June 06, 2018

Top 10: Facebook bans reformist Imam for criticizing Jihadis

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Merkel Implicated in Migration Agency Scandal Where 46 Radical Islamists Were Granted Asylum

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been implicated in the ongoing Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) scandal with the former president of the agency claiming to have informed Merkel twice about the ongoing problems.

Former president of BAMF Frank-Jürgen Weise then alleged that after informing the German leader, Ms. Merkel did not act on his concerns, L’Express reports.

“The failure lies in the inaction (of the government) since the challenges that Germany would face with the arrival of refugees were clear,” Weise said and added: “The crisis could have been avoided.”

2. PM of Israel: “We will not allow Iran to get nuclear bombs”


3. Australia: The sons who “want mum dead” after she left Islam

A Melbourne woman who told how she felt like an “animal” and a “slave” while practising Islam says she hopes she'll inspire other female Muslims to “free themselves” from the religion.

Nadia (last name with held) and her eldest daughter Allawea are now in hiding, after their family turned against them when the pair denounced Islam.

“It is in an honour for them to kill somebody whose turned away from Islam, and their own mother has turned away from Islam so I mean nothing to them,” the 40-year-old told A Current Affair.

4. Italy’s Populist New PM Vows to “Bring an End to the Immigration Business”, Welcomes “Populist” Label

Outlining a “revolutionary” populist agenda for Italy, the nation’s new prime minister has promised an “end” to mass immigration from third world nations.

“The people spoke and demanded change,” Giuseppe Conte said Tuesday in his maiden address to parliament, where he promised to serve the public as their “lawyer for the interests of the Italian people”.

A lawyer with no background in politics, the Italian premier confirmed that “populist” would be an appropriate descriptor for Italy’s new government — a coalition of the national conservative League (Lega) party with the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S).

5. Most programmes to stop radicalisation are failing

More than 95 per cent of deradicalisation programmes are ineffective, according to a study commissioned by the Home Office that raises questions about the government’s Prevent programme.

The study revealed failures in the approach to deradicalisation in schools, youth centres, sports clubs and English-language classes.

The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT), the so-called nudge unit formerly part of the Cabinet Office, examined 33 deradicalisation programmes across the country designed to safeguard vulnerable people from far-right and religious extremist threats. The Times understands that most were funded by or fell under the label of Prevent.

6. UK school only serves water and halal meat in canteen and bans pupils from bringing in packed lunches

Pupils and staff at Aureus School in Didcot, Oxfordshire get to choose from eating a hot halal meat meal, hot gluten-free vegetarian meal, a jacket potato, a salad, a pasta pot or a baguette.

A school has been branded “like a dictatorship” after it banned all packed lunches - and only serves water and halal meat.

Aureus School in Didcot, Oxon, has come under fire from parents for its strict stance on its food policy.

Packed lunches are banned, and pupils and staff sit down to eat in the canteen together with an emphasis on eating healthily and socially.

Students and staff get to choose from eating a hot halal meat meal, hot gluten-free vegetarian meal, a jacket potato, a salad, a pasta pot or a baguette.

The school insists that only water may be drunk on site because “hydrated brains learn better”.

Executive headteacher Hannah Wilson told the Oxford Mail : “Food education closes the poverty gap and delicious, nutritious should be a universal entitlement.”

7. All beaches in Gravenhurst now closed after dangerous materials found in water

All beaches in Gravenhurst are temporarily closed while town parks staff conduct enhanced cleaning efforts.

This news comes a week after dangerous debris including nails and broken glass were found during sweeping efforts at Gull Lake Park Beach.

According to the town, additional resources including a third-party contractor have been called in to conduct comprehensive mechanical raking of the beaches, while volunteer scuba divers will conduct underwater sweeps to ensure no other sharp objects are present.


The OPP are also investigating whether these incidents are linked to a disturbing letter that was mailed to an area newspaper, the Huntsville Forester.

The letter, titled “A Message from the Islamic Revolutionary Force,” threatened the safety of beaches in the Muskoka region. However, police have not yet confirmed the letter’s legitimacy.

Related: “Islamic Force” Claims Responsibility for Beach Contamination


8. German city closes its doors to refugees and migrants

9. “Facebook Bans Imam for Slamming Terrorists”

Facebook this week banned Mohammad Tawhidi, a reformist imam from Australia, in his words – because he made a sarcastic remark about Hamas, designated a terror organization by the United States.

Facebook blocked his profile and unpublished his fan page.

Tawhidi is known as the Imam of Peace with over one hundred thousand followers and part of his international mandate is to call out extremists and terrorists. He is not shy about calling a spade a spade and in this context, after Hamas launched a missile into Israel targeting children; he sarcastically called them a “global charity organization.”

“For Facebook to allow Islamist extremists to say whatever they like and for anyone to make offensive remarks about Israel on a regular basis, it seems like double standards that they have banned Imam Tawhidi,” said Clarion’s Raheel Raza.

10. Egypt's Al-Azhar Insists on Anti-Semitism

Whether one likes it or not, the image of the Jews depicted and disseminated extensively by Quran is that they are inherently evil and enemies of Islam, enemies of "the religion of truth," and of all Muslims. When anyone, such as a moderate Muslim or non-Muslim, draws attention to this dismaying fact, such as its direct connection to an indoctrinated hatred of “all” Jews, and when anyone calls for a justified examination or reform of these views, he immediately faces accusations of “Islamophobia.”

He is then overwhelmed by dozens of false rationalizations and supposed justifications in a way that indicates a deeply-rooted avoidance by senior Muslim scholars and institutions -- and even many mainstream Muslims -- of the truth that Quranic verses are full of hatred of Jews. All of the Jews, no exceptions:

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commented 2018-06-08 12:12:13 -0400
9: I deleted my facebook because of the one sided censorship … You know what? I didn’t miss it one bit.
commented 2018-06-07 18:39:51 -0400
#5. Yeah, like poetry and podcasts are going to work?!!!!
commented 2018-06-07 18:39:51 -0400
#5. Yeah, like poetry and podcasts are going to work?!!!!
commented 2018-06-07 14:39:38 -0400
have program for item 5 that would also take care of item 7
commented 2018-06-07 13:55:17 -0400
ITEM 8 If the invader wants to be with his wife and child GET THE HELL OUT OF GERMANY AND GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM .
commented 2018-06-07 06:39:06 -0400
  1. - unless I am missing something it says he can’t move to this town because he loses his benefits….so wouldn’t it be a simple solution to get a job or at least have the goal to get a job?
commented 2018-06-07 02:16:13 -0400
I will barrel over with laughter if Fecesbook is ever hacked or physically attacked by Jihadis.
commented 2018-06-07 01:54:15 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,430 Attacks, 229,454 Killed, 309,628 Injured that we know of.
commented 2018-06-07 00:58:01 -0400
Item 1 Looks like it is going to be Israel and the Americans who will disable Iran Cannot count on the UK anymore until Theresa May is given the boot.

Item 4 It is to be hoped that Italy, once the new government gets organized, will tell the EU where to go. this could be a "Pull your finger out’ call for Theresa May(be).

Item 6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJssyG4fkKc…. Halaluya

Item 7 I wonder what kind of dirty stinking tribesmen would do this?

Item 8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZlxNaTa9gc … This Mayor needs a medal

item 9 Grab Mohammad Tawhidi and offer him space on the Rebel.

Item 10 Al-Azhar should be aware that Israel has just stated that Iran will never have
Hydrogen Bombs. Dose Egypt want to join the club?