October 26, 2018

Top 10: EU-bound migrants scuffle with Bosnian border police

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. EU-bound migrants scuffle with Bosnian police near border

Around 100 migrants break through a Bosnian police cordon to move closer to the Croatian border, where they blocked traffic. The group had spent the night sleeping outside the Maljevac border post after marching there from a nearby make-shift migrant camp.

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MALJEVAC BORDER CROSSING, Bosnia (Reuters) - Several people were injured on Wednesday as migrants demanding to cross Bosnia's northwestern border threw stones at Croatian police who responded by firing teargas and using batons to push them back, a Reuters photographer at the scene said.

Hundreds of migrants broke a Bosnian police cordon earlier on Wednesday and blocked the Maljevac border crossing, hoping to pressure neighbouring Croatia to open its frontier and let them travel north, Bosnian authorities said.

Thousands of migrants fleeing wars and poverty in Asia and North Africa are living rough in impoverished Bosnia, and many are growing increasingly concerned about the onset of cold winter weather and a lack of adequate shelters.

Most of them want to travel onwards through Croatia, heading to wealthier European Union countries.

2. PM Viktor Orbán’s speech on the 62nd anniversary of Hungary’s 1956 Revolution

3. Éric Zemmour— “In reality we have an invasion and a colonization”

During a debate on immigration with pro-open borders historian Patrick Weil, author Éric Zemmour explains why what France has had for the past decade, is not “immigration.”

4. Germany warns citizens against online criticism of Erdogan in Turkey

BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany has warned citizens visiting Turkey to be extra cautious about their social media feeds in response to a spate of cases of Germans arrested for online criticism of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s government.

The updated travel advice, published by the Foreign Ministry on Tuesday, highlights how Berlin’s attempts to repair relations with Ankara have so far delivered little for dozens of German citizens imprisoned there since the failed coup in 2016. [...]

“Arrests and prosecutions frequently related to social media posts that were critical of the government,” read the new travel advice. “In some cases merely ‘liking’ another’s post of that nature is enough,” it adds.

5. Canada installs Chinese underwater monitoring devices next to US nuclear submarine base

While the eyes of the world have been on the strategic tussle between Beijing and Washington in the South China Sea, Chinese scientists, with the help of the Canadian authorities, have succeeded in positioning four monitoring devices in waters just 300km (186 miles) off the United States’ Pacific coast. [...]

The devices were placed on the Endeavour segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge by a vessel owned by the Canadian Coast Guard on June 27. Now fully operational, they can be used to provide real-time streaming of data to the Chinese institute’s control centres in Sanya, a city on the island province of Hainan, and elsewhere. [...]

Exactly why Ottawa was prepared to give Beijing such unfettered access to its observatories is a moot point, but it comes at a time of growing rivalry between China and the US, and strained relations between Canada and its powerful neighbour to the south.

The Strait of Juan de Fuca is one of the world’s busiest waterways. Across the strait to the south, not far from the city of Seattle, is one of the United States’ two strategic nuclear weapon facilities – Naval Base Kitsap – which is home to a nuclear submarine shipyard and the only dry dock on the country’s west coast capable of accommodating a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier.

6. Second migrant caravan: New group rushes to join ranks, deportees vow return to America

As the massive migrant caravan pushes toward the southern U.S. border, a second group of about 1,000 people from Honduras is rushing to join the main group -- which reportedly has swelled its ranks with several people who've already been deported.

The caravan, which has around 5,000 to 7,000 members, was on the move again Monday morning, departing the southern Mexico city of Tapachula. The smaller group trailing it entered Guatemala from Honduras late Sunday, according to the Associated Press.

“They catch you, and you try to get back,” said Imner Anthony Fuentes, a 29-year-old who reportedly was deported for the sixth time from the U.S. five months ago. He has a son and a U.S. citizen girlfriend living in Birmingham, Ala., the Washington Post reported.

Footage captured by a Fox News crew traveling with the caravan showed trucks handing out food, water and toilet paper to the migrants.

7. German Intelligence: African migrants “guaranteed passage to Europe” for just €2,000

Reporting that Morocco has replaced Libya as the primary migration transit point to Europe, internal German intelligence documents have revealed African migrants can secure “guaranteed” passage to Europe for just 2,000 euros.

Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND) has learned that a well-established smuggling network in the North African country offers migrants options beginning at 1,000 euros to reach European Union (EU) nations, according to the tabloid Bild.

With the lowest priced option, would-be migrants get three attempts to make it to Spain — which has seen illegal immigrant arrival numbers more than treble in the last year with tens of thousands of sub-Saharan Africans estimated to be waiting in Morocco before heading to Europe.

8. Bishop: “Europe is being Islamized” because the Church is asleep

An African bishop in Rome for the synod of bishops has decried the lethargy of European Christianity, saying that it opens the door to an “Islamic invasion.”

In an interview Tuesday with the U.S.-based National Catholic Register, Andrew Nkea Fuanya, the bishop of Mamfe, Cameroon, said that the synod has been ignoring Europe’s low birth rates to its own peril.

The synod fathers have not discussed Europe’s demographic implosion, which is “a very big thing” for youth, Fuanya said.

“And I will dare to say that, especially with the backdrop of the Islamic invasion, if you look through history, where the Church slept, got diverted away from the Gospel, Islam took the advantage and came in,” he said.

9. Swedish border police head says problems in leaked EU report could take five years to fix

The head of Sweden’s border police has claimed that the damning border problems outlined in a leaked European Union report could take up to five years to fully address.

The EU report, entitled “Evaluation of Sweden in the field of management of external borders,” was leaked last month with several Swedish outlets publishing snippets of the document that harshly criticised the state of Sweden’s border protection.

Among the areas of weakness identified in the report was an inability of Swedish border agents to identify forged documents, and a failure to check for returning jihadist fighters. In the words of one Swedish newspaper, “there is no actual border control.”

The problems may be even worse, according to new information, with large parts of Sweden’s border policies being in conflict with EU rules and regulations, broadcaster Sveriges Radio reports.

10. British comic, Jonathan Pie, mocks UK’s “free speech police” who visited comedy writer Graham Linehan for being mean on Twitter


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commented 2018-10-27 00:16:51 -0400
5. My first hearing of this development…. The Boy Blunder evidently didn’t learn anything from the NAFTA fiasco and still thinks he can “poke” the United States again and again and get away with it… I am reminded of the line from “Othello” when Desdemona raves on before being strangled… “Are you wise?” asks the furious Othello… Desdemona was innocent, but our Boy Blunder isn’t, and is obviously “cruisin’ for a brusin’”…
commented 2018-10-26 23:35:19 -0400
Not much time left for the free world. When the actual war begins, we’re all going to be caught off guard, just like they planned.
commented 2018-10-26 19:05:16 -0400
5. The Groper is still infatuated with his favourite “basic dictatorship” even though they publicly humiliated him. No doubt he is feeding information to the Chicoms, unless they already have automatic feeds back to the gross fromage back home. He must be some kind of masochist. This would explain a lot of his weird infatuation with those who are dangerous to him and us.

“Hit me again. It hurts so good”.
commented 2018-10-26 13:46:25 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,219 Attacks, 234,456 Killed, 313,954 Injured that we know of

Only 1 new attack to report since yesterday with 5 killed. Slow day for “The Religion of Peace”.
commented 2018-10-26 13:45:59 -0400
Number Ten:- In some respects, I am astonished at the freedom we still enjoy in Britain to speak (write) our mind. True, you have to button your lip when it comes to expressing principled criticism (such as a Biblically-based criticism) on issues such as gay marriage, and you have to be careful not to call a mounted policeman’s horse “gay” (A student in Oxford was arrested some years ago for calling a policeman’s horse “gay”), but we are still permitted to criticise in the strongest terms the Prime Minister, members of the government, along with the ruling party (the Conservatives, or Tories), and even HM the Queen, and the Monarchy itself. (I have done both at various times in my Blog, rabbiedeoir.com) Such criticism does not result in Theresa May denouncing her critics in public, or in her launching a concerted campaign against the liberal-left press.
And we may criticise Theresa May and her government without fears of pipe-bombs being sent to us in the post.