July 15, 2018

Top 10: Béziers Mayor says “bulk of immigration wave is still before us”

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. EU’s hailed migrant plan “a ROAD TO HELL” Czech Republic REFUSES involvement

The CZECH Republic has refused to take any of the 450 migrants that Italy helped to rescue from an overcrowded migrant boat from the Mediterranean on Saturday, and branded Rome’s shared responsibility plan as “a road to hell”.

Italy refused to accept all 450 migrants to its shores after the rescue, in the EU’s first test of its new migrant policy, which sees members share the burden of migrant numbers.

The EU made the new policy last month after Italy’s new hardline government refused to accept charity migrant rescue boat Aquarius to dock in its ports. Nearby Malta also refused, and the stranded vessel was forced to make a four day journey to Valencia in Spain.

Although Germany, France and Malta all said they would take in 50 migrants each rescued from the Libyan ship, the Czech Republic – part of the notorious Visegrad Four rebellion group comprised of Eastern European member states – would not accept any of the 450 migrants.

2. “Free Speech Is Dead” – Police in Khan’s London BAN Pro-Trump Rally at U.S. Embassy

Police in Sadiq Khan’s London have used the Public Order Act to prevent a rally in support of U.S. President Donald Trump outside the American embassy, despite permitting a large, ill-tempered anti-Trump rally on Friday.

Protestors attending the “Welcome Trump” event had planned to gather outside the embassy and march from there to Whitehall, where they would have joined in with a separate “Free Tommy Robinson” event in support of the activist and independent journalist who was recently imprisoned for contempt of court after reporting on a grooming gang trial.

But the Metropolitan Police Force, which answers to a large extent to Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, used the Public Order Act to impose a raft of restrictions on both groups of protesters which made this impossible — despite allowing far larger anti-Trump protests at which at least six people were arrested to go ahead on Saturday, with demonstrators carrying signs emblazoned with harsh profanity and messages such as “Die Trump Die”.



3. Will the Austrian presidency protect European women from migrant-violence? -asks Hungarian MEP

Hungarian MEP Krisztina Morvai asked a delicate question about the intention of protecting European women and girls from the negative impacts of Muslim mass migration.

4. Muslim swimmers asked to leave Wilmington public pool

Members of the Darul-Amaanah Academy say they felt pressured to leave the Foster Brown public pool in Wilmington for wearing cotton to swim. Jerry Habraken/The News Journal, Delaware News Journal. [...]

But this year marked the first time some of her elementary schoolers were asked to leave the pool, Ismaa’eel said — supposedly because they were wearing cotton shirts; shorts; and hijabs, or headscarves.

The pool manager said it's against city policy to wear cotton in public pools, according to Ismaa’eel. If it's a rule, Ismaa’eel said, “it's never been enforced.”

To pick on her group is discrimination, she said.

5. More Than 130 Killed In Two Separate Election-Related Bombings In Pakistan

At least 133 people, including a parliamentary candidate, were killed and more than 230 wounded in two separate election-related bombings in Pakistan on July 13. Pakistani police said a suicide bomber struck a campaign convoy near the southwestern city of Quetta, the capital of Balochistan Province, killing at least 128 people, including Siraj Raisani, a candidate running in the July 25 general elections.

The Islamic State extremist group claimed responsibility for the Quetta attack.

6. UK: Scuffles broke out as “Free Tommy Robinson” and pro-Donald Trump rallies join forces

Related: Geert Wilders speaks by video link at #FreeTommy rally

7. European Catholic Bishops Meet to Plan Pro-Immigration Media Offensive

European Catholic Bishops and delegates responsible for the Pastoral Care of Migrants arrived in Stockholm on Friday to discuss how best to combat negative media on mass immigration.

The title of the three-day summit, “A movement of humanity: the flow of migrants and news. Dialogue and communication for a culture of encounter,” highlights the media-based tone of the encounter, which seeks to implement Pope Francis’s call for a “change in mindset” regarding immigration.

According to event organizers, delegates to the closed-door meeting intend to improve the relationship between migratory flow and public perception, which they suggest is distorted by media that do not always “promote dialogue and the culture of the encounter.”

8. #FreeTommy: Police Refuse Sargon at Anti-Tommy Demonstration

9. “The confrontation with reality”: Former open border advocates grilled on French TV about changing their stand on mass migration

Robert Ménard, currently Mayor of Béziers, and his wife Emmanuelle Ménard, now an elected member of the French General Assembly representing the National Front, are questioned about what caused them to change their minds on open borders.

