August 15, 2018

Top 10: Four injured in knife rampage in France

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Four people injured in knife rampage in Dordogne

An Afghan asylum-seeker was arrested after launching a drunken and frenzied knife attack in the sleepy southwestern French town of Perigueux, injuring four people including one seriously, police said Tuesday.

The incident began Monday evening with the 19-year-old man, who was known to have psychological problems according to local authorities, lashing out at cars outside his home.

The head of the ambulance service for the area, Jean-Jacques Girard, told the regional Sud-Ouest daily that he was seen “kicking and banging a first vehicle with his feet and fists, then a second” and also “rounding on female motorists.”

Two paramedics who witnessed the incident tried to calm the man down but after disappearing inside his home he returned with a knife and attacked them, leaving them with injuries to the head and neck.

2. In heart of West Africa, Burkina Faso faces rising extremism

The extremists approached the shepherd and made their intentions clear: They were seizing only the cattle owned by the deputy mayor of Burkina Faso's rural commune of Deou and leaving the others alone.

And they had a message, deputy mayor Moustapha Sawadogo said: “All officials should leave the Sahel or face death.”

Islamic extremism has penetrated this West African nation, with its arid north becoming a sanctuary for fighters from Mali and Niger. Local young men who are frustrated by poverty and alleged abuses by soldiers during counterterror efforts are becoming radicalized.

“They live with us and know our movements,” said Sawadogo, who has lived in Burkina Faso's Sahel region for more than two decades. “For the moment, the area belongs to them. They have seized it.”

3. Huddersfield child sex inquiry: Thirty-one people charged

Thirty men and one woman have been charged with offences linked to child sexual exploitation in Huddersfield.

The offences relate to five women when they were aged between 12 and 18, and are alleged to have taken place between 2005 and 2012.

Charges those accused face include rape, trafficking and sexual assault.

Twelve men, who cannot be named for legal reasons, have been charged with "numerous offences in connection with the same investigation", police said.

NB: The article goes on to name and identify 19 who have been charged with offences.

4. TERRORIST report: Al-Qaeda “RESURGENCE” in Libya and “GROWING PROMINENCE” in Iran

A CHILLING UN report has revealed Libya is experiencing a resurgence in al-Qaeda presence, prompting fears of a terrorist onslaught in the region.

In North Africa, Libya is believed to be home to between 3,000 and 4,000 ISIS militants and is believed to be experiencing a revival in al-Qaeda presence.

Al-Qaeda’s leaders in Iran “have grown more prominent” and have been working with the extremist group’s top leader, Ayman al-Zawahri, “projecting his authority more effectively than he could previously” including on events in Syria, UN experts said.

Egypt is also believed to have some 1,000 ISIS fighters.

The news comes despite the armed group’s defeat on most fronts and following a significant halt in the flow of foreigners joining its ranks.

5. Hospitals Scrap Surgeries, Venezuelans Forgo Showers As Taps Run Dry

CARACAS (Reuters) – At one of Caracas’ biggest public hospitals, most bathrooms are closed. Patients fill jugs from a tiny tap on the ground floor that sometimes has a trickle of water. Operations are postponed or canceled.

The Central Venezuelan University hospital, once a Latin American leader, is reeling as taps run dry.

“I have gone to the operation bloc and opened the tap to wash my hands, as you must do before a surgery, and nothing comes out,” said gynecologist Lina Figueria.

Water cuts are the latest addition to a long list of woes for Venezuelans hurting from a fifth year of an economic crisis that has sparked malnutrition, hyperinflation and emigration.

Malfunctions in the capital’s water network due to lack of maintenance have taken a turn for the worst in recent months, depriving many in this city of 3 million people of regular running water.

6. Toronto Shooting: Politically Correct Cover-Up?

[...] It emerged, however, that the so-called Hussain “family statement” had not been written by the murderer's parents at all, but rather by Mohammed Hashim, a professional activist who served as chairman of the "Stronger Together" program of the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM, formerly the Council of American Islamic Relations Canada or CAIR CAN). Its American parent organization, as stated in its own documents, is CAIR, designated as a terrorist entity by the United Arab Emirates.

CAIR was also identified as an unindicted co-conspirator in an American terrorism-funding trial whose judge determined it to be one of many organizations involved in funding Hamas.

In 2016, Hashim was instrumental in getting the Toronto Star to stop using the term “Islamic State” and refer to the terrorist group only as “Daesh,” presumably to dissociate Islam from terrorism.

In 2017, Hashim was a speaker at an event held at the ISNA Islamic Centre of Canada facility in Toronto. (Three years earlier, the ISNA Development Foundation lost its status as a charity on the grounds that it had been funding terrorism.)

Flashback: In March 2016, Brian Lilley commented on the Toronto Star’s politically correct move in a video that can be seen HERE.

7. FATAH: Canada has no space for Sir John A, but plenty for Jinnah

On Sunday evening, Quebec MP Maxime Bernier posted a six-tweet thread on “extreme multiculturalism” that has set off a political maelstrom in Canada, a country that seems no longer accustomed to hearing the truth from its political leaders.

