September 15, 2017

Top 10: Explosion on London train injures 20 (developing)

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Indonesian woman lashed 100 times for "being in presence of man she was not married to"

An Indonesian woman was reportedly hospitalised after she was lashed 100 times in public, as punishment for being caught in a private place with a man she was not married to.

Named only as Mazidah, the 30-year-old's caning was watched by thousands in Lhokseumawe, a city in the strongly conservative province of Aceh.

It took place after Friday prayers and had to be occasionally paused because she was crying out in agony, Australian broadcaster, ABC reported.

Images here.


2. Two security personnel killed, 26 hurt by bombs in South Thailand

A soldier and a policeman were killed and 26 other people wounded by two bombs believed to have been set off by Muslim separatists in southern Thailand on Thursday, police said.

More than 6,500 people have been killed since a Muslim separatist insurgency flared in Thailand's three southernmost provinces of Yala, Pattani, and Narathiwat in 2004. Recent cease-fire talks between the government and some separatist factions have made little progress.


3. Angela Merkel bribing Turkish voters with an additional €25.00 per child per month in flyers 


4. Sweden Charges Syrian Migrant with War Crimes

STOCKHOLM (AP) — Swedish prosecutors have charged a Syrian asylum-seeker and a former fighter with Damascus’ government forces with war crimes on suspicion that he posed in front of dead or wounded combatants from the Islamic State group.

Prosecutor Karolina Wieslander said Thursday that 33-year-old Mohammad Abdullah had committed “a serious violation” of the victims’ “personal dignity” under international law when he knowingly posed in January 2014. Abdullah says he was ordered to pose.

Meanwhile, the Swedish government appears to be rewarding people who fought and killed on behalf of the Islamic State.

Jihadis with Swedish passports who return from fighting with Islamic State in the Middle East will be offered taxpayer-funded driving lessons, housing, and even debt cancellation.

Several municipalities in Sweden are making plans for how they plan to “re-integrate” returning jihadis as Iraqi and Kurdish soldiers launch an offensive on Islamic State’s terrorist stronghold, Mosul.

The conclusion of authorities in the medieval city of Lund, which has dealt with returning fighters before, is that defectors from the Salafist supremacist terror group should be handled in the same way as those who leave the organised crime scene.


5. Migrant Rape Attacks Up 91 Per Cent in Bavaria This Year

The number of rape attacks in the German region of Bavaria has increased by 48 per cent, and the number attributable to migrants has increased by 91 per cent.

Bavaria has seen a drastic rise in the number of rapes since 2016, with 685 cases being reported to police from January to July of this year — up 48 per cent.

Migrants accounted for 126 rapes in the same period, almost double the number of 2016, making migrants responsible for almost one in every five cases of rape, German newspaper Bild reports.


6. UKIP leadership candidate Anne Marie Waters confronted at pub by an ex-Muslim. 


7. Montreal imams won't be charged under "hate speech" laws 

Two Islamic preachers accused of giving anti-Semitic sermons in 2014 won’t face charges, a spokesman for Quebec’s Crown prosecutor’s office said Thursday.

Jean-Pascal Boucher said the statute of limitations had expired and, therefore, the Crown will not proceed.

“The prosecutor responsible for the file conducted a careful analysis of the evidence,” he said. “And came to the conclusion that the statute of limitations had been reached and as a consequence, no charges will be brought in this case.”

The Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) filed a criminal complaint with police in march 2017 after it discovered two videos online of Arabic sermons recorded at the Al-Andalous Islamic Center in Montreal in 2014.

Examples of sermons from Canadian mosque:


8. “Refugees” go on assault and sexual assault spree at Church fair in Germany


9. Austrian bar institutes entry fee to filter out migrants


10. London UK: Footage shows "device" in flames inside District Line train

FOOTAGE of a suspect device in flame on a District Line Tube train has emerged following a terrorist incident at Parsons Green that has left 19 people injured.

Video shows a white, bucket-type container inside a Lidl bag with wires hanging from it after the Parsons Green terror attack, which took place on the packed London tube train just after 8am this morning.

