June 22, 2018

Top 10: Europol: Terror threat in the EU is rising

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Biased BBC host “challenges” AfD Deputy Leader over the party’s mass deportation policy

2. VIDEO: Tensions escalate at 300% over-capacity migrant camp on Greek islands

In 2016, the EU and Turkey signed an agreement that was supposed to stop the flow of illegal migrants from Turkey to the Greek islands but to date, the boats continue to arrive and the tension on the island escalates. Bulgary’s NOVA TV investigates the grave conditions in one of the largest migrant camps in a report HERE.


3. Austrian federal cabinet and Bavarian state cabinet meet to emphasize their common line on refugee policy

4. Leftists Angered over “Victim of Islamist Terror” Message on Hero Police Officer Plaque

French leftists in the commune of Montfermeil were angered by the inclusion of the term “Islamist terror” on a plaque commemorating hero police officer Arnaud Beltrame who traded himself for a hostage during a terror attack and was killed in March.

Local politicians of the Front de Gauche, or Left Front, said their objection to the wording was because it supported a view of “religious war”, Le Parisien reports.

“We are proud that a place pays tribute to the humanism and sacrifice of Arnaud Beltrame, but by adding the notion of Islamist terrorism, the mayor continues his provocations and inscribes his vision of a religious war in marble,” Front de Gauche member Angélique Planet-Ledieu said.

5. Swedish Bråvalla Music Festival Permanently Cancelled After Wave of Sex Attacks

The organisers of Sweden’s largest music festival have announced that the event will come to a close after cancelling this year’s festival following a wave of sex attacks last year.

Organisers FKP Scorpio announced that there are no plans to put on another Bråvalla festival again this after speculation that the festival may occur in 2019 despite being cancelled this year, Norrköpings Tidningar reports.

Kajsa Apelqvist, who heads public relations for the organisation, said: “It’s a very disappointing decision to take, but the overall picture we have is that we can not develop the festival in the way we want to be relevant to our visitors in the future.”

When asked about the wave of sex attacks at the festival, which resulted in the festival being cancelled this year, Apelqvist said: “We have always claimed that it is not a festival problem but a social problem. How we ensure our visitors’ safety is something we are constantly developing, and that’s something we’ll never finish.”

6. Italian interior minister tells rescue ship to “bring migrants to the Netherlands”

(CNN) Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has warned yet another migrant rescue ship it will not be able to dock in Italian ports and accused it of violating international laws.

During a Facebook live from his office, Salvini claimed a Dutch-flagged ship operated by the German nongovernmental organization Lifeline “forcefully boarded 224 illegal migrants in Libyan waters” despite warnings by the Italian Coast Guard that Libyan authorities were in charge of the rescue.

“You did a show of strength by contravening the indications of the Italian and Libyan coastguard. Now, you'll carry this human load to the Netherlands,” Salvini said.

7. Retired CIA Station Chief Brad Johnson revisits Vegas shooting in light of some newly available information

8. EU ON BRINK: Italy to BOYCOTT summit and claim Germany and France are RULING Brussels

ITALY’S new leadership has accused the European Union of ignoring Mediterranean nations bearing the burden of refugees to instead help Angela Merkel keep the German leadership.

Interior Minister Matteo Salvini raged at the draft document prepared by the European Commission ahead of this weekend’s mini summit in Brussels tackling migration and threatened to boycott the event.

The Commission’s draft paper is giving heavy attention to secondary movement of immigrants, which sees asylum seekers move from the country they arrive at to seek resettlement elsewhere, an issue which is threatening Mrs Merkel political survival in Germany.

The Commission wrote: “It is crucial to further reduce illegal migration to Europe as well as secondary movements within the European Union.”

9. Europol: Terror threat in the EU is rising

10. New cardinal warns of rise of “extremist Islam” in Madagascar

One of Pope Francis’s new cardinals has warned of the rise of “extremist Islam” in the southern African island nation of Madagascar.

“The fundamentalists are beginning to establish themselves and, little by little, as their numbers grow, we start to wonder when they will really show who they are, and this truly concerns us,” Cardinal-designate Désiré Tzarahazana of Toamasina told Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need.

“The rise of Islam is palpable,” he said, noting plans to build more than 2,600 mosques. “You can see it everywhere. It is an invasion, with money from the Gulf States and from Pakistan – they buy people. You see young men setting off to study in Saudi Arabia, and when they come back they are imams.

“We organised a meeting with a group of imams to share our concerns, and one of the imams himself testified: he was one of our former seminarians. Of course he did not say that he had been attracted by the money, but that is what is happening, on account of the poverty here.”

The cardinal, who is also president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Madagascar, added: “In my own diocese there are mosques being built everywhere … even though there aren’t enough Muslims to use them.”


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commented 2018-06-22 19:23:29 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,532 Attacks, 230,098 Killed, 310,202 Injured that we know of.
commented 2018-06-22 11:33:49 -0400
Whoops, I meant No. 8 when I said that Italy had voted just in time.

No. 10: “…One of Pope Francis’s new cardinals has warned of the rise of “extremist Islam” in the southern African island nation of Madagascar.”

Has this Cardinal looked at that “rise” around “Pope” Francis’s abode ?
commented 2018-06-22 11:30:26 -0400
No. 6: Italy seems to have voted JUST IN TIME !!!
commented 2018-06-22 11:27:25 -0400
These BBC reporters (BBC being the english outpost for Al Jazeera) combine Stupidity with Nastiness. A very unappetising mob….in fact, vomit-inducing.