Bernier warned Canadians that the “cult of diversity will divide us into little tribes that have less and less in common, apart from their dependence on government in Ottawa. These tribes become political clienteles to be bought with taxpayers $ and special privileges.”

Short of being called a racist, the political establishment across the board sent murmurs of disapproval, that were shared by some in his own caucus.

His crime was that he was speaking the truth as he saw it, just as Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland did in a tweet targeting the horrific human rights record of Saudi Arabia.

8. Swedish police say suspect in car fires arrested in Turkey

A man suspected of arson in connection with dozens of car fires in Gotheburg, Sweden's second largest city, has been arrested in Turkey, police said Wednesday.

About 80 cars were set ablaze in the night from Monday to Tuesday, chiefly in Gothenburg, and nearby Trollhattan, an industrial city. Fires were also reported on a smaller scale in Malmo, Sweden's third largest city.

Police spokesman Thomas Fuxborg said Wednesday that a man in his 20s was arrested a day earlier as he tried to enter Turkey. He is suspected of arson and is expected to be returned to Sweden.

Related: Youths in Swedish towns burn and vandalize scores of cars

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Youths torched and vandalized scores of cars in the Swedish city of Gothenburg and surrounding towns and Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said on Tuesday the disturbances looked organized “almost like a military operation.”

Related: Swedish police ask adults to leave their homes last night and be a presence in the street as they are expecting more arson and worse in what is clearly “obviously coordinated” attack

Partial machine translation follows:

After Monday's fire crash in western Sweden, police are now urging parents and adults in the vulnerable areas to leave tonight. “We fear that this continues, we need many adults in the streets,” said Ulla Brehm, the police's presidential spokesman.

Hundreds of cars have been destroyed in what the police suspect are coordinated attacks on Monday evening. The police are convinced there is some kind of call behind.

“We see this every year at the end of the summer vacation, the difference is that this is much bigger and obviously coordinated," said Ulla Brehm, the police's presidential person in the West.

According to Ulla Brehm, there are testimonials and indications that there is some kind of call for social media.

9. Part 2 of Retired CIA Station Chief Brad Johnson on Chinese spies in the USA

10. GUNTER: Saudi oil still gets a pass on Trudeau's enviro rules and taxes

Just a quick question for the Trudeau government about its current tiff with the Saudis: If you’re serious about standing up to Riyadh, how come you are still giving their oil a free pass? How come you have exempted it from your upcoming carbon tax and are not subjecting Saudi oil to the same environmental regulations you have imposed on Western Canadian oil?

It couldn’t be because most Saudi oil is destined for Quebec?

You’re supposed to be in a battle with the Saudis, yet an objective outside observer might think you’re at war with Alberta, instead.

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good point. Where are the troll clowns.
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ALBERTA MAGA commented 10 hours ago
Number 5-another day in a SOCIALIST UTOPIA which for all intents and purposes is now a communist dictatorship. Andrew must be so envious.
Alberta Maga, it is funny how some segments here never get a posting from our socialists. I wonder why? And the tragedy is that they continue to hold to the same time worn and blood soaked ideologies that have been proven wrong for 100 years.
commented 2018-08-16 02:19:37 -0400
Thanks again MAURICE POTVIN.
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8. So, are the Swedes calling for mob rule? Vigilantism?

If so, Its about time.
commented 2018-08-16 02:18:41 -0400
  1. -All those fires and only 1 man arrested?
commented 2018-08-16 02:18:41 -0400
  1. -All those fires and only 1 man arrested?
commented 2018-08-16 01:20:20 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,861 Attacks, 232,556 Killed, 312,384 Injured that we know of
commented 2018-08-16 00:46:02 -0400
Thanks for getting subtitles on videos. I can now watch the vids.
commented 2018-08-16 00:46:01 -0400
Thanks for getting subtitles on videos. I can now watch the vids.
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1. The Hateful Little Muslim POS was Drunk and had psychological problems, in other words, mental illness. So this little stab crazy Jihadi has his defense covered. They will penalize him with a powder puff in the face and a nasty finger wag, don’t do it again.
5. I see they have initiated Obama Care in Venezuela. Even if you like your doctor, you’re not getting treated, curl up and die.
6. More cover up to protect our Muslim Terrorists from prosecution. Canada is the new hunting ground for Trudeau’s Predator Team. “Welcome to Canada,” where it’s always open season on Passive Canadians. Kill them where you find them, extra benefits for killing women and slaves for everybody, no limits. Tell your relatives and friends, free money, healthcare and all social services during the invasion and slaughter.
7. Sir John A. MacDonald statue replaced by statue of Burka Wearing Muslima being stoned to death by Muslim Rapefugees.
commented 2018-08-15 23:27:02 -0400
Number 5-another day in a SOCIALIST UTOPIA which for all intents and purposes is now a communist dictatorship. Andrew must be so envious.

Number 10-i wonder what BS the oil hating trolls will give to deflect form this? Oh right they will not even remotely acknowledge this FACT!