October 19, 2018

Top 10: Cologne terrorist wanted to do “immense damage”

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Youth Activists’ Homes Targeted in Germany Police Raids After Anti-Migrant Crime Protest

Members of the Bavarian Alternative for Germany (AfD) Youth had their homes searched by police following a protest in which they wrote down the names of victims of migrant criminals outside the offices of the Christian Social Union.

Police searched the home of several members of the Young Alternatives Bayern with a total of six searches being conducted in Bayreuth, Augsburg, Amberg, and Munich, Bayerischer Rundfunk reports.

The searches came after the youth wing of the AfD held a political action outside the offices of the Christian Social Union (CSU), allies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in which they wrote down the names of victims of crimes committed by asylum seekers and migrants sprayed with black paint and left candles and fake blood.

2. Cologne terrorist wanted to do “immense damage”


German language source.

3. French cops drop off migrants in Italian woods, Salvini furious

4. US airstrike in Somalia kills about 60 al-Shabab fighters

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The U.S. military on Tuesday announced its deadliest airstrike against the al-Shabab extremist group in Somalia in nearly a year, killing about 60 fighters.

The U.S. Africa Command said Friday’s airstrike occurred near the al-Shabab-controlled community of Harardere in Mudug province in the central part of the country. According to its assessment no civilians were injured or killed, the statement said.

It was the largest U.S. airstrike since one on Nov. 21, 2017, killed about 100 al-Shabab fighters. The statement gave no further details about what was targeted, and a U.S. Africa Command spokesman said it was not a camp.

5. Alleged Islamic State Terrorist Tried for War Crimes in Netherlands After Posing With Severed Head

A suspected Dutch jihadist who travelled to Syria, has gone on trial after allegedly posing next to a beheaded body in a photo posted on Facebook.

The man, who is now back in the Netherlands, was arrested in July after allegedly fighting and recruiting for the Islamic State terror group.

The 23-year-old, known as Oussama A., comes from Utrecht and could be found guilty of war crimes, Dutch press claims.

He has already been sentenced to six years in jail in Turkey for membership of a terrorist organisation, but was released whilst awaiting an appeal, Algemeen Dagblad reports.

He is on trial in the Netherlands along with another suspected jihadist, 24-year-old Reda N., who is described as Syrian but comes from the Dutch city of Leiden.

6. Matteo Salvini: “It is important that Italy no longer be considered a refugee camp”

7. Xinjiang official defends “education centres” for Uighur Muslims

The top official in China's Xinjiang region has given the most detailed description yet of the alleged use of internment camps for Uighur Muslims.

In an interview with state media, Shohrat Zakir said the "vocational education" centres were proving effective in staving off terrorism.

He said "trainees" were grateful for the opportunity to change their ways and make their lives more "colourful.”

China's massive security crackdown in Xinjiang has sparked widespread alarm.

8. Sharia Law Scholar Defends M&S School Headscarves, Some Nine-Year-Olds “Mature”

Sharia law council scholar Dr Amra Bone has defended Marks and Spencer selling hijabs for primary school pupils, saying that some nine-year-olds are “mature” enough to wear them, while Muslim MP Khalid Mahmood said the retailer should apologise and withdraw the item from sale because it “oppresses” girls.

“It is oppressive and what it does is sexualises girls as young as nine,” Labour’s Mr Mahmood said on ITV’s Good Morning Britain on Monday, pointing out that girls “even younger” were wearing the Islamic modesty garment, calling it “not acceptable.”

The quintessentially British retailer selling hijabs in sizes small enough for three-year-olds was brought to the fore last week by anti-extremism campaigner and LBC radio host Maajid Nawaz, who condemned the department store for facilitating medievalism.

9. Moroccan Government Blames Pro-Open Borders NGOs for “Encouraging” Illegal Migration

Moroccan director of immigration and border surveillance at the Ministry of the Interior Khalid Zerouali has slammed pro-migration “rescue” NGOs, saying they encourage illegal migration to Europe.

Mr Zerouali blamed an increase in the number of illegal migrants attempting to reach Europe from Morocco on the “fleet of NGOs active in the Mediterranean area that encourages and guides migrants,” Moroccan magazine Telquel reports.

According to Zerouali, the Moroccan government has become “overwhelmed” by the surge in illegal migrants travelling through the country to reach Europe, and has called on European Union member-states to become more involved in helping secure the border, noting that his government has already spent 200 million euros deploying 13,000 officials to the maritime border.

10. Report: Congress investigates $200,000 given to terrorist-designated group by US

(October 16, 2018 / JNS) Congress is investigating a 2014 decision by the Obama administration to give $200,000 to the Islamic Relief Agency, which the United States designated as a terrorist group in 2004 because it provided funding to Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform initiated the investigation after a report earlier this year by the Middle East Forum, a right-wing think tank.

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