10. VANCOUVER: Student attacked in dormitory sues UBC

VANCOUVER - A young woman whose throat was slashed inside a University of British Columbia student residence has filed a lawsuit against the school alleging negligence. [...]

Almestadi's trial heard he knocked on the 19-year-old's door, slit her throat and started choking her before other students pulled him off.

A court found the teen not criminally responsible because he was suffering from a psychotic episode in which he believed the Qur'an had sent him a message to kill Hare.

Hare alleges in the lawsuit filed in B.C. Supreme Court that UBC failed to install or properly install a peephole or any chains, bars or latches that would allow a door to be opened safely while remaining locked and preventing unwanted entry of potential assailants. [...]

The B.C. Review Board discharged Almestadi from a psychiatric hospital earlier this year in order for him to return to his home country of Saudi Arabia, where his parents had designed a treatment plan.

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commented 2018-07-17 21:05:13 -0400
#10..don’t forget Obama’s “work place violence” shtict…trudeau’s liberalist cbc fake news would call this Canada’s version….. “mental illness”…move along…just another mental illness crime..

Man..mental illness is really contagious nowadays…isn’t…
commented 2018-07-17 09:48:55 -0400
10. So, in Canada we do not have any terrorists? We only have psychiatric lunatics!
commented 2018-07-16 10:35:45 -0400
Item 1 – Maybe the Italians should send them to the Vatican and let the Pope house, feed and give them jobs…they may not leave Vatican City ever.

Item 10 – I hope UBC loses the lawsuit.
commented 2018-07-15 23:29:34 -0400
#1… Victor… I’m curious why you used the word “notorious” in describing the Visegrad Four countries including the Czech Republic?… I would have chosen a more positive term light “shining light”…
commented 2018-07-15 23:10:48 -0400
KEITH BARNES, Sorry Keith I disagree with your statement. “Ron, it is the leaders of the countries who are at fault, not the people. Theresa May is a traitor who has deceived the people.”

In the UK the top 3 parties are far left, and they get over 90% of the votes. Either 90% of the people are overwhelmingly stupid or the Leaders are great liars. Trump tried to explain to these people the huge errors of their ways, and the majority protested him even being there.

Canada is the 2nd most cucked Country, but not as bad as the UK. Only 64% of Canadians are stupid enough to vote Left.
Keith, we have to blame the uninformed people as they put in the Politicians into power.
commented 2018-07-15 21:14:49 -0400
/10. At least the mofo is no longer in the country. Islam is nothing if not predictable.
Every large city in Canada will look like London in no time if Justin’s agenda is allowed to continue. I think things are starting to heat up in Canada. Check out PM’s senior political advisers twitter feed. I hope he gets enough rope.

If I were that woman who had her throat slit at UBC, I’d be suing the Federal Liberal government, and the BC NDP party as well. I would hope that would come out of their party’s coffers. We are starting to not be safe in our own country. Gerald calls that ‘Harper style fear and division’. I call it the fact of the matter, and more people are seeing it every day.
commented 2018-07-15 21:11:18 -0400
DIRK KANIS commented 4 mins ago.

6. UK will have dead cops one of these days.


Dirk, the UK already has dead cops and dead soldiers. London has a higher murder rate than. New York.
Nothing to do with Islam, of course.
commented 2018-07-15 20:56:10 -0400
6. UK will have dead cops one of these days.
commented 2018-07-15 19:29:13 -0400
/1. Italy takes in some new Migrants.
I thought the new Italian Gov.t just got elected to DEPORT 500 thousand Migrants, not bring in more?

/8. Free Tommy Rally Fixed by Mayor and Police.
According to EZRA, there are many Americans on this site. I should explain to them that many Canadians are ashamed that the United Kingdom is our Mother Country. I wouldn’t be sad if someone Nuked the whole crooked Island.
commented 2018-07-15 19:17:23 -0400
/7. European Catholic Bishops meet to plan Pro-Immigration Media offensive.

Did Traitor Pope Francas order his Bishops to wash all Muslim’s feet like he does ?
commented 2018-07-15 18:17:49 -0400
#8…Wow..Glad it’s been documented..
commented 2018-07-15 16:51:23 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,671 Attacks, 231,107 Killed, 311,084 Injured that we know of

No updates since yesterday, but one correction.