rights. This is the reason why Darya Safai and thousands of other women had to flee Iran. This isn’t Europe, this is spitting on Europe.”

8. Scottish Karate Fighter Escapes Illegal Migrants Who Planned to Rape Her by “Kicking Them in the Balls”

A keen karate practitioner was able to fend off two illegal migrants accused of attempted rape by “kicking them in the balls” in the town of Forfar, Scotland.

The woman was walking home from the Royal nightclub when 28-year-old Mohammad Islam and 48-year-old Shehab Smekramuddin attacked her, the Scottish Sun reports. [...]

While he asked the woman if she wanted to be “walked home” to distract her, Smekramuddin pounced on her from behind, pinning her to ground.

But the plucky Scotswoman fought back harder than expected, throwing punches at her attackers, headbutting them, and kicking them — in her own words — “in the balls”, enabling her to escape.

9. ISIS Spokesman Calls for Attacks on Arab Nations

In his first statement in 10 months, the Islamic State’s spokesman on Sunday called for violence against neighboring Arab nations, suggesting that the group’s focus was turning closer to home.

The remarks were a departure from the last pronouncement issued by the spokesman, Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, which aimed to incite attacks against Europe and North America. It comes as the group is retrenching in its core territory after losing all but 3 percent of the area it once held in Iraq and Syria.

In a nearly hourlong audio recording, released inside the group’s chat rooms in the messaging app Telegram, the spokesman called on fighters to redirect their ire toward the leaders of Arab nations in the region, whom he described as “apostates,” a term the group uses to refer to fellow Sunnis who have strayed from its extreme interpretation of the faith.

The spokesman said there was “no difference' between fighting the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran and the Palestinians “and their American Crusader allies, or the Russians or the Europeans.” He argued that they deserved to be treated even more harshly because “these are Arabs and are more fierce and vicious against Islam.”

10. Vienna: “We are remembering the battle of Gallipoli”

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Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,173 Attacks, 228,189 Killed, 308,132 Injured that we know of.
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7. There is and will be more sharia in Flanders and everywhere else in Europe until the muslims are deported. Europeans have gone beyond laying out the welcome mat and have become the doormat.