The photos show the bucket containing something black still burning inside the London Underground tube carriage with passengers' bags scattered across the carriage after commuters fled in horror.


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commented 2017-09-16 02:35:31 -0400
So which of the apologists wants to tell me when Thailand bombed the hell out of Muslim countries?
commented 2017-09-15 23:30:55 -0400
Perpetual victimhood is the Islamist point of view, the most intolerant expect absolute tolerance of barbaric 7th century hateful ideology!
commented 2017-09-15 19:41:30 -0400
Number 7 , now there’s a shocking surprise ! Never saw that coming !…….imagine what would have happened to a white Christain had they said something like this about Muslims ? Our “justice” system would have woken from its slumbering coma and moved at warp-light speed fuelled by our PC infected politicians ….what an utterly predictable joke…it’s especially funny to hear the Imans say they were “misunderstood” about calling for the destruction of all Jews….but then again they must know that they don’t have to even bother coming up with a good lie as they will always be the real “victims” and any case against them will be thrown out or not persued on orders from the usual suspects…….hard to believe anyone can take our “justice” system seriously.
commented 2017-09-15 17:59:56 -0400
10 is the result of 7: Hate speech center like every other mosque.
They preach this shit every day but watch out if you are a white male saying the wrong thing about them.
commented 2017-09-15 17:09:14 -0400
Seems the islanimals are picking up the pace. Must be quota of violence that needs to be met.
It’s a darn shame that our gutless western leaders don’t react in kind.
Citizens have constitutional rights but, the question is, are the illegal islanimals citizens of the country they are inflicting pain upon?
If not, then they should have no constitutional rights.
commented 2017-09-15 16:20:00 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,042 Attacks, 219,437 Killed, 300,572 Injured that we know of

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian Society”, Justin Trudeau, Debate Post, March 28, 2017

Busy day for Jihadists yesterday, 10 attacks, 100 killed & 151 injured.
commented 2017-09-15 15:06:38 -0400
See! Everybody is jumping to conclusions and blaming Islamic terrorism, when all the time it’s nothing but another act of Allah.
commented 2017-09-15 14:26:00 -0400
Luckily I just got my costume back from the cleaners from my last march against Islamophonia. Seriously does anyone wonder if those organizing these protests against Islamophobia aren’t the very radicals behind the promotion of these radical behaviours?
commented 2017-09-15 13:36:08 -0400
Meanwhile Justin Competent, utterly unaware of world news and international affairs, is pushing ahead for legal weed on July 1, 2018, as if this were the most pressing issue in the country.

Uh… no it isn’t.
commented 2017-09-15 12:41:46 -0400
The bomb was just a flash in the pan, it did not explode as it was meant to. All the injury’s were just Flash Burns. Never the less it is still another Terrorist attack, carried out by Muslims.

Expect another attempt in the near future, Muslims do not like to fail at their favorite hobby of killing Christians.

I wonder what plans Trudeau has in store for Canadian Citizens. Come on Justin, pull your finger out, it’s time for a few Canadian Bombers and some juicy Canadian Blood Stains.

Sky News UK is giving full time coverage on this attack.
commented 2017-09-15 11:41:59 -0400
Mr. Trump, one pressing matter. Glass NK over. Problem solved,

who’s next?
commented 2017-09-15 11:38:56 -0400
Line them all up and shoot.

commented 2017-09-15 11:22:44 -0400
The religion of feces has struck again.
commented 2017-09-15 10:56:16 -0400
Mainstream media this morning calling President Trump either irresponsibly “unhelpful” or even “lying” for pointing out that the attackers were in the sights of Scotland Yard.
U.K. security forces have already acknowledged that there are 25,000 to 30,000 jihadists freely roaming their streets and yet the police are spending their time and energy rounding up and prosecuting civilized peace-loving citizens for saying mean things about terrorists on Facebook. Thank goodness the world has President Trump for holding the enemy of the people to account while continuing to prosecute the ongoing war on